Monday, November 17, 2014

Kelly's Shakes!

Kellys: the kiddies are having milkshakes. Cam gets vanilla and Spence rags on him for it.  Spencer tells Josslyn Carly is in jail. She didn't know. WHOOPS 

Carly's future Jail Cell: Just like her house! 

Agent Kyle wants Britt to help him press charges against Anna for murdering Faison.  She says no, but stares at his card. He then goes to see Lesil.

Patrick and Sam take Cam back to Liz' (god only knows where Aiden is) and Sam sees Jake again. 

Michael is standing between his mama and papa in jail. He wants Sonny to give him the tape where Ava confesses to Connie's death so he can clear AJ's name. Michael then goes to the Q house. He wants to change his name to Quartermaine.

THE ONE thing you need to see today is the Anna/Dr. O interaction. Finola is just brilliant. Made my skin crawl!! WOW!!! Awesome.


  1. Yes, yes, yes. Finola was BRILLIANT!!! Hope everyone has it on tape, and watches it over and over and over.

  2. Finola is my favorite - absolutely amazing today. I just wish we saw her more.

  3. Kelly's: MILKHAKE MILKSHAKE MILKSHAKE! :) Awww Patrick was babysitting! And it was after school! Awesome! It was like they were all BFF's at that table. :) They are the next generation! :) Love it! They do act like they are teenagers though. When they do become teens, will they act like they are 80 years old? :) I hope none of them get sorrased!! Oh oh Joss finds out about her mother in jail! YIKES!

    Wydemere: That Agent guy is hot, but he is boring. He talked a lot! The scene got boring. I love the way Spencer got on the couch, and I love the way Nik carried him hahaha,

    Dr. O and Anna: Their scene was fantastic! I love how Anna pretended to be Faison!!! Brilliantly done!

    Jail: Sonny quiet the whole time Michael talked to him! Sonny you coward!!! And of course Carly was all talk and whiny. I'm glad Sonny agreed to give Michael the tape. Come on Michael tell them you disown them!!!

    Q home: Too bad Alice didn't catch what Lord Ashton was saying. Monica worried about Michael awww! And she is happy Michael showed up!! Michael wins the line of the day! He beat Dr O's line about being effervescent.

    Michael: Please not call me that. My real name. The name I should have had all along. The name I was supposed to have. My Father's name. Not Michael Corinthos. Michael Quartermaine.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I have been waiting for him to say that for months! And I have wanted him to have the Q name since he was born! Great scene!!! I bet Monica would be happy to hear that!!!

    Liz's home: Oh and of course Jake Doe sees Liz and Jason's picture!! This is such a plot point! ROFL! No pictures of Lucky? No pictures of Robin? Not even a picture of Nik?!?!! No Ric!?!? Poor Cam is tongue tied ROFL! And Sam as she was leaving. What's the matta Sam? Something wrong? Hmmmmmmm?

    Karen says Carly's future Jail Cell: Just like her house!

    ROFL! I love it! :)

  4. Finola was awesome today! Loved her Faison impression. And Obrecht's face!

    Looks like Kelly's milkshakes bring the 9-year-olds to the yard.

  5. Anna's speech was fantastic. I laughed out loud at the, Give me a kiss, liebchen. lol

  6. I loved Anna today! That was really creepy and well done.

    I was struck by how much Larry resembles Luke. Maybe he's not Fluke but it's a good twist to throw in. I wish they hadn't tipped his hand to the viewers so fast though.

    I have been waiting years for the fallout from Carly taking Michael away from the Q's. Michael Quartermaine! I hope this last for a long time and he doesn't just forgive Sonny & Carly in a month. The chickens have come home to roost!

  7. Panda says I was struck by how much Larry resembles Luke.

    Yeah! They look like twins! :)

    "Michael Quartermaine! I hope this last for a long time and he doesn't just forgive Sonny & Carly in a month."

    Yeah me too!

  8. I love Finola!! She was just brilliant. She needs an Emmy nom. Alice looks great. Very happy with Michael Quartermaine and seeing S & C in jail. Where is Aiden? I noticed the pic of Liz's sister Sara next to her pic with Jason - the original Sara. Nice touch.


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