Sunday, June 22, 2014

DAYTIME Emmy Red Carpet Photos

Laura and Ron!

FINOLA and Frank! 

WOW.. Haley is BEST DRESSED!! 


  1. I never watched and after reading this I'm glad I didn't.

  2. Red Carpet feedback:

    The total train wreck did not go unnoticed by the nominees or viewers. Reactions on social media include:

    "So this has been an adventure....haha. #GH"-- Ryan Paevey

    "Hey #daytimeemmys maybe hire some red carpet "hosts" w a little less black and rape jokes next year.

    These girls have the verbal runs." -- Brandon Barash

    "Someone make them stop talking! #DaytimeEmmys #RedCarpet" -- WeLoveSoapsTV

    "I think it's safe to say the #DaytimeEmmys red carpet is the worst live-streamed event of ALL-TIME!" -- Roger Newcomb

    "The Daytime Emmys red carpet moments included such gems as "Guys, I'm sorry if my nipples fall out" from its hosts. #savetheDaytimeEmmys" -- Yvonne Villareal

    "That red carpet was the most shameful display ever in the history of the #DaytimeEmmys." -- Jamey Giddens

    "They're starting a fund for Red Carpet Crisis Counseling following the #Daytimeemmys Dig Deep people" -- Nancy Lee Grahn

    TV Line's Matt Mitovich has called for an apology from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

  3. Oh! I just went to that link Di put up and read! Embarrassing, horrible, disaster. These actors work hard, they don't deserve that.

  4. What a hot mess of trash! Glad I didn't have time to even consider watching and such a slap in the face for all those in the soap community, actors, crew, writers and fans.

    If there can't be any respect for the medium, please say nothing at all!!

  5. And GH won for outstanding casting? What, for volume of actors hired?

    And who voted for Katie for outstanding talk show host? She was painful to watch.


  6. The red carpet was what it was. A complete failure from start to finish and those who hired those Vine girls deserve the blame. They were just being themselves...what they were hired for. Just like Kathy Griffin. She delivered what they hired her for.

    As for the Emmy show itself, it wasn't the worst we've seen. I liked having an almost "raw feed" of the event--no commercials, no censors, no time limits on speeches, etc.

    Loved that Lily Melgar got out on the red carpet to proudly declare that GH was totally snubbed this year.

    Jill Farren Phelps... well, that was priceless. It's like Kathy Griffin was paid to do that. Hmm...

  7. I watched it and the red carpet portion was so bad I cringed for the interviewees. I don't know where they got those girls but I hope we never see them again. Kathy Griffin was horrible. The only good thing was no commercials or song and dance. An insult to the genre and a shame that Jason T. didn't win.

  8. Oh and Nathan Parsons (Ethan) was on True Blood last night and I have no idea who he was or where his character came from? Maybe a recast from last season?

  9. So glad I didn't watch. How disrespectful it all sounds. That photo of Haley is amazing -- what a gorgeous dress!

    While I thought Chandler Massey completely deserved his Emmies for the past several years, as he is very talented, this year Bryan Craig really deserved to win. Maybe he chose the wrong clip? I hope he gets more good material so he can win next year.

  10. Not one single win for GH? With super talents like Finola, Jason and Bradford? WTH???? How did that happen??!

    I saw about 4 seconds of the red carpet and tuned it out. It seemed sad this year. Actually there have been times when an Emmy seemed more of a curse than a boost. I can't forget how great Brad Maule was and how quickly he was let go after giving one of the most unforgettable (and unforgotten) performances in all of daytime. I heard he was now teaching in some little town in Tex?

    And Lane Davies. MARvelous as Mason on SB. and where is he now? Teaching somewhere in Georgia.

    Nope, all the kudos in the world do not seem to make all things go well for some actors.

    Keep in mind Finola, Jane, Jason, Bradford: WE know how good you are and how much you deserve recognition.

  11. I don't think those three were even nominated, soaplover.


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