Thursday, June 26, 2014


I  know by the time everyone sees this the game will be over, but I have to get that out there. AND I'm no fair-weather FOOTBALL Fan I went to the World Cup when it was in Chicago. So there. LOL (actually it's Wubby Hubby that likes it)

SOoooooooo, my SIL is here and I won't be tweeting or Bloggin today. 

Let me know how it is!! 


  1. Here's a great interview with TG (with Michael Logan) about the Fluke storyline and some other interesting asides about his history with GH and his health.

    Here's a gem:
    "TV Guide Magazine: Which goes well with the question GH fans have been asking: Who's that in the Luke suit?
    Geary: I'm not allowed to say, of course, but I'll be back to raise more hell in October as the guy they call Fluke. [Laughs] That name started on the Internet and now they actually put it in the scripts!"

  2. Duncan Hursley the grandson of the shows creaters will be on the show tomorrow as a mechanic. The tv guide magazine site has a little story on him. You might have to go back a few pages for it.

  3. BobTodd and Dr O: Dr O is fangirly! ROFL! That egg salad sandwich painting is around again! Monica finally got rid of it! Bobtodd won the line of the day!

    BobTodd: I heard after that, that Monica hated egg salad sandwich so much that she tried to get it banned from the general hospital cafeteria.

    ROFL! She did?! Hahahaha! Oh I wish hey would have shown it! Oh dear BobTodd thinks if he gets a job that he won't lose Carly, and she won't end up with Sonny! Hahahaha! It doesn't matter! Like what Mac said. Sonny is a drug to women!

    Camp park: That Carly, Sonny, and Cameron scene, all about relationships and getting back together or not getting back together. is so transparent!!! So foreshadowing between Carly and Sonny! The writers are beating me over the head with it, that my head hurts! Altho the scene with Sonny and Cameron was cute. :) And there is Joss!! Joss is taller than Cameron hahahahaha! I will call them Jameron. :) Oh BobTodd sees Sonny and Carly hugging! Be afraid BobTodd! Be very afraid.

    Maxie's home: Levi and Nathan with no shirts on! Damn does Levi use steroids?! I rather see Nathan shirtless. No Nathan don't hit Levi! Let him hit you! :)

    Crash site: I like the Patrick and Sam scene. It was nice. I'm glad she is helping him.

    Silas home: Oh come on Rafe!!! I don't want to HEAR what happened! I want to SEE what happened. Come on writers show a flashback. Hmmm Rafe is going to have Cereal. Is their drugs in it? Starki and Rafe scene. Interesting. That was actually nice. Glad she wanted to help him.

    Sam's home: Molly's shirt is cute. Molly reading her father's letter made me cry!!! Poor Molly! :'( I wonder who wrote it in real life. Was it the writers? Very nice letter.

  4. "CareyN says that name started on the Internet and now they actually put it in the scripts!"

    They put Fluke in the scripts now? ROFL! I love it!

  5. Oh Sonya, you'll have to come up with a new mashup were saying Cameron when you meant Spencer. :)

    Molly reading that letter made me cry too! :(

  6. "CareyN said...Oh Sonya, you'll have to come up with a new mashup were saying Cameron when you meant Spencer. :)"

    OOPS! *facepalm* ROFL! Anyway I just love Joss was taller than Spencer. :)

    "Molly reading that letter made me cry too! :("

    June 27, 2014 at 1:07 AM

  7. Fluke started on Twitter I think. It's in THE CLOSED CAPTIONING. LOL


  8. Oh oh! Karen is going to blow!!! RUN PEOPLE RUN!

  9. October? Does that mean we don't get Rick back until then?? Not good. Alexis and Molly scenes were heart wrenching - beautifully acted. I hope they aren't going to resurrect Sonny and Carly - no chemistry there and the whole dialogue was ffwd.-worthy. Carly's outfit was awful.

  10. I would rather have rerun Sonny and Carly than Franco & Carlye.
    Todd would work,butFranco HELL NO....


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