Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Bread and Water

20141118 0927(44)
Is it still November? 

This week was a mixed bag of people mad at their parents, trying to get into locked boxes and secrets popping out (or not) from under the floor. 

I haven't had spoilers in awhile so I was mildly surprised this week. The whole Luke Fluke thing has me hitting my damn head on my keyboard. It's just been SO SO long for this to all come about. 

So, there you have it. That's my blog. 

Hahaha. Did you think I could stop there? You knew I couldn't.  This blog is one of the longer ones. There was a LOT going on this week. 

Grab some bread and water (what I picture poor dungeon-dwelling Faison eating) and let's go!

20141118 0853(30)
Vanilla Milkshake Shade! 
SO... if you watched during the fabulous four days, you must have noticed the similarities between them and this set. I like the kids....I only wish they were a bit older. It's just kinda weird they are at the age they are. Anyway...Josslyn didn't know her mama was in jail. Whoops. Patrick and Sam trying to figure out what is up with ol' Larry. Later we catch Emma and Spencer in the stables. They are skipping school (and someone had to have driven them out to the island but I digress...) because Spencer feels the need to show her his hiding place the night of the party. Okay then. More on the stables later.

20141118 0855(28)
But they have NO decent gin in the house! 
Larry spent his days on the phone literally shouting out his plans for everyone to hear. "YES JERRY...I AM WORKING FOR YOU"..."YES I HAVE THAT KEY HERE...TO THE SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX" :eyeroll: So, he's got a key that Sam is going to make a copy of and then go to the bank to look in the box. What's in the box? Faison's face. Yep. His photo. That seems to be about it.  OR was it????

20141118 0906(9)
Wait, is that a book on Africa in the background?
This story is moving pretty slowly. I did notice that Aiden was either at an after school program or perhaps decided to go to Gran's for a snack. Either way he wasn't around. Cam didn't take to Jake Face, did he? Sam saw him again. Had that little :thump: and she left. 

20141118 0917(23)

Kyle Sloan was in town from the Justice Department trying to get Britt and Dr. O behind him to charge Anna with the murder of Faison. Not sure when the Justice Department required 'back up'--but hey. It gave us a scene with Lesil decking ol' Britt and telling her to shut up and do what she says OR she'll tell Nikolas about her scheme with Spencer. Kyle then goes to confront Anna with Dr. O and..well, I'll get to that later as well.

20141118 0927(17)

Best revelation of the week was BOSS Mike Quartermaine! "I'm a QUARTERMAINE"!! Not only did he serve his parents in jail, he also mouthed off pretty well to Tracy.   THEN: 

20141119 0810(5)
Finally! A use for the Star Wars Duvet Cover!
Monica was in HEAVEN! He's moving into the "blue room" with the Lake View! Squee!! He called Kiki and Morgan idiots ....twice. I'm going to enjoy this. Oh, btw, he got Sonny to turn over the tape where Ava is saying she killed Connie. 

20141121 0705(15)

Speaking of Ava, she strolled out of GH and into Silas' apartment. It seems ol' Silas doesn't have much else to do but hang around and help people. Ava wants him to go look for the baby with her. (this is after she sees her face all over the papers). She put on some drape of a cape and off the two went! Looking....ummmm, where? I mean where do you even start? And HEY!  Don't you have work? Ava, don't you have stitches? 

20141121 0712(16)

Of course the baby is over in Canada with Franco and Nina hold out in a cabin complete with a pack and play. Any dibs on how long they'll be in that box of a house? Weeks? Months? Franco did a bang up job of giving Nina psychotherapy on the spot. He not only got her to realize she didn't give birth, but he also appears to have given her license to let go of Silas! Boom! Done! "We have each other"..awwww. 

20141120 0733(11)
Sorry we told you this, but it made US feel so much better! 

In the middle of this week--THIS happened. WHY? WHY? Now, I have been waiting for something to happen with Shawn and TJ for a couple of years now. and--wellll... WHY now? In the middle of all this other stuff? Especially when the story they told him seemed to be just mean. "Hey, your Dad actually went nuts and tried to kill me, but I shot him first".  I'm with TJ, he didn't need to know that. Of course, the look Jordan gave at the end totally tells me that TJ is Shawn's kid. So, we'll wait some more for that to come out.  Good acting all around though. Just wish the entire character set was moved along more timely. 

20141120 0738(24)

Ah, the noble Sonny. Falling on the sword for Carly (and presumably Duke?) One last gasp for the dimpled Don. Now he can go to Attica and be all angsty with Johnny Z.  I hope they show some good old fashioned shower scenes. heh.  By the way, it looked like ol' Carly was going away there too for a moment. The judge denied her bail. Bobbie cried. Got all mad at Scotty. BUT! In the end, Sonny pulled out the stops and copped a plea.  

And then Friday happened.  First off, Sebastian Roche's wife was on as the bank lady. I knew she was someone, all cute and British! Sam and Patrick managed to pretend they were married and needed a safety deposit box so they could gain access to the vault. Once there, they opened the safety deposit box only to find another lock box. Long story short, Larry came in, opened it, took something out and left. Sam and Patrick went back in and when they opened the inner box all that was in there was a picture of Faison. (with bushy hair!)  

