Monday, March 15, 2010

So, Wubqueen called it LONG ago: OLTL--Sky/Rex!

OLTL--you know I called this about the 2nd week Scott Clifton was on. HE is totally Rex's BROTHER! Did you see Roxy today and the baby!!?? YEP..unfortunately idiots let him GO so we can never really rejoice in the whole thing. Speaking of, the whole Kish thing is reaching news: AOL has a big story on it today. I'm hoping it makes Entertainment Weekly. BTW, reading some comments makes my blood boil. It's 2010 and there are still nasty bigots out there. Until the day I die I'll be working on gay rights and marriages. I hope to dance at MANY of their weddings!!
I'm just stunned about OLTLs decision to keep some of the cast/storylines (really, Marty/Natalie/John??...Christian and anyone??) --in lieu of the potential ones they are throwing away. How old IS Marty? I thought she was my age.

Greg Vaugh is headed to Naples, FL as a Grand Marshall
to support (NAMI) National Assoc. of Mental Illness

GH: "Ripped from the Headlines" says GH's PR department while talking about Krissy/Keifer. SOS Ryan was laughing about it--seems they are the "Rhianna/ChrisBrown" of daytime. :eyeroll: ok, whatever. I mean, we aren't laughing about the storyline, but more about GH's "Ripped from the Headlines..shocker! Huge!" heh.
NEW SPOILERS up..guess who makes out with Coleman at Jake's this time!!
IF FELICIA doesn't come back for Maxie's heart crap, it's totally lame. Which we know she won't so it IS lame. LOL. Wonder if she'll call.
Now that stupid  OLTL let Scott Clifton go, we NEED him back on #GH. I'm thinking we all start addressing letters to him there at the studio. LOL, like we are expecting him to just SHOW up.
UGH, hated Krissy getting beaten in slo-mo today. HATE she is going to blame Ethan, especially after he takes her to GH!  He was SO NICE to her when he found her!!
Christian is doing a great job as is Lexi on this whole thing. Must be hard at their age. Sonny and Deke and his mom... and it will get worse when he sees Krissy.
"You two grown-asssed men are going to stand here and tell me she got what she deserved"?? Sam to Ethan/Luke
HELLS IN A STUNNING OUTFIT TODAY! :Twirling: Told you she got some new clothes. Loves it. And she calls Steven Lars out on some skeletons in his closet! secrets.
Lucky calls it quits with Lizzy.

Luke says he's "Sick of himself"...LOL Says Kristina is "dressed like a baby hooker"!!
Spinelli has on a gray robe from the Toxic Balls Days!
Monica Looked FABOO today! Love her hair!

I HATE Daylight savings time!! UGH today is just out of sorts for dark in the am was sucky too. I don't think we need this 'savings stuff''s UNNATURAL!

READ ALL about the Rally to Save ATWT!! NYC peeps especially!! 


  1. Note, the whole Kris/Kiefer/Ethan thing is already becoming ALL ABOUT SONNY and Deke.

    I'd love for some new writer to get in there and expose Sonny as a liar, and making the whole Deke BS up, as well as ending the charade that Sonny could survive for a week as a mobster WITHOUT selling drugs!

  2. the picture of sam kicking ethan is disgusting. sam should be paired with keifer they could kick the sh!t out of each other.

  3. Read on rumors at soapzone that Spin may be killed off in May via a mob war. Sounds just fine to me, he is boring me to pieces. I can honestly say at this point I would not miss anything about him.

    Thought Lexie did an amazing job today. I disagree about Sam kicking Ethan. Who wouldn't want to do that if they thought their sister was beaten by him? As long as she apologizes after she finds out Krissy lied, its all good. I myself am just happy Jasam will disagree for a bit. Show Sam actually has a brain of her own in there somewhere.

  4. I try not to read the spoilers, but I hope that the person who makes out with Jake is Jason!

    I hate the fact that it looks like Alexis is going to be ridiculed again as an unfit mother who doesn't know what's going on with her own daughter. I mean Carly (?!) is the one to figure out that Keifer beat Kristina up? There are no shades of gray for my hatred of all things Corinthos.

  5. Does anyone really think that Sam will apologize for berating Ethan and hitting him?

    I dont.

  6. sam wont apologize. she came on the show as the female badass con artist who slept with sonny and jax at the same time was in the haunted star throwing out speeches to luke that ethan is no good because he is a con artist. i thought it was absolutely great that she was defending her sister, but she sounded like an ass with some things she was saying.

