Tuesday, November 5, 2019

First Impressions.

So, NuNik isn't bothering me!! I liked the flashbacks and how Hayden and Jax came to be in the whole mess. I personally wish Nikolas would just kill Valentin and throw him off the parapet, but I'm mean. 
Liked Laura talking to Sonny about Ava. Inspired. Especially given Laura's history of mental illness.
Julian has a new set! He's out of flannel!! He's SO ZEXY threatening Brad!!! :clapping:
I did NOT like Nikolas throwing Ava under the bus. 
The DNA testing thing...geesh Louise. Now we have to wait for Curtis to find out about the samples being tainted. 
Nina's biting her tongue
Maxie's birthday was mentioned! Yeah!  with Peter ...boo....
LOVE Dr. O...but wished she was in costume. I'm not complaining tho.

I'M NOT HERE AGAIN TODAY-- getting my hair done. Then tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and I'm not here Thursday!! I will try to watch at night and give my impressions the next day however. Thank you for your patience. 


  1. Karen, good luck at the dentist!

  2. Karen I'm mean too, I wish Nik would do that too!
    Yeh Nik did tick me off about the Ava thing!
    I don't know why I thought she was a Christmas baby? Oh well, wrong Holiday, so close haha!
    The dentist....😭😭😭 I wish I could've gotten my dental implant. 😓 Damn cataract surgery. 😡 I digress. Anyways. Take a photo of your 'do and good luck at the dentist.

  3. i love my dentist. i go to an all-female office and they are very patient and adverse to pain. I went there for 7 crowns and never complained once.

    i'm glad you got to see yesterdays show. a lot happened and it is kinda vital for sunday surgery.

    1. David, where do you live, I need a new dentist, LOL. No, really, I need a new dentist.

    2. I absolutely love my dentist too. I keep going back. I had to go see a dental surgeon for my implant but cataract surgery left me poor so I had to put it off, sad part is I actually met my deductible now but still don't have the money. 😭

  4. ps. my dentist has heated and vibrating massage chairs to sit in. does yours?

  5. Watching Sonny contemplating taking Avery away for good is a joke.He just had a child that should have been called "Attica" instead of Donna because she will spend most of her life in the Attic like the other kids on GH.I'm sure it won't be long before Donna and Wiley are teenagers.

    1. Amen!! :):)He has been written to be a smug,self righteous, SOB as of late!! He and Carly forget where they came from! From the day Carly announced she was pregnant I've been asking "Why?" The only thing about it that makes any sense to me is they did it as a tribute to their beloved make up artist. Which is sweet so..but still,stop with trying to make Sonny & Carly out to be something they're not!

    2. HAHAHAHAH! I love Attica! HAHAHAHAH!

  6. I think the baby story is a total waste. This seems to be a good recast but I really miss Tyler in the role. I love Julian toying with Brad! Too bad Lucas is headed for some major heartbreak.

  7. has it been established why Nik has to go through hoops behind the scenes to get his Cassadine name back? He's alive. Period. Isnt that enough? Why cant he have a press conference at Wyndermere and recalim his birthright and kick Val out of the mansion

    Am i mising something here?

    1. You're missing the fact that there was a codicil making Valentine the heir and no one has seen the one that Helena hid. It post dates Valentine's so it will go back to making Nicholas and his family heirs.

    2. David, ITA, NOTHING justifies allowing his mother, son, sister and others to grieve for 2 years.

  8. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Brad and Julian:

    Brad: Don't make me destroy my family.

    Oh Brad quit your whining, you are doing that all on your own!!! You threatened Julian, and now this is what you get.

    Jax's home:

    Jax and Nik: Nik is enjoying Jax's scenery!!! Time to go back in Nik!! You don't want Jax's neighbors to see you. Listen to Jax!!! :)

    Nik and a surprise: La la la Nik on the laptop. La la la he is in the kitchen.. OH MY!!!!! :0 TRIBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) JAX HAS TRIBBLES IN HIS KITCHEN! HAHAHHAHAHAHA! I have been wondering if he had some!!!!! GREAT SURPRISE!!!! Hmmm cousins? On another soap website, someone said Carson's tribble's love interest! ROFL! Oh oh Laura shows up. What are you going to do Nik?

    Liz's home:

    Liz, Cam, and Drew Jr: Drew Jr saying goodbye.. He is leaving with CarlyKim. Oh look flashbacks of Drew Jr and CarlyKim. She is leaving. Oh is that how we see her for the last time? In flashbacks? Oy!

    Liz and Drew Jr: Liz tries to kiss BobTodd out!!!! Didn't work. :( She is telling BobTodd that she did everything she could and now it's his turn!!! :( Drew Jr said he wishes he could help her but he can't. Franco is gone. :(

    Liz on the phone with Scotty: Wait what?!?!! What is your plan Scotty!!!!!

    Liz and CarlyKim: Ohhhhhh. So the flashbacks weren't the last we see of her okay. She gonna say goodbye to her former bestie?

    Ferncliff: I forgot where Ava is.

    Laura, Scotty and Ava: Come on Scotty!!!! Believe Ava!!!! She really saw Nik!!!!! She isn't crazy!!!!! She isn't seeing things!!!!

    Scotty and Ava: Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: You have to go on the limb, because that is where the fruit is.


    Laura and Julian: Oh another scene with them. Are they bonding? I like them in scenes together. More!!! Can they be friends?

    Laura: Today she seems a little less sure.

    Oh shut up Laura!!! You keep telling her over and over again that Nik is dead, so what else is she going to say or think?! GAH!!!!

    Julian and Ava: GAH!!!! Julian believe her! She is telling the truth!!! Nik is alive!!!!

