Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Filler Day

Thanksgiving Eve..I should be cleaning and cooking. I'm not LOL. I grocery shopped this morning and that was enough for me!! Now I'll do this and NAP!! 
Remember they are going to air a show tomorrow. I probably won't do a blog that day because FAMILY TIME.... I'm sure a lot of people will watch it on Friday. 


TODAY'S SHOW: (the day before thanksgiving by the looks of things)

Violet meets Chase and Willow, they are all at Anna's. Cute.  Willow gets all Weepy about Wiley. They leave to go eat dinner. 

Valentin finds out the codicil means he'll have to give up Wyndemere. They talk about how to stop it. He has to get that painting! 

Sasha and Michael eating in The Rib. He invites her to both CarSon's and Q's for turkey day. Dr. O comes by...wants to toast the fact "it's all over". Michael tells her that Curtis is still poking around and might find out she helped with the samples. 

Later, Willow and Chase come in. Willow wants club soda and gets queasy at food. Hmmmm.... What COULD IT MEAN?// Sasha asks her if she is...Willow says she doesn't know but she is late.

Hayden is attacked on the docks, Nikolas is suddenly there to "rescue" her. (I think he set that up!!)  Hoodie guy eventually runs. Nikolas says: SEE, you should leave town!! She doesn't want to leave Violet. He says she'll be safe in Port Charles. HUH? WHY? Hayden goes to Anna's and gives Violet her blanket and Tinkerbell night light. She's gonna leave. Stupid GH didn't sign her to a contract. I hope she didn't want one or something because it makes no sense to let her get away. 
Anna can tell something is up with Hayden.. Hayden asks to see Violet alone for a minute. 

Lucas is in GH, being cold to Brad. Brad is like: Um..we haven't sat down as a family in forever. Lucas says until he tells him the truth, he's not going to.  Lucas is working the ER on Thanksgiving Day. BYE BRAD! 

Then Brook Lynn finds Lucas and they catch up a bit. 

Alexis doesn't think it's Kendra poisoning her, not really--Where would she get Tallium? She and Neil talk about it.. and she thinks maybe it's because she feels foolish for letting Kendra get to her. 

Brad and Lesil spar outside of The Rib... Brad is blaming her for breaking them up. He cries, she cringes and tries to hug him lol. He keeps crying and she tells him to man up and to to keep lying to protect them all. 

Michael E Knight has other obligations right now but Tad will be back!! 

Nikolas did hire that fake thug. He paid him off. 


  1. I love Leisel,she brings comic relief. these stories need to come to an end. wiley,sasha and nik. let the truth be told.

    1. I agree completely and Peter needs to be outed for the lying sleaze he is as well.

  2. OK, I know that Hayden is leaving the show, and that Violet is too adorbs to let go, But the reasoning makes no sense. How is Violet safer staying in PC with Finn than she would be disappearing with her mother and them both getting new identities?

  3. So Nik wanted Hayden shot before, remember? I still have NO clue why SHAWN is still in jail---he was arrested for attempting murder but it was proven he didn't do it.....
    Does anyone think Trinia might be Curtis' daughter? We have to see her mom at some time.

    1. That would make sense, since she is related to 2 people in PC. Although, if she is Curtis's, then she would be related to Stella, Curtis and TJ.

  4. The hospital:

    Brucas: Yeah Brad, how the hell can Lucas share Thanksgiving with you, when you are not going to be honest with him?

    Lucas and Brooklyn: Brooklyn how are Brucas going to share Thanksgiving together? How is this going to work?

    Brad: Can you pass the turkey sweetie?

    Lucas: Okay.

    *Lucas passes the drumstick while giving dirty looks*

    Alexis's room:

    Neil and Alexis: Ginkgo Biloba? GINKO BILOBA??!?!?!? SERIOUSLY?!!?! There has got to be a catch!

    The floating rib:

    Willow and Sasha: Willow feels queazy?!?!!?!!? Oh oh! She is preggers?!?!?!!


    Willow and Sasha: Oh look! Sasha is smart this time and checks the bathroom! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Willow is late!!!! Daddy Chase? I hope so!!!! :) Willow hasn't been taking her birth control pills!!! HAHAHAHHA!


    Chase and Michael: They are bonding!! :)

    Chase, Michael, Sasha, and Willow: Sasha can eat ribs now!! :) They are looking at pictures of adorable Violet awwwwww! :)

    Outside the floating rib:

    Dr. O and Brad: Brad wins the line of the day.

    Brad: Liesl Obrecht. Why why why are you still alive?

    ROFL! Oh no. Brad stop crying and whining!!! Man up and tell Lucas the truth!!!

    Brad on the phone: Oh he is on the phone with the Brich!!! :) YAY! Too bad we don't get to see her. She got her license back?! YAY!


    RayRay and bad guy: What the hell? At first I thought it was Nik. Then I'm thinking did he pay the bad guy or did V.C. pay him? Oh look Nik is the hero.

    RayRay and Nik: Oh look Nik proved his point. Time to leave RayRay! UGH!

    Nik and bad guy: AH HA! I KNEW IT!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Chillow, Violet, Finchy, and Anna: Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! ADORBS!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS SCENE!!!

    RayRay and little V: I hate this! Why can't Rebecca Budig stay?!!?!?!! :(

    Finchy and RayRay: Oh I hate this!!!!!


    Marty and V.C.: Hmmm what is V.C. really planning for Spencer?

    "Karen says, Michael E Knight has other obligations right now but Tad will be back!!"

    Oh? I wonder what he has to do? I wonder when he will come back!

  5. sonya said..."Neil and Alexis: Ginkgo Biloba? GINKO BILOBA??!?!?!? SERIOUSLY?!!?! There has got to be a catch!"

    *** Don't forget that Kendra gave her the supplement to try for a while before she put the poison in the new can. She had to make sure Alexis would feel safe taking it. She knew she'd check it out. She's probably doing the same with the pills. Let her take it and feel safe then switch to poison ones.

    Also Ginkgo biloba is a popular supplement and one of the top-selling herbal medicines.Her doctor would tell her it was safe.

  6. Wow so I was wrong. Can't believe Nik did that. Thought it was Val.
    Sorry to see Hayden go. 😥 Can't believe she didn't tell anyone she just leaves, damn it. Same as last time but now she has a daughter. Speaking of Violet, I love Finn with her, his face just lights up and his eyes sparkle. ❤
    She is just so adorable!
    Dr O was hilarious with Brad! The way she "consoled" him. 😂
    I doubt Willow is pregnant, too easy...

  7. You should check with your doctor before taking Gingko biloba. Also other supplements. That one can interact with blood thinner or antidepressants.

  8. Did anyone mention Martin’s comment at Jax’s house that was a reference to him and Rebecca B on All My Children? Clever!

    1. Missed it, what did he say? The actor who plays Val was also on AMC.

  9. I can’t remember the exact words, and maybe he said it to V, but it was about Hayden reminding him of someone in another place.

  10. And that accent has to go!


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