Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Camp!

Alice is running the day camp! Spencer wants to get into the ballet class so he can be with Emma. That's where Cam wants to be too. Emma is putting flowers on her baby bro's grave. This kid's camp thing might be fun for like a week..then?? Not sure. 

AHAHAH Josslyn did a smack cam on Todd--and uploaded it to Vine!  Todd is all upset over Sonny. Carly tells him they have a bond because of kids. Which is exactly what Blair used to say about TODD on One Life to LIVE! 
Josslyn wants to get on a color team "Corn Yellow" LMAO 

Sam is trying to do some PI work. Her mama comes in to commiserate with her.  

Silas phone is the size of Monatna! Rosie is being all pissy because Nina paid her too. heh, the shade she's throwing!!  He suggests that Nina take PT to get better!!  They go to GH and Sam sees him wheelin in Nina.  Nina's all nice "I'm sowwwrrry" 

Dr. O has a POWER POINT about how to get Patrick back. She's showing Britt. LOL She wants to shoot Liz. Okay then. Hey, she even has a pic of a gun on the slide.  "Only Dead Men are too buzzzzzzy for Zex" LOL  Nikolas walks in and Britt says give Liz her job back or else Nate and I don't see you! Which is a brilliant play by her. Liz is hired back as long as she doesn't "roll her eyes anymore". 

Michael gives Sonny scotch for Father's day..Sonny's all guilt ridden. 


  1. OK, I know I said the other day that I can't stand watching sociopaths, but I DO love Dr. O, she is so brilliantly talented, and her lines are so amazingly written, that I just can't get enough of her. That Power Point presentation was a hoot--it's hard to write something new and fresh, as soap opera plots (and all plots for that matter), are basically rehashed over and over, but I REALLY think that a presentation like that has never been done before--at least, not to my knowledge.

  2. McSilas home: Rosalie wins the line of the day!!!

    Rosalie: So busy in fact, That he left you alone last night. To get intimately acquainted with his floor.

    ROFL! Can we keep the nurse Rosalie please?!?!! :) I just love her! :)

    Carly and BobTodd's home: Joss and the shaving cream hahaha. Carly and BobTodd scene. Poor BobTodd!

    Carly: What happened with Sonny will never happen again.

    Me: Which means it will.

    Carly: You are not going to lose me.

    Me: Which means he is!

    Camp: Great to see Alice!!! :) Altho, how she acts around Nik is strange. I wish she would cut it out. Spencer, Cam, and Emma LOVE IT!:) Now we just need Joss in there.

    Sam's home: Oh she is working on the car accident case! Oh look they showed Sabrina's age hahaha! 28! :)

    Sonny's home: All the alcohol is gone! Michael and Sonny's scene. Oh come on! Someone has to tell Michael the truth! UGH!

    The hospital: I can't believe Britch asked her mutter for help into getting Nik back! Come on Britch! You don't need her! You can get him back yourself! Altho I did love Dr O's presentation! ROFL! Wow a picture of Nik in a towel! ROFL! Where did she get that? And a picture of Patrick and Britch in the hospital shower hahahahahaha!

  3. Ok - Thumbs up for Dr. O and the Powerpoint and good to see them using Alice.

    The rest still is on lifesupport, IMO!


  4. Well, Carly now even tops her former worst mother of the year to worst mother ever. She moves an ex-psycho who tried to kill his mother, was technically responsible for her son's rape, etc. into her home and expects her family to be comfortable with this? She knows Joss is not happy with this arrangement but encourages them to get to know each other. It's bad enough that she is dating him but
    this is really demented. And they are one of the most hated couples to begin with. Glad to see Dr. O. and Alice.

  5. Great on article on Anthony Geary

    He will be off for 6 months major surgery and recovery + vacation.

  6. Thanks so much Kat Tu. That was a great article.



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