  7. I guess Sam used the do as I say not as I do (even to Ethan!)

  8. I really thought the way they shot the whole Kristin/Keifer/Ethan thing was really good. I was not looking forward to the storyline at all, & I still do not like that she is going to blame Ethan when it is obvious that she knows who did it, but I was rivited to the storyline today. Ethan was written flawlessly. Lexi Ainsworth gave a heartbreaking performance. I expect we will witness award worthy performances from both Nancy Lee Grahn and Maurice Bernard as well before the week is over.

    I hope GH doesn't bore us to death with the whole Sonny's family history thing again (I know newer viewers need a history update but jeeze). I also hope Sam comes to her senses quickly & realizes that she was chewing Ethan a new one when Kristina was attacked and he couldn't have done it.

    Kudos GH, so far so good on this PSA storyline. I'm guessing Guza didn't write this lmao :D

  9. I know I'm a bit late, but haven't seen this posted and it bothered me. Far as I know, it's still winter up north in Llanview.And yet, that darling baby (kinda big for a preemie, but I digress) was taken home from the hospital without shoes, without a shirt or sweater,without a car seat and....without a scar or bandage from that heart surgery...GH isn't the only one who must have fired their continuity police, lolol...

  10. As a long time viewer of GH, I applaud them doing a teen violence storyline. They have done the abuse story in the past with Bobbie as the abuse survivor. So this should prove interesting, that it is her nephew who is accused. I also love the fact that Sonny will have to revisit the abuse of his childhood and what he witnessed in a more realistic manner. He often talks about witnessing the abuse in the abstract. I hope they capitalize on what really happened to him as a child and integrate that story with the abuse of his daughter.

  11. While I agree that if my baby sister was beaten and she pointed the finger at someone I wouldn't think twice...

    My biggest pet peeve is that Sam will come off like Kung-Fu Barbie and attack someone and I have a problem with this. Why say its bad to hit a woman but then have a woman attack a man. No matter the reason no one should ever touch another person in anger

    I hope Sam comes off as the biggest tool, because the stupid that came out of her mouth today was beyond ridiculous. Hey Pot its Kettle.

  12. in our society, it is forbidden for a man to hit a woman, but a woman can beat the hell out of a man all she wants and no one does a thing about it.

    this is the way the world works.

    I am not saying it is right. but it is just the way it is. I have a relative (male) who was a victim of spousal abuse and were pretty much laughed out of court.

    So, while it is horrifying for keifer to strike krissy, it is perfectly ok in Guza world for Sam to kick Ethan.

  13. Nelson Branco's column today has a different take on the Kish firing. He's claiming that it isn't Fronz or the OLTL producer. He says the unprofessional behavior of one of the actors (reading between his lines, seems to be the actor who plays Kyle), coupled with the fact that the actor who plays Fish isn't on contract, did them in. Don't know if he's barking up the wrong tree, but it's an interesting theory.

    Of course that doesn't explain why Sky and Rachel were both canned in the last few weeks too.

  14. I just wish Jagger was still on so that way when Sonny says he would NEVER hurt a woman Jagger could ,"oh ya, you lieing BASTARD, what about my ex-wife, KAREN? You DRUGGED her,RAPED her,ABUSED her & STALKED her"!
    Also i think Jason IS A A$$-HOLE!

  15. This Krissy/Kiefer/Ethan/Sam thing is making me physically ill. Sam barges in to the Haunted Star accusing Luke and Ethan, assuming they are in the wrong, when they could have had Kristina arrested - many casinos would have to protect themselves- because Kristina was a minor and acting out of control.

    Sam then proceeds to berate Ethan and Luke for being con artists when she is, admittedly, one herself. Now, according to the spoilers, she proceeds to physically attach Ethan! We know he can't defend himself 'cause then he'd be abusing a woman! And what does being a con artist have to do with physical abuse anyway?

    And now poor Alexis is deemed an unfit mother because she was charmed by Kiefer. Besides, she did have this child 'out of wedlock' with Sonny.

    So, once again, all the women are acting out, making false assumptions, being duped, lying to protect the men the 'think so highly of', while all the men are there to tell them exactly what to do and 'shape them up' in one form or other when they don't follow 'the rules'. Welcome to Guza land!

  16. I hate that kristina lied about ethan. Now when the truth does eventually come out people arent going to believe her. And in the meantime she has wrongly accusted a man that was innocent. She knows that kiefer did this why not just say it was him....

