Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You're a Psycho!

JOSSLYN is in town. I love her.  She's a brat-- and I so love that. She stomped on Franco!! Franco, who has the weirdest sheeze to move into Carly's house!!

Did you hear the GIANT St. Jaysus ANVIL?? Sam and her "what if it was Jason sitting there in the wheelchair". Um, Jason has only been gone a bit compared to Coma Girl and you didn't sleep with Ava before he "died".

Kiki and her mama... 

Michael and Morgan...

Julian and Sonny...

Ok, that's it for me today!! I was late to watch and don't really wanna watch the DVR..sooooooooooooooooooo


  1. Joss is right about Franco, but I hate rude kids, and when she kicked him, that was the end. In real life, how many of us would find that funny??? I don't care what kind of a jerk an adult or kid is, as a Mom, I would punish my kid for kicking another person. She and Spenser will be quite the couple: they are both obnoxious brats.

  2. naw I know, In REAL LIFE I would smack her. BUT it's crazy GH so the weirder, and not real the better LOL

  3. I'm not a fan of rude kids either.She could be anti Franco without being violent and out of control. I'd say that I'm not surprised that Carly's kid is a brat, but she's been with her father for so long that you wouldn't expect her to be so obnoxious. But then look what they did to Spencer. He turned from a little gentleman into an obnoxious kid too. I guess that's the way these new writers picture kids.

    And did anyone else gag when Michael mentioned having the perfect solution for Morgan. Maybe he's going to become an executive at EQ now too. Obviously no qualifications are necessary. And I'm sure it will come with a free apartment too. Doesn't every job?! *insert eye roll*

  4. Josselyn is almost as old as children born years before her like Cam and Spencer! She is perfect to play Carly's bratty daughter ( just like her mom).Cam should be much older.
    You know Nina is going to blow Sam and Silas' relationship out of the water. Enough Jason foreshadowing for you?! Who is the Jason recast?
    I suppose she will give Emma a run for her money with Cam and spenceer.
    Show was dull for me. Find Sonny to be the most ridiculous mobster ever ( gullible, stupid).

  5. Joss and Cam should be perfect together - Spoiled obnoxious brats. I know it is a tv show, rude kids are never cute and funny.

    I hate Carly and Franco together.

    You would have to be an idiot not to get that Jason is alive.

    Of course for old times sake he will skulk around, Liz will probably find out first and hide him above Kelly's for weeks for some unknown reason.

  6. Did you mean Joss and Spencer, Andrea? I don't find Cam obnoxious or bratty. I agree that he should be older though if they've SORA'd the other kids.

  7. Oh gosh Di, we can't have Liz being old enough for a young teenager...

  8. Sonny's home: Starki wins the line of the day!

    Starki: Ew this isn't some sort of insestious jealousy thing right? Because you and Julian give off some kind of creepy vibe.

    ROFL! Yes they do give off a creepy vibe! You are so right Starki! :) And then Ava says OH GOD! ROFL!

    Sonny and Julian:

    Sonny: How can you look at yourself a mirror and call yourself a man? Your as low as it goes.

    And Sonny just keeps going on and on! Shut up Sonny! You should be asking yourself that question Sonny! And many more questions!!!!

    ELQ office: Love Michael and Morgan scene! Michael looks hot in a suit and tie. :)

    Carly's home: BobTodd's stuff! Come on Carly I'm sure you have an attic. A big one! OH Joss!!!! Love how she hates BobTodd hahaha.

    McSilas home: Nina is all oh I won't start trouble between you and Silas. I don't sleep with the wedding picture under my pillow. Uh huh. Everything she said, I don't believe her, and I bet she does sleep with that picture. Which by the way, that wedding picture is such a joke! Stop showing it!!! And there you go! Nina just threw Sam under the bus to McSilas!!! She is starting trouble right there!!!!!

  9. I'm liking Joss! Finally, a little actress that has onscreen presence as Carly's daughter. She reminds me of a young Reese Witherspoon. Nina, is really playing the pitiful, poor me victim and I'm sure she is anything but..

  10. haha did anyone else notice when she said "good thing this didn't happen a few months down the line I would have wheeled into your weeding". Something like that. Anyway, it reminded me of Robin/Patrick/Sabrina, dead wife back to stop the wedding...

  11. Jocelyn was a total caricature of a brat.


    RC simply cannot create REALISTIC and individual characters- they are all stereotypes.


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