Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Surgery Father's Day Edition

This week was another one that was both good and dull all in one package. It felt kind of disjointed as well. There were RIBS SERVED however and Duke got some scotch, so all and all..not too bad. 
OH ...only on GH:  One father is a false-face, another is in a false body bag, another doesn't know if he's the baby daddy or his son is and another finds his baby mama going crazy in her wedding dress.
Just another day! 

Get on your rib-bib and saddle on up for the surgery! Spookie Lukie is ready to roll! 

I guess Julian's back in the drug-market. Having Jordan be such a confidant so soon is really weird. This Luke thing is a pain too. I mean, the tropical shirt was a hoot, but come on. Hurry it up. 

And...they met Monday, one Tuesday LOL 
Um, worst undercover..EVER!! Geesh ladies.  Why don't people just talk on the damn phone? Skype? Why you have to MEET? In the PARK? In daylight? And I know Anna's totally into the PCPD but come on, she should have had a scene with Patrick over the baby. I'm also going to say it:  I'm OVER the Duke/Anna bickering bickerfesting about everything. Tedious.

Why do I have a feeling we are going to see this type of stuff from Sonny over and OVER for 9 months.  Yada Yada.. he just needs to rerun the Claudia years for this. 

She always is on-point and adds a lot to the scenes. I really wish when Diane first came on they would have had her related to the Q's somehow. Edward's niece or something.  

You know when Diane's behind've got the upper-hand!! Loved Liz and Molly's bonding moments. 

"Hey, guys-- you know all that crap you went through? With the harvesting and surrogacy and junk? Welp! Guess what, misdiagnosed!! YEPPER!! Gee, it was prolly all a mistake.  Wow.  Problem solved. Boom. You're welcome." 

*sigh...nothing wrong with the actress or the story in particular there's just SO MUCH ELSE I'd rather see.  So many characters that are just shoved away.  I really don't care.  Even the Nathan stuff was like "eh".  Rumor has it she'll think maybe the baby is alive. eyeroll. Sam's all mopey, Rafe's in trouble. Argues with TJ in the park after snoring coke. :Giggle: heh. Sorry, but it just makes me laugh. Anyone watch UK Skins? Why can't American shows (ANY shows) make things more realistic when it comes to drugs? Anyway-- back to Coma Girl. Having Silas and she 'rekindle' and walk down memory lane is just boring imo. And WHEN is the LAST time  Silas worked? I can't even remember!   They were in that apt forever this week. FOR-evvvv-errrr.

At least Sabrina's wedding cray only lasted one show. I couldn't deal with her being psycho for weeks. She's leaving for Puerto Rico anyway.   It was sad but  I'm ready for her to just leave and Patrick to get on with his life.  It will be interesting to see how this evolves. If he'll be on a lot or a little--if Emma will be featured or not. 

Why..why WHY? I mean, we didn't see these two fall for each other. They were dull when she first got back, NO spark and now they are fighting. He's telling her not to see Georgie and it's ok that Pat's baby died. The only thing is that it's making us like Nate and her better because the alternative is just painful. 

DOUBLE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Alexis and Molly "Mommy I want to see my Dad". And Alexis being all mother--not caring what she believed about Ric but wanting to help her  kid. SCENE TWO:   Ric in the closet listening to Molly wail about him and not being able to go to her. EESH. Like I said, Soap Angst 101. Good stuff. 

FACE OF  THE WEEK: Rafe finds out baby Gabe died. Anvil falls. THUD -- and by the way, if he's so desperate for money, he should sell those studs in his ears LOL 


THAT'S IT!! Hope you have a good Father's Day! Morgan and Sonny are wondering who will be celebrating with baby Ava-Sonny-Mo next year...


  1. I actually wanted some of those ribs. They looked good! lol (Usually they just look at the food.)

    I agree about the worst undercover operation ever. The only place that could have been worse for a meeting would have been the docks. And that's probably next. And I'm glad someone else is over the Duke/Anna bicker-fest. I am too and I like Duke. Just let them move on.

    I've also been FFing through Sonny scenes...also getting tedious.

    I love Diane. We don't see enough of her. She's made arrogance fashionable. lol

    The Molly/Liz scenes were good. Molly is really rocking it lately. And any scene where Liz is not bouncing back and forth between men is good for me.

    And why are they so anxious to have Lulu pregnant? She barely spent any time with the child she's got. Go be a mother to Rocko. Bond! Make up for lost time!

    I also feel the same about Nina. She's a good actress but we didn't need another character. I hope she's not here long. Maybe she'll break down and Silas will go away with her, and take Rafe with them.

    As for Silas working, maybe he's found the door to perpetual vacation land that Kiki and Morgan have walked through. They'll just cavort there until someone gives them a business to run, like Michael, or Lulu. ( I need to find that freaking door!!)

    I was also extremely grateful that poor Sabrina's cray only lasted the one episode. They need to move her on and let Patrick get on with his life. And I'd like to see some scenes with him and Elizabeth too. They're so good together.

    I am now giving thanks to Levi for making Nathan likable. In fact the more I see of Levi, the more lovable Nathan becomes. Great writing ploy, fellas!

    That cutaway scene with Rick and Molly was gut-wrenching. I hope they enter it in the Emmys next year!

    Yes, prop of the week...Happy Father's Day...Dad in a body bag!

    (Sorry I got long winded but you give us such lovely Sunday surgeries that I thought I'd take the time to comment on all your comments. :D Thank you.)

  2. The Anna-Jordan scene was so stupid I thought the only time I cringed more when two women were back to back was in Requiem For A Dream!

  3. Di thank you for the comments! I LOVE them!! xxoo

  4. Di thank you for the comments! I LOVE them!! xxoo

  5. That scene with we-dont-care-who-you-are-fake-Luke in the tropical shirt and bad first glance I thought it was Elton John!

  6. I've been boycotting since the Fluke story. Can't deal. Go away.

    I keep up a bit and really miss GH. Sucks.

  7. I've been boycotting since the Fluke story. Can't deal. Go away.

    I keep up a bit and really miss GH. Sucks.

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