Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Broadway Cares, Save KISH, upcoming GH

Broadway Cares is coming Sunday March 21st!! It's one of the best events around...soap stars sing, dance and put on a great show for fans. All for a great cause. This year, Tony Geary is auctioning off some things on BiddingForGood. His Items are HERE. Tony will also be on the Wendy Williams Show Friday..check your local listings!

You know I'm passionate about the whole Kish situation on OLTL. They are such a cute couple, so.."Mainstream" if you will. It's just a shame they are being written off. Did you know that Scott Evans (Oliver Fish) is going to LA to the GLADD award show?? OLTL should be so proud and celebrating this achievement and instead, announces they are cutting the couple. Want to be heard?? WRITE !! Handwritten snail mail: One Life to Live 56 West 66th Street New York, New York 10023.
***UPDATE: OLTL won a GLADD award last night!! Read all about it on Daytime Confidential .  Let's hope those weenie execs are really feeling the heat about what they are doing to our boys!! K
I'm also taking credit for Perez Hilton's rant on his blog about Kish. I tweeted him, emailed several times and begged the PR people for a comment. :) So, I'm saying it's ALL ME!!

GH is going to be mainly about two things: Sonny's Trial and The Keifer/Krissy story. How hysterical is that picture up there of Sam kicking Ethan. Now, what kind of message does THAT send about violence. LOL? Is it ok for Sam to beat on someone?? I know, I know..but I was thinking that it's kind of a mixed message there. We'll see newbies from Keifer's family including Laura Wright's old costar Bradley Cole from GL. They'll actually have scenes together. I guess Carly is the one that figures out it's Keifer (along with Michael) and not Ethan that did the hitting. Me thinks they wanted the two on screen together again!!  Jason and Michael also think her story is fishy, btw... The Trial should be fun because Coleman is on the jury--Big Alice too. Plus, we get loads of DIANE scenes. I hear her opening statement for the jury is a great one.
No real word on when the Ward Girls are on set--no dates yet. I haven't even seen a casting for Zoe, the younger one. The Q's will be a humming between them and SKYE!! eeeee! We'll see way more Tracy too. Now that Scott Clifton is leaving OLTL I am hoping they wise up and get Dillon back. He's really missed. He never should have left, imo.
Lisa  LoCicero got performer of the week from SOD.  She's so deserving. I can only HOPE she and Megan Ward have some airtime together. Great to see Kate on set. They have a gem in "Crimson" if they use it right. (yea, I know, but one lives in hope!!)

Great blog I've discovered: The Soap Box! Nice OLTL editoral for your reading pleasure.

Last but not least, I'm going to be doing some fun things on the upcoming webseries: Reality Bytes! Tristan Rogers is at the helm and there are some great actors signing on. Tonja Walker (GH, OLTL) is my personal fave. Cant wait for the show to start. They are going to be filming in Florida. I feel like we are watching the beginnings of something big. Kinda like TV in the early days!

Have a great Sunday...hope you turned your clocks ahead. I HATE this time of year, it's unnatural to us that have internal clocks!! I'm 'off' until we turn them back. Seriously. Hey, I'm weird. But you knew that heh.


  1. Would love for Dillan to come back, but why bother w/o our Georgie? Yes there's potential with Luke and Tracy, but the chemistry with georgie was so real!
    Keep reading rumors abotu Ethan & Johnny biting the dust. I for one will nto be happy about that. kudos to our Kristina & keifer for a tough acting job the past few days and upcoming ones too.

  2. I LOVE LULU & DANTE so if Dillon HAS to come back he had better NOT COME BETWEEN THEM.Also S.C should brush up on his acting skills because EVERYBODY at G.H are as good as he was when he was there last.
    Last but not least,i don't even know why G.H is wasting time on a trial since we all know it is just to make Dante & the PCPD look stupid in public and Sonny & Micheal will BOTH go free for killing Claudia.
    Is it just me,or does it seem like G.H have all but swept Sonny shooting Dante in the chest under the rug? Like they think the audience will forget about that!

  3. wouldnt it be great if they filmed Boradway Cares and aired it on daytime as some kind of benefit? I dont know. Maybe they can call it a Nurse's Ball or something?

    (note: yes, that's sarcasm)

  4. to Anonymous #1:

    here! here!

    loved your comment. It is so true. this trial is a waste of time. we all know the outcome.

    "And they (the mobsters) all lived happily ever after"


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