Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday: Reality Bytes Casting News: Drake Hogestyn !!


Hey, Drake Hogestyn has been cast as Jerry Parker on Reality Bytes, Tristan Rogers' Web Series!! He was on Days. They are still in the planning stages, I'll let you know when they start filming.

OLTL--Marty's PG and Nat decides she all LOVES John. Wow, couldn't see THAT coming. :eyeroll: I am so hating Gigi and Rex!! I'm team Sky (without Gigi). Leave him alone. :/ Scott Clifton is awesome.  That's all. Poor FISH-- I just want them to find out it's his and then they can start the gay daddy storyline!!  Gigi is going to DIE when Kim goes after the baby too!! hee hee.
Jessica as a teenie is wonderful. It's too fun.  "You can be the class cougar"... And Roxy finding out about the baby. "He slipped one past the goal line"! LOL

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Loved when Luke said to Ethan to go get a tan. The Haunted dead as dirt. Heh., Jason's got a BIG GUN.
NIZ: GO away. JUST GO AWAY. Please. GO AWAY. I still don't see why they did it. Maybe if Liz had some feelings for Nikolas...and it was written differently, I could deal.
Carly mentioned Lobster Salad--:)
Ethan needs a greencard. Hmmmmmmmmm. So, Tracy is the obvious choice to marry him if she divorces Luke!! So Tracy calls Vegas! heehee Luke is freaking out.
Maxie needs some casual wear. Her get up today was way over the top.
Lainey's on.  Giving some therapy to Nik, Liz and Lucky. Interesting. I mean, would YOU go to a session with your two baby daddies? OY!
Notice I'm trying not to mention SONNY today...because actually, if I hear MICHAEL and Claudia and ughblaha, blah one more time, I will SCREAM.
Jax/Livvy and Carly were fun too. Nice scene in the Metro.


  1. Dang Karen. You got my heart going there for a second. I thought you were going to say that Drake was joining GH!! I still miss him on Days.

  2. Well I caught OLTL and its great as usual and I missed Gh boohooooooing NOT I think I will just read the wubs Karen not missing GH its just all Sonny and Jason no hospital anymore

  3. Andrea, I'm with you. Thought for one brief shining moment GH had cast someone interesting...dang!

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but a child of a US citizen would not be asked to leave the country (or the US parent could apply for a green card). So tired of the writers taking creative liberties and not doing simple research.

  5. I think you are correct about the greencard. although it is a really funny story to think about I want him to marry Big Alice.

  6. I Love that carly's plan blew up in her face (thought it was immature and sooo carly). Loved when Olivia said "Oh hell no" to Jax! lol. The whole session with Laine was dumb. That was not a conversation to have with Nik & Lucky there. This storyline gets dumber by the day.

  7. Child of a US Citizen can be removed if the USC parent did not register the child's birth abroad with the proper consulate. Just because the child is in the States, does not make them a citizen or resident - only a visitor. In RL, he would have to have left the US after 90 days as a visitor.

  8. Cat. I rewound Olivia saying that too. That was hilarious! I can't believe Carly is still resorting to this. Grow up and actually talk to your husband!
    I actually liked Laineys session with Liz, Nik and Lucky. It made Liz say out loud, why she did what she did. Still a stupid storyline to start with though.
    I say go to the island Jason, Sam and Michael and never come back. I hope that Carly really gives it to Sonny, since he was going to take Michael out of the country without letting her know about it, but I doubt that happens...

  9. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Drake is a BRILLIANT casting choice for Reality Bytes! I can't wait to see him in action! He is an awesome actor who can play ANY part so I look forward to seeing him once again shine! Thank you for the information.

  10. Was Luke's name ever on Ethan's birth certificate? As I remember, Holly left with us believing it could just as easily have been Robert who was the daddy...another forgotten plotline for Guza. The plot is funny...even if it isn't so rooted in reality, lol...I'll sign up to be his cougar wife, hahahahahahaha...that'll fix 'em!

  11. Since a DNA test has proven Ethan is Luke's son, I'm sure there is a way to legally claim him without going through a formal adoption, but if not adoption would be the preferable route, one would think.

    Marriage for citizenship reasons is strenuously checked on and marrying your step mom would hardly be seen as a love match. He'd be booted to the curb, or the plane, in this case.

    I must admit Iam FFing through the Michael bits now too. The boy may have brain damage but he hasn't lost his short term memory, so why does he keep asking the same questions and getting the same, "Daddy loves you and is doing this to make up for all the bad things he's done" speech.Enough already! *insert eye role here.*


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