Monday, June 16, 2014

Funeral..Moncia's getting the snacks

Yep. Baby's getting buried.   Maxie's there.  Patrick and Maxie are like an hour early or something. 
Juan comes into the apartment and then goes to the church. He thinks she should go to Puerto Rico to get away. (and have that baby) 
And...Maxie leaves right before the funeral starts?  
Epiphany sings Amazing Grace. 

Um, er...Nina YOU ARE PATHETIC.  Sit there and just be all depressed, talk about the past...yada yada WHATEVERRRRRRRRRR. I hope your chair falls out the window.  You sit and whine and look at a photo? Hell, go watch some movies you missed in 20 years! Eat Chipotle! DO something besides sitting there. UGH.
Rafe's got the heebie jeebies. She spots coke on his nose. Whoops.  She's not gonna tell Silas.
Ok, then. 

Sonny cares about Ric NOW? Ahahaha. Ok then.  

Silas and Sam's low tone... flatline "I love you..and no going back" blah blah Sam's mad 

Juilan. on the phone with Fluke.  Duke comes walkin' up.  Duke's all mean...Julian's all mean. They are mean men in the park.grrrrrr.  Duke pledges to bury Julian and skulks off.

Levi and Nate. Um, you put them NEXT to each other???????// AHAHHHAHAHA. OMG  Can't breathe. You did that on purpose, right?!  Levi punched Nate. Ok then-- Levis' mad about the MEAT!! 
Maxie ate my meat & she liked it! Score 1 for writers


  1. Is anyone still watching regularly and enjoying GH? Reading the summaries here I just can't make myself watch the show. It seems awful. Am I wrong?

  2. Thanks to Karen and Sonya taking one for the team, I haven't watched a whole episode in ages. I cringe just reading recaps here.

    Seriously, how many actors are on the cast list right now? I tend not to give a crap about people I see every 6 weeks on the show or those that are on 6 days a week. Either way GH has lost me. I now watch Family Feud reruns. Sometimes I'll pop in Night Shift dvds and watch those.

  3. I thought today's show was pretty good. The funeral was well done and touching. I like the idea of the guys fighting over Maxie maybe because there has been so little love in the afternoon lately that I'm desperate. haha Nina is definitely creepy as hell. She was manipulating Rafe so badly, now they share a dirty little secret. Creeps me out!

  4. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I watch every day (well, every night on Hulu). I enjoy it! Is it perfect? No. Am I bummed that they backburner/kill off legacy characters? Of course! Am I overwhelmed by new characters? Definitely. But after losing my beloved OLTL, I can understand that TPTB need to try and do anything and everything to keep the show fresh and the ratings up, so I forgive them for the drawn out (or just plain dropped) story lines and the stuff most people here complain about. The dialogue writing is still top-notch. The ladies are gorgeous (even if sometimes oddly costumed or coiffed). And the guys are hot and/or funny, and so frequently shirtless. :)

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  6. The park: Nathan wins the line of the day!

    Nathan: Maxie ate my meat, and she liked it.

    ROFL! Oh REALLY Nathan? :) That is so glad to know hahaha. Levi hits him!!! Today is my birthday, so Levi hitting Nathan, is showing his true colors, and that is the BEST birthday present. :) I have started liking Levi now. No Maxie don't stop Levi! Rats it was just getting good!

    Felix and Sabrina: JUAN!!!! :) I want Caaaaaaaaaaarlos there too!!!

    The funeral: This is so sad. :( Piffy singing was beautiful. Altho there were some of the scenes, where she was singing, but she was nowhere to be found. Creepy. Juan and Liz scene! LOVE IT! Love the hug. Teresa Castillo who plays Sabrina, wow this must be so hard playing this since she has a child in real life. And speaking of that, I see her baby bump! :) Oh Sabrina is going to Puerto Rico! Bye bye! Hmmm Rafe is there. Feeling guilty eh Rafe?

    Anna's office: Oh shut up Sonny! Why do you care about Ric?!!?! Give me a break!