  17. im actually not mad that she blames ethan. its realistic. she just got the shit kicked out of her by her first boyfriend, her dad is a mobster, and she's scared. plus half the time people stay with the abuser because they are made to feel they are supposed to, that they did something to deserve it. do i think it is right, not at all. but it is whats going on out there. now i get what sam's intention on defending her sister was, but seriously... she sounded dumb. she is a con artist, staged a kidnapping for jasons love, and sprouted out how to treat people and how con artists are bad today. poor writing on that part.

  18. Wow! People are really upset about Kish! I was more upset about Jason and Liz splitting up!

    OLTL told the story, and like real life, MOST young gay men, move on quickly. Usually it is over another man. I did it many, many times when I was younger.

    As a gay man, I am not outraged. I am just glad the story was told.

    I don't slam people for not agreeing with how I choose to have sex. It is none of their business and I don't try to make it their business by parading around like a lisping, feminine fool. Someone is not a bigot just because they don't like the Kish story!

    I am not fanatical about gay rights. Why? We are not in the same categories as Hispanics, Asians, etc. so why should we expect rights? We are only different because of how we choose to have sex--nothing else, so why should we be treated any differently? Why change laws? It is ridiculous. I don't get my feathers ruffled, I just live my life. It is a good life and I am not suffering for my choices.

  19. I had to LOL
    " just wish Jagger was still on so that way when Sonny says he would NEVER hurt a woman Jagger could ,"oh ya, you lieing BASTARD, what about my ex-wife, KAREN? You DRUGGED her,RAPED her,ABUSED her & STALKED her"!

    Oh Sonny, such the gentleman, never hit a woman. He'll shoot a woman, abuse physically and emotionally, threaten, stalk and drug a woman though. That is WAY different that hitting a woman! Bwahahaha

  20. I don't watch OLTL,so I don't care!

    I am so happy that others called out Sam for the hypocrit that she is!!! I can't stand that beotch. She fits right in with Jason,Sonny,and Carly.

    And yes,why must we forget what Sonny did to Karen??

    I don't give a damn that Sonny was beaten as a kid,that should not effect the choices you make as an adult. Sonny uses that excuse all the time.
    It will be the same thing for this stupid Keifer thing. My daddy hits me,so I have to hit you. whatever.

    And Krissy...what happened to this kid? Ok so mommy is a big time successful lawyer,daddy is a mobster. She is a smart kid,but she makes stupid choices. Keifer is a stupid choice. Her behavior with Ethan is stupid.
    Now Ethan will pay the price for her lies. I hate the writers for this show. They are obsessed with Sonny and it makes me sick!
    I could write a script from home and I would make sure Sonny and Jason don't come out clean!

  21. I find it hard to believe a victim(christina) would blame an innocent man. this story is disgusting. I cannot watch anymore.And if Guza loves Kelly Monaco, why is her character written as the biggest fool on daytime TV?

  22. is kristina really blaming Ethan, because he is not interested in her?

  23. I am just really hoping this storyline was not written to get Sonny out of jail. I hope it was written to show girls/women that no matter what they do, they don't deserved to be battered.
    Yes, I wish the writers would remember that Sonny has, in the past, abused a woman. Maybe she should come back and tell her story! Or have Kin Shriner come back to tell Karen's story. Anyone that makes Sonny not look like the greatest thing in Port Charles.
    I have never been a Sam fan, but it is a little realistic that she goes to Ethan in blind rage.
    I DON'T like that they are having her act all Saintly now. She breaks the law for her mobster boyfriend. She was a con artist when SHE got to Port Charles. Stop acting like you are the queen of Port Charles society. That is Carly, dont you know.
    The way Women are portrayed on GH has always been a bother to me. Mainly because of the Sonny/Jason love that is out there.
    Is it me, or is Jason getting to be as big a douche as Sonny is?

  24. I don't think Sonny raped karen but everything else he did do. As for Sam I would buy it hook line and sinker if she wasn't breaking the law on a DAILY basis. gee Krissy, I have my self respect back. I am not protecting killers for a living.

  25. I might be spinning things too much here, but in Kristina's mind it may be Ethan's fault that she was beaten. If she hadn't been infatuated with Ethan, if she hadn't gone to Ethan then Kiefer would not have hit her. If Ethan had not turned her down, then she would not have been home for Kiefer to hit her...see where I am going with this? In her battered mind she has twisted things that it if it were not for Ethan, this would not have happened. Let's not forget that she is a teenager and teenager are not known for always using the best judgement. I am not sayng any of this is right, but that it could make sense...

