Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dante Smells A Michael! GH Tuesday

OLTL: Clint and Vicky are hanging out a lot!! And I love Kimmy's new gold digger LOOK!! woot! How does she think shes ever going to get custody of that baby?  It's getting good. Leyla being all nasty to Jessica and Jessica being a beeatch right back. Wait until she sees TODD! He has a NEW FACE!! Will they let on that he does?? I so hope so. HEH. I so much love how every character knows each other on this show. Fish goes to John...Roxy's all over. Dead Stacey is on today too!!! LOVE the Zombie Stacey. I miss her so much. sniff. Nat picks up Marty's pee stick from her dropped purse. UH..I'd wash my hands in like 2.3 seconds. LOL!!

GENERAL HOSPTIAL: Nasty rumors going around about people leaving GH. I haven't heard anything about anyone leaving. I usually have a rumor or two flying around but right now? Nothing. We've all wondered about Brandon Barash, but that would be the show, not him. So, if you think your fave is going--hang on, it's probably just a nasty rumor. Then again, if poor Jason Cook decided to go, I'd say congrats!! Those idiots don't know how to write for you.
Loved Dante staring down KeMo's chestial area! LOL... Lante was very HOT today..whoo.
Ok, if Lisa were actually Sarah Webber, I could totally get behind it. She could have met Pat in school--she was gone long enough. Plus, with Steven Lars back, we'd have a family again. As of now,  I really hate Dr. Girlie.
OH! WOW! Another JAX/CARLY/SONNY fight! wow..and they are yelling IN THE METRO. Telling evidence and stuff. DUH. It's totally STUPID to have them  yelling this crap in the middle of the restaurant. Not for nothin, but Sonny's been alone for a long time (for him)!
That blonde Ethan is with looks like Flo from the insurance commericals. She has a GIANT grin. Kinda scared me. And Keifer tells Krissy to wear something "smokin' hot to make him proud"
Lisa in her bra with Patrick. Guess that was the "naked" spoiler. ;/
Olivia telling Sonny that kid Dante liked to "Blow things up"... just like you! That scene rocked. You could tell Maurice even loved it!! woot! "every man you ever shot was somebody's son...this time it was yours"
NOTICE in today's show...Spin says he 'ruptured his achillies tendon" which we know is true since he tweeted it from  the Soap Cruise!! Don't we know the inside dish!!?

So, who's your fave couple to watch on GH Lately? I'm diggin' Lante that's for sure!!

NICE info: The 31st Annual Young Artist Awards has nominated Austin Williams (Shane OLTL) and Aaron Refvem (Morgan GH) for Best Performance In A TV Series By A Recurring Young Actor 13 and Under. Haley Pullos (Molly GH) has been nominated for the same award in the female category. Aaron Refvem was also nominated for Guest Starring Actor 13 And Under In A TV Series for his work on Sons Of Anarchy. CONGRATS to all!


  1. hands down Lulu/Dante. Who else on the show is an actual couple? I don't count barfy Jason and Sam. I wonder if she ever looks at him and thinks, wow, this man threatened to kill me. If they would start doing more stuff with Alexis and Mac, I could get behind that. Still love Scrubs too, but their romance is always short lived and they seem to have lost their kid too.

  2. Lulu/Dante all the way. Jason and Sam still turns my stomach too. Knowing her history with Liz and Jake he'd have to be brain damaged to go out with her. How do you forget or forgive something like that?

    And Dr Underwear can go anytime. Patrick must be brain damaged too if he can't see where she's coming from.

    I'd like to see a little more Alexis/Mac too.

    And where is Morgan? The cutest kid in the show, and so believable. We need to see more of him. Maybe he's stashed in the cupboard with Spencer somewhere at Windemere.

  3. 110% Dante/Lulu! I have said it a million times,I'll say it a million more,I can just watch them and be very happy.

    one of my coworkers always brings me her sopa mags and SOD is one,it always does the favorite actress,actor,and couple. I think it is hilarious because for GH it is always Becky Herbst(actress),Steve Burton (actor), and Liz and Jason(couple)! LOL-a little outdated if you ask me!

  4. there is only one couple on GH that is worth rooting for and that is lulu and dante. I will always hope for a liason reunion.

  5. There's a reason Liason is always #1 in many polls, the history speaks for itself. They are the torn couple and will always love one another but can't be together. Typical soap stuff. But the man Jason is today I cannot recognize. for that matter I don't recognize Liz either. I am hoping that the poll #'s change however and L&L become #1. (or #2 respectively behind Donte & Lulu). I have to give it to them, becuase I usually can't stand Lulu. But this Lulu I like. Dante brings that out in her.

  6. I do like Tracy/ Luke too forgot them whoops

  7. Gawd I adore Dante/Lulu so much. What a cute show for the 2 of them. I also loved Olivia telling Sonny about Dante's youth. Nothing makes me happier than watching Olivia tell people off :D

    I like how they wrote in Bradford Anderson's injury into the storyline. I loved Maxie's crime fighting outfit and the way they pinned up her hair reminded me of vintage Felicia hair.

    Lisa in her unmentionables? Not something I ever cared to see... gag

    One final comment... Lulu, Maxie, and Carly all need to go get their roots done. Yikes! :D

  8. Andrea- your scrubs comment made me laugh out loud. I almost forgot Robin and Patrick had a kid!

  9. I hate Lante..I know I am in the minority but I despise all things LuLu. Dante can only do so much for me with this couple.

    I love Tracey & Luke

    There are no couples on GH I cn root for. I mean I wouldn't even waste vomit on JaSpam

  10. Who's "Lante" why don't you people speak in English?

  11. I LOVED "Lante" aka Lulu & Dante! They are the ONLY reason the show is even watchable. I just hope if Scott Clifton does come back they DON"T have Dillon come in and mess them up.

  12. no offense to anyone,just my opinion but "Lante","Jasam","CarJax",ect,ect are names that fans give the couples because they are too Lazy to just write out they're names! LOL!
    I personally hate the names.
    AGAIN, no offense to anyone....don't send Jason after me! I know some people can be ultra-sensitive!

  13. The show was so/so with me.
    Carly actually yelled at Jason for half a second before she agreed with him. Gasp!
    Why is Robin pushing Patrick to be with Lisa. I know that she said she trusts Patrick, but if he says he wants to spend time with you and Emma, LET HIM!!
    You can see the regret in Dantes eyes, when he hears Ronnie tell Sonny about getting Michael on that stand...ugh.
    Why didn't Dante have a cop patrol Jason's Penthouse if he knew that Michael was there?
    When Sonny "summoned" Olivia over to his table, I can't believe she went over there. I would have turned my head and walked out the door. I did like her giving him the what for about his childhood, but in Sonnys eyes, nothing is his fault.
    Also, not a big fan of the nicknames for everyone, but you will see me put Scrubs in my conversations because I like that nickname.

  14. I wouldn't say that those were chesticles on Sam. Those are definitely breasticles!!



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