    McSilas's home: Oh give me a break Nina!! Oh boo hoo I will never be happy again. Boo hoo. Stop manipulating McSilas!!! Rafe and his drugged up nose! ROFL! Wow for someone who has been sleeping for 20 yrs she sure is smart! :)

    Duke and Julian: OH IT'S ON!!!!!

  7. "Kg said...Thanks to Karen and Sonya taking one for the team, I haven't watched a whole episode in ages. I cringe just reading recaps here."

    You're welcome. :) I don't think the show is that bad. I mean some days are better than others, but I still enjoy some storylines.

  8. i stopped the day tony geary looking into the camera and pretty much said "f.u." to the fans. Been watching since 1977 and I quit for the first time when this show decided to play mind games with the fans and thinks it is soooooo hysterical and cute and innovative to not tell us who fluke is and then send him on vacation. i talk to karen all the time and read her blog. i am officially tuned out until they tell us once and for all who fluke is. but considering how incompetent the writers are, they will drop the story line for months and continue to bring on a billion new characters and when they are bored and finally bring fluke back, no one will remember or care. this blog reminds me that i am not missing anything by tuning out. its summer. i should be down the shore anyway.

  9. Well, I continue to watch every day(night, w/DVR), and every minute. It is MY SHOW, and I will continue to watch it good, bad or indifferent.

  10. I think the show is very watchable and the acting is always worth the time. Yes, Anon, you are wrong. Like any good soap there are good days and bad, stories you like running parallel with ones you don't. And there seems to be more than the usual number of nay-sayers here, but actually the show is doing well, and rising in the ratings. I feel bad that some of you are missing a good thing by taking in all the negativity found here.

    Some of the nit-picking subjects aren't the fault of writers or production, but ABC's tight budgeting. Comments here derided using the park for a hush-hush cop meeting--but the hour show is limited on how many sets they can put up for that day and maybe leave up for the next day. And fake outdoor sets are more difficult to put up and take down. They had more than one scene set in the park--several, in fact, including Danny's birthday party, Maxie's exercise. etc.

    This involves crews. If it seems strange for two people to go to the Floating Rib right after a trauma, well, that is a set that is up for perhaps another encounter and is simply used, rather than crew having to set up something else. Certain sets are up permanently in parts--like the hospital, the nurses station particularly. It has long been that way. For sets to be used one day and changed the next involves crews working at night. The more elaborate sets are used less if they take a lot of dressing up.

    There is much to praise about the show and as with most soaps, some things not so worthy. But I feel it is well-written for the most part, superbly acted and I appreciate all the seasoned actors having stories. There is much complaining about the Fluke story, but think how little story TG has had in the last few years. I can't say I like the story, but at least I get to see my favorite GH actor in something he can get his action into. I like that they now tape enough to keep him on so we don't lose the thread. OK, I get that viewers are sooo impatient and get all snarky waiting for answers, but a good soap writer makes you wait. That's their job; always has been.

    Read CareyN's post, she has the right idea. I had a soap-watching friend who once described what was required of a soap watcher: Patience, credulity, and a certain bloody-mindedness.


  11. I watch every day, but the prob is the writing and ADD editing. The writing is at Guza levels. 2012 seems like a myth. There are 60-70 cast members.

    Nathan is now the top MAN- he's DA MAN!- in PC after that line!

  12. I watch every day, but the prob is the writing and ADD editing. The writing is at Guza levels. 2012 seems like a myth. There are 60-70 cast members.

    Nathan is now the top MAN- he's DA MAN!- in PC after that line!

  13. I still watch every day with a little ffwd. here and there. Yesterday was worth it to me just for Duke and Anna, Duke with Julian, the meat thing and Patrick. Liked the singing, too, and at least there were familiar faces at the funeral. Not looking forward to the slew of kids coming in for the summer. That may break the camel's back.

  14. Ditto declodave for me. I watch on DVR every now and then to see a few scenes but cannot stand the Fluke stuff. Get rid of him. He's the one milking their entire budget so they can't have seamless stories.

  15. well said Soaplover. I still watch every day and wish I could still watch AMC and OLTL



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