  26. I agree its realistic for Sam to go at Ethan in a rage. Think of how we would feel if Kristina were our daughter. Sorry, yes its wrong since its also violence but my heart ached watching kristina laying in that hospital bed. On the other hand Sam just rubs me the wrong wway in the words she spoke. And Piper is right about Sam protecting killers yet expecting us to believe she has self respect? Sonny did not Rape karen. He took advantage of her, drugged her (while underage too!!)But he didn't even have relations with her. He did all those things so she would dance at his "club". I want to say she had a past that included abuse form her mothers boy friend (or perhaps she watched her mother be abused, I don't recall)

  27. I agree with most all comments here.....especially Sam...yuck!!!!

    But I did love the scene between Molly/Alexis and Dante. Dante was really nice to Molly. Cute! So where is Morgan? Where is the scene with Mike and Dante. I really like Dante having connections with his new found family....but keep Sonny out of it. There should have been some kind of flash back scene about the could Dante walk into Sonny's living room and not think about what happened there? Dante should never forgive Sonny for that...NEVER!!!!


  28. I'm thinking that Kristina pointed the finger at Ethan because she is scared what Keifer will do to her if she rats him out...
    Maybe she blames herself, since she did break her date with Keifer to bother Ethan and when she saw the look of rage in Sonny's eyes, she was freaked out and blurted out Ethans name.

  29. i agree with the post above me. everyone is forgetting keifer beat the crap out of her, ethan found her took her to the hospital and she names ethan. what was that in the span of an hour, or 2 tops? it wasnt a long thought out plan to blame ethan people! shes a teen who was beat by her first boyfriend. kristinas character is she is a smart, strong girl, and probably feels it would be easier to keep her pride and blame someone out of nowhere, then the guy she chose to be dating. shes probably scared and confused and blaming herself for lying and getting caught w/ keifer, and as an abuse victim, mixed with what keifer said after he beat her... i would be more shocked if she actually named him. just my opinion.

  30. They really do think we've forgotten Sam's back story, don't they? She's all self righteous and she had men pull a gun on a woman and her children! Talk about abuse.I'm surpised poor Cam ever wanted to go to the park again. Then she stood by and watched a child kidnapped. She's also a con woman anda liar. I know it's bad that Ethan bruised Kris's arm but he was trying to evict her from the club. She wouldn't go and he had little choice.

    As for her kicking Ethan; violence is violence. You don't stop it with more violence. And because a woman is doing it doesn't make it right esp as most men would be reluctant to hit her back. The fact that ethan didn't deck her should have told her something.

    I loved Luke's little hooker line.

  31. I fully agree with Mel - well said.

    What is the backstory with Sonny and Karen? I remember Karen, but only with Karen and Jagger...

  32. Sonny/ Karen Background.

    Karen danced at his club while still underage. He also got her hooked on prescription drugs because she started stripping after having flashbacks of her childhood where her mother’s boyfriend sexually molested her. Sonny DID NOT rape Karen and they never had sexual relations. He was however responsible for getting her hooked on pills and for stripping.

  33. I really think this is going to be a great story. I am happy with the performances and the inter mingling between characters. I am not a Sam fan, but when I see her with her sisters and Alexis I really like her. The same way I did when she was with Greg V's Lucky. She becomes so nerdy when with Jason, its just a poor message all around. She starts breaking the law, lieing and wanting to protext people who kill for a living. We're supposed to be torn in what kristina chose to do. That's the point. And the above posts got it right, she fears keifer and sickly loves him also. Don't forget she really never has had her fathers attention. Many girls will than do anything to get a mans attention even if its negative attention. As for Sonny & karen, they swept it under the rug the way they did Luke's rape of Laura. But make no mistake, it was awful. She was a minor and he was feeding her drugs!

  34. Sandra: 'Sonny DID NOT rape Karen and they never had sexual relations. He was however responsible for getting her hooked on pills and for stripping.'

    I've watched GH since 1980. Sonny did have sex w Karen- Jagger even caught them together. He did get her hooked on pills and it's questionable whether or not that impaired her judgment; which could be argued as a near-rape.

  35. Karen may have been underaged so it cd have been statutory rape.


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