Monday, June 23, 2014

Wanna Watch Children of the Corn?

LMAO! aahaa. Todd says to Josslyn. Then calls her a gem. HER SHIRT is totally corn colored and her capris are green.
She's A CORN STALK!!   :dying: 
Kiki comes to help with Josslyn. They were so Starr Todd. wow.

So, Nina being crazy is making me like her. You know I like the CRAZIES!! And she's doggin' on Rafe and Kiki. LOVED It. GAWD help me, the nurse was good too! And--and.. when Michelle started whispering?

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nina: "Who cares about your wife when you have 4 and 1/2 feet of pouting Cleavage in front of you"??????????????????? 
Line of the DECADE. 
Nina's making her "list of grievances" ... ahahhaa. 

Ava and Carly were actually the boring ones today!! LOL

Sheeze, I gotta go early  today-- getting my car inspected. boo!! GOOD SHOW! Scott Sickles wrote today, BRAVO


  1. Some news about Robin.

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  3. McSilas's home: Oh wow!!!! Nina who is just like Kimberly from Melrose place, is fantastic!!!! :) She wins the lines of the day today!!

    Nina: Who? Silas's little nephew? He is probably snorting cocaine under a bridge somewhere. His bastard daughter? If she is anything like her mother, she is probably banging someone else's boyfriend. My loyal long suffering husband. He is out. On a date. with his whore. Who cares about your wife when you have 4 and 1/2 feet of pouting Cleavage in front of you?

    BAHAHAHHAHAHA! I love it! And the nurse is pretty funny too. I like the nurse. Great scene! And that list! ROFL!

    The park: McSilas and Sam on their date. Gee with what she is wearing, I am surprised they are not having sex! Dinner must be foreplay. Oh foreplay over! Kimberly aka Nina is calling McSilas cus she "fell" hahahaha!

    Lante home: Awww Lulu and Maxie friendship. Sweet. :) When Maxie was holding Rocco, Rocco looked at Lulu, and it looked like he is thinking, who are you? :)

    Sonny's home: Carly vs Ava love it! Oh look Sonny brought home pizza! Yeah Sonny let's have a party with the two ladies! Oh pizza is dinner for Ava and Ava won't share hahaha. Sonny and Carly hug. Okay you two have sex. :) No? Rats. Ava reaches for the alcohol hahahaha!

    Court: Yeah Levi admit you are the one who blabbed to the judge!!! :) He is all what if I did? You don't have proof hahahaha! AH HA! Admission!!!! :)

    Carly's home: BobTodd can't even handle a little girl? How pathetic! And what is more pathetic, is that he had to call Starki to handle the kid! *roll eyes* Kristen Alderson sounds like she has a cold. When she first got there, she was fine, but then boom she has a cold!

    BobTodd: So which one is Adel Dazeem?

    Joss: There is no Adel Dazeem.

    BobTodd: Tell that to John Travolta.

    Hahaha great exchange. :) And hey the actress who plays Joss, looks like Reese Witherspoon. what is this actress's name? Is she Reese's daughter?

  4. I really don't like Michelle what's her face. I don't think she is a very good actress...What a waste of money and my time.

  5. It is interesting which GH actors they paired up to present together at the awards last night - Sam, Patrick, and Nina. As per my post on this blog on June 23rd I think they may building a Nina, Silas, Sam, Patrick love quadangle. Patrick will become Nina's doctor any day now. It will all be undone when St. Jasus rises from the dead however.

    Also, Nina was in a coma for 20 years. Does not know how to use a cell phone. Uses old sayings. Why then, is she not dressing in fashions from 20 years ago. I want to see her crimping her hair and putting on parachute pants with an acod wash jean jacket. PS: I still can't get into the character or the actress.

    Is Sabrina already gone? Did I miss Juan? Or is this the same day of the funeral still?

  6. frisco,
    Sabrina went from the funeral to the airport with Juan (although we only saw Juan the day before). She told Patrick that Felix had packed her bag.

  7. Gee, Sabrina left already? She will be missed, I did like the actress. Nina--another story. We've had cray Heather, cray Lisa Niles, cray Dr. O, and now cray-cray Nina? Actually, as I've said before, none of these women are psychotic, they are sociopaths, or what now is called anti-social personality disorder. Helena also is a sociopath, as are all of the male villains such as Faison, etc. I do not enjoy watching sociopaths, do not find them entertaining at all. We haven't seen Lucy and Scottie for weeks, just have cray-cray Nina eating up all the screen time with her giant teeth. Please make it stop!

  8. The Nina-nurse banter was good. The nurse seems more interesting, though.

  9. The only good thing about Nina being a wacko is hopefully her stay won't be long. MS is a good actress but then again so is FH, NLG, JE, MW, etc. Don't need her or want her. And I know the guys don't agree but KM's boobage is out of control.


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