    Carson home:

    CarJax and Joss: Consequences from getting plastered. Getting your phone taken away, and getting a flip phone! YIKES!!!!!! Her computer is going to stay downstairs. The lock is coming off her bedroom door, for surprise searches.

    Joss: Oh my gosh all over a few drinks at a dance? This is insane.

    HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Joss you are so cute!! :) So adorable. :)

    CarJax: Oh yes Jax. Carly has a great idea, for you to have Joss live with you for half the week! :) Oh but rats, Joss can't do that can she? Cus Nik is living there now. :)

    Brucas: Brad told Lucas a secret all right!!! The Sasha and Dr. O secret!! UGH! Oh look Brad video recorded Julian and him talking.. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one Brad, but that is dumb too, because what if Lucas confronts Julian? Don't you think Julian will throw you under the bus and tell your secret?

    Oscar's meadow:

    Drew Jr and Scotty: What is your plan Scotty!?!?!?!?!??!

  9. Not done watching but wow...Franco is leaving? Cue my tears...
    Love Jax and Carly with Joss.
    Cannot Brad just told Lucas that Jules set him up. Oh boy...Brad is dead. Wonder if Julian will tell what he knows?
    Poor Ava...again, tears, so glad Scotty came by to visit.

  10. sonya said..." OH MY!!!!! :0 TRIBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) JAX HAS TRIBBLES IN HIS KITCHEN! HAHAHHAHAHAHA! "

    *** someone must have watered them and they're multiplying. lol

    I think Scotty's plan is to tell Dranco that Franco is Bobbie and and he saved Andy's life. If he goes into the whole story about the abuse etc it might trigger something. Especially if he asks Dranko if he wants to thank Bobbie for saving him from that by killing him.

    1. "Di says, someone must have watered them and they're multiplying. lol"

      ROFL! Pretty soon everyone will have one in their house or hotel room!:) I can just see Roxie standing next to a bowl of tribbles! ROFL!

      "I think Scotty's plan is to tell Dranco that Franco is Bobbie and and he saved Andy's life. If he goes into the whole story about the abuse etc it might trigger something. Especially if he asks Dranko if he wants to thank Bobbie for saving him from that by killing him."

      Ohhhhhh. Great theory!!! :)

    2. Jax has that moss in his kitchen like Carson too??? Why??
      Bobbie Spencer??? Franco was little Bobby and yeh Bobby saved Andy (Drew)...but how is that gonna work??

    3. "Michelle P says, Jax has that moss in his kitchen like Carson too??? Why??"

      Hahahaha! Beats me! :)

  11. I saw Jax moss! See I was so busy looking at NuNik LOL....

    1. "Michelle P says, I saw Jax moss!"

      Did you get excited seeing it? ROFL!

      "See I was so busy looking at NuNik LOL...."

      Hahaha! Well he IS hot! :)

  12. I just got caught up on Monday and Tuesday's episodes and I just loved them both. Flashbacks were great, I already like NuNik (if I can't have Tyler) and now there are Tribbles everywhere, lol!

    I think the scenes with Laura and Ava and Julian are wonderful. They can be on everyday. I'm praying Julian throws Brad under the bus, picks him up, and throws him under it again. Parry is great but Brad is despicable. Ava breaks my heart, and when she finds out the truth, all kinds of stuff will hit the fan, I can't wait!

    They are writing Sonny as a tool. Which he is. Sanctimonious twerp.

    Liz needs to punch out Kim. I'll pay money to see that, as well as Nik tossing Valentin off of the parapet!

    1. I agree with everything you said. Pretty much everyone likes Marcus as Nik. They like having Nik back. I was on my Facebook and there is this one female poster initials TC and she just can't stand anyone but Tyler playing Nik and GH is going to tank and get canceled LOL! If GH gets canceled it's not from this LOL! I just blocked her so I could read drama free LOL. I honestly feel feel Nik coming back is a good thing and November sweeps may raise ratings. Gotta watch. I go back to work today so I gotta watch on Hulu tonight. I hope Franco doesn't leave. 😓

    2. Don't you just hate folks who don't get their way and say they're not going to watch a show. And I mean any show. And good for you blocking the drama. I do that, too. Lol!

      And yup, I don't want Franco leaving either. Kim yes, him no. :)

  13. Just seen a few minutes of the NewNik and offhand I think he is the best of the recasts in the role. Of course TC, is the OG but Marcus is pretty good...Will be interesting to see him share scenes with Genie Francis.

  14. Scotty's comment that Franco was good before he was bad, must have referred to his childhood where Bobby protected Andy from the abusive boyfriend. That may make "Drew" realize that his real self wasn't so bad after all. I wish this would end because I miss Franco as much as Liz and Cam do.

  15. What have they done to RoHo? No one could make this character watchable. And still, to see he and Kim wrapped around each other is just so creepy.
    NuNik will be good as long as something happens relatively soon and they don't just move him around without any action. And I hate the Ava thing.

  16. I was thinking about the whole Drew/Franco thing, and as far as I know, Roger isn't leaving the show, so do you think they could have Franco/Drew leave and then have Todd Manning come back to town? It would keep Roger but get rid of a character that has had a lot of problems. And if they ever wanted to fix that mess in the future, they could bring Drew or Franco/Drew or even both back.

  17. I really love having Jax back - he sort of has a calming effect on everyone and everything. I hope NuNik is a lot nicer than he was last time around. He had a major change in character. I forget who but he tried to have someone killed. And Becky H. has been really killing it lately - tremendous performance.

  18. Your little fur baby is sooo freaking precious Karen! You already have snow? It seems like winter's coming a bit faster this yr! :(


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