Sunday, March 28, 2010

NuMichael Posts on Facebook--Kelly Monaco on Twitter!

First of all, Chad Duell, "NuMichael" posted this on facebook this weekend:

Finished up my 3rd day of filming for General Hopital. It honestly has been kinda rough. Trying to get used to the pace, and everything. Things are getting better day by day, but ya not the greatest start sadly. It will get better though.

Now, I've said since this all broke,  this kid had better have good acting chops because he will be eaten alive.!! There are so many people pissed off about Drew's firing, he already has 2 strikes against him. Not HIS fault TPTB took off a fave of ours. Now I'm going to be all waiting to see what his debut on April 20th (ish) looks like. With a statement like that, I'm not hopeful.

Kelly Monaco is FINALLY on Twitter. Buzz Radio and her BF confirm as well as Kelly herself on Facebook. There have been a LOT of impostors over the months for her but now, @kellymonaco1 looks like the real deal.

FINALLY, Reality Bytes, the new webseries starring Tristan Rogers has a HUGE spread in this weeks Soap Opera Weekly  !! These new soapwebseries are just so exciting!! Like early days of TV or something!!



  1. The best thing to do is to wait to see how Chad Duell does. I remember many naysayers who could not stand Tamara Braun's first few appearances, and yet she (also a replacement)became very popular and made Carly her own.

    I too and saddened that Drew was let go, but if the rumors of him becoming quite diva-ish were true, I am open to having someone else in the role.

  2. See, I don't buy those diva rumors..especially since his coworkers took the time to praise him. That doesn't happen if you are a snot/diva!!

  3. I am even more impressed with Lexi!!! She held her own with Tony Geary like a pro!!!

    All of the Georgie/Spixie stuff had me heading to the kleenex box. Kudos to all 3 actors. Now can we have a nice, light, fun storyline for Spixie?!

    Conan (the waiter at sonny's restaurant) "I think we need to invest in unbreakable glassware" lmao I died!

  4. What was supposed to be the reason they let Drew go?

  5. The episode wasn't too bad yesterday. I was rooting Johnny on when he was giving it to Sonny.
    I did NOT like that they showed a "Sonny" side of Dante though!!!!
    Dante didn't even know what all Ronnie was saying to Morgan, so he blew that way out of proportion....the writers wanting to show us that Dante has Sonny's temper...fantastic..eyeroll!!!
    I understand that Jason defends his woman, but Sam is clearly antagonizing Ethan, so I wouldn't blame Ethan at all if he wants to slap her in the face and tell her to get over herself.
    As much as I loved Coleman in the courtroom, that is grounds for his dismissal immediately.

    I will give the new guy a chance before I jump to any conclusions. He seems like he has enough pressure on him already. He doesn't need the audience to turn on him as well.

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