Anna is confronted by Lesil and Kyle Sloan in her office about Faison. He thinks she and Robert killed him--but no! Anna says..he's alive! 'Where did you take him"?? says Dr. O. 
NOWHERE" says Anna. Okay then---NO.WHERE. it is. Which turns out to be the stables. Yep. They left Faison under the floor.
The VERY FLOOR where Emma and Spencer now stand. Yes, skipping school and caught by Nikolas and Britt, they just all happen to be there when the others arrive. Spence and Emma leave and then the fun begins. Anna rips back a carpet and whammo! There's Faison's "prison". A hole in the floor. And not a long tunnel that runs under the ground, heavens no! Anna says to just shine a flashlight in there and you'll see him.  He's right there. 
But, alas...there is no Faison. He's...GONE! 
I've already gone over the complete eyeroll of a story putting Faison under the damn floor in a busy stable in my WUB, so I won't go into it anymore here. 

Next up? We see Luke! All trussed up and spitting out his pills. He breaks open his straight-jacket and picks the lock. The door opens and--who's there? But Fluke.  So...given the editing we could assume it's Faison. But no...that would be way too obvious and whatever they would do to Faison, they could not make him the same stature as Geary so..who else? The last person we saw was Larry--who could have taken a mask out of that box, right? He's exactly the right color.  But again, too obvious? 
At this I care? Do you care? I'd better not have to wait until Feb sweeps for the reveal. It had better not be another mask. Whatever it is, hurry it up, please. 

20141118 0916(21)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  It was simply brilliant. Anna pretending to be Faison. Wow--it made my skin crawl. So perfect!! 

20141118 0854(33)

PROP OF THE WEEK:   Cam's Vanilla milkshake!! (Bieber hair) 

FACES OF THE WEEK:  Ah, yes...this took awhile to compile but these are the faces at the JAIL this week. Look at them all. LOL. 1/2 the town. (Duke was already gone, btw or he would have been there as well). 

PHEW! This was a long one. This week was fast again and had a ton going on. A little heavy o the jail traffic but what the heck.  My biggest bugs were the Faison story, Silas leaving with Ava and the TJ thing that was thrown in. I was happy to see Diane again. Happy that Carly almost got what was coming to her and ecstatic that Mike Q was born. As usual, all actors gave great performances. Finola Hughes deserves an Oscar. Yep. Oscar.  Oh, and with Lisa LoCicero PG in real life, will she be on the show? For some reason I think not-- just a guess.  It was good to see Geary back, although it might take me a bit to get back into his story.  See you next week! It's turkey time and we have a Quartermaine Thanksgiving to get to!  

Oh, one last question--
Is Sabrina just gone? Did I miss her getting sacked? 


  1. Thanks, Karen. I think they have waited too long for the Fluke reveal. I really don't care any more.
    As for Sonny going away, if MB has a contract, Sonny will not be in jail for long.
    Crazy Nina and Franco? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  2. I hope Sabby is 6 feet under.

    Rumor is that Johnny Z runs Pentonville and Sonny becomes his b**ch.

  3. Bad news Carlivati did an interview saying what we've seen so far has only been the prologue to the Luke story and there's lots more to come. It probably will be February!

  4. Re: Dar.

    February of WHAT YEAR?!?!?!?!?!?

  5. Notice when Anna, Alexis, and Liz are off screen for a few days people start commenting on missing them, yet when Nina, Franco, Kiki, Silas, and Sabrina get far less air time than normal (like this week) no one comments on missing them. Hopefully the powers that be take note....

  6. The best thing last week was Anna on every day! I hope Sabrina is gone, too. The Fluke story dragged on for so long because of Tony G.- time to wrap it up quickly. But then they would have to come up with a new storyline - major challenge for these writers. Can't wait to see Johnny Z. I wish they would get rid of Nathan, get Johnny out of jail and pair him with Maxie.

  7. I doubt Sabrina is gone, since they still have the "Carlos in prison" thread to address.

    I was happy we finally had 2 Sonny-free days Thursday & Friday.

    Great Wubs yesterday and great column today!

    The idea that Faison has been underneath the stables for a year is so ridiculous that I wonder if Ron had forgotten to actually come up with a solution & had to scramble. It certainly feels like no thought was put into it. I also hated how Sam & Patrick instantly heard Larry saying exactly what they needed to hear exactly when they started listening. I actually have liked Ron's work more than a lot of folks here lately, but that's just lazy writing.

  8. I like Nathan. Putting a real-life couple together on screen does not always work on screen.

  9. I've been home on due to a bad back so I've been able to watch live. My husband has been watching with me and his comment was "Doesn't Anna have any other people on the force?" My reply: "Nah, she is Anna Devane. She doesn't need anyone else."

    I am enjoying the show right now. Loving seeing Sonny and Carly get theirs.

  10. cooks7570 said...Putting a real-life couple together on screen does not always work on screen.

    Ditto. "Kiki" and "Michael" are a prime example of that.

  11. Johnny and Maxie did have a history of close moments and had great chemistry. That is the difference.


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