Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Fast and Furious

20141104 0623(20)
Oh Noooooooooooooooo....
Another WHOO HOO HA blog!! Eesh... I did run home this week and I also moved a meeting for the show. LOVED it, I haven't done that in forever. Ok, I did  last week. But, before that??

I don't even know how to start this thing. I"m going to marinade Friday night, start writing Saturday and be done on Sunday! So, if you are reading this, just know I took a hey of a LONG time crafting it. 

GH right now is not everyone's fave thing, I understand. For me, it's pretty glorious.  Mostly, it's fun. That's what I like: shock, awe and FUN. I haven't enjoyed myself this much since the Mitch and ending days of OLTL. 

Let's have cake since we didn't get any at the wedding. Do you notice we NEVER get cake for weddings? 

Smaller things first (with less airtime)

20141104 0710(9)
3,000 for that art set you bought me! 

1.  Jake ends up going to Liz' house--we don't see that actually happen as they are only on Monday.

2. We DON'T see Larry Ashton anymore this week. Will be picked up next week

3. Dr. O is obsessed with her missing Rx pad

And now....for the  main events...

THE WEDDING:  Well, it delivered!!!!!!  From the faces to the yelling to the confession and the "air popcorn' eating it was a delight. So many emotions and revelations. Michael was blindsided. Carly was distraught. Franco had a mixture of glee and regret. Of course, things took a turn when Michael ran out to go go Sonny's and found the gun next to Max. Carly ran out into the night and was confronted by Heather who had her own gun . Franco followed and they all made their way up to the warehouse together.  "You made me believe in myself" was Franco's biggest hangup with Carly. The more he talked, the more he talked, he actually was making more sense. I hope you watched this because I can't quote all the dialog that was given. Superb.  I think "Your mother is a lying, cheating whore" was said about 99x. And of course, the BEST line "Carly was full of Sonny's Pepperoni" was also a gem. 

20141105 0611(21)
Watch how it's done, Shawn! 
THE WAREHOUSE...where Heather stashes Jordan and Shawn. Later, Franco brings Carly, Heather and himself there as well. Franco figures out he wants to kill Mommy, Shawn and Carly. He throws in Jordan because she's a witness. He fires to the gun to show Shawn how a REAL shooter handles a piece. But, alas...he decides to leave and wander around Port Charles. He makes a phone call to Nina where they share their tales of surprise and decide they are truly, truly friends. 

20141105 0547(35)
Did you manage to save any Snickers bars from that candy trove? 
MAX IS DOWN: Max is shot...Sonny (waving his gun right next to his head--) tries to get the info of who shot him. Max says a "woman" ..Sonny automatically thinks "AVA" (because he's such a clever mobster). Just a moment before, he and Morgan were figuring out Ava was probably in danger. That can wait though--standing around in the hospital is way more important. Diane comes in and yells at Sonny. Morgan stands around THE ENTIRE TIME. He talks to Kiki and to Dante. Kiki's pissed he ratted out her mother. Dante realizes Michael knew about Sonny before he told him. Sonny of course, goes to kill Ava--where the real fireworks begin...

THE BIRTH:  Well, Nina manages to get the drugs into Ava so she can give birth to that preemie baby. PREEMIE? AHAHAA...well, she's about ready to go on solid food but whatever! Nina tells a wonderful l story about delivering a horse which had me in stitches. Donna Mills shows up and we find out that she actually had hired Ava years ago to seduce Silas. Yet another thing for Nina to get mad about. Ava is pleading for her baby but they end up leaving for a crummy motel. Ava crawls to the door and opens it to....

20141106 1447(41)
Oh, Crap

SONNY...who has come to confront Ava. Of course, with the baby out of her belly, he proceeds to point his giant gun at her, ready to end her life. Such a great, by his "never hurt a woman code". So brave--wanting to murder an unarmed, just given birth to his granddaughter/Daughter woman. Oh are an ass, aren't you? BUT! When the shot is fired, who's gun does it come from?
Michael. There to avenge AJ's death!! Oh.. how many quotes did these scenes yield? Michael basically tells Sonny he's dead to him and that AJ was his ONLY father. Which probably kills Sonny more than if Michael would have actually shot the gun. Michael rants that he and Carly used him as a pawn against AJ his whole life. Sonny tries to tap-dance out of this but Michael is having none of it. He actually reminds dear ol' Daddy that he screwed his own son's girlfriend right on AJ's grave. (Ava pipes in to say that she did, indeed see Sonny KILL AJ). Michael lets Ava go to find his niece/sister and she crawls into the alley. Silas and Kiki find her and take her to the ER. 

Michael talks and talks and never fires the gun. I so wished he would have shot a kneecap out so Sonny would start to suffer. (I spare no pain) BUT Nope...just blah, blah blah.  The previews show them still talking on Monday. *sigh* 

20141106 1407(24)
I am...and ass. Sorry. 
DANNY'S TESTS: On more of a side note, but interesting none-the-less, Donna changed the results of Danny's tests so they could lure Silas out of the Brownstone. It worked and he rushed to the hospital. Two important things happened: He told Sam he knows that Nina was a complete fraud and broke them up---and Julian says he'll freeze his bone marrow even though Sonny may kill him if he does. (now, why doesn't he just do this in secret and Sonny would NEVER know is beyond me). The tests were of course, negative so everyone can relax that Jake/Jason Jr. is going to be ok. 

20141107 0802(11)
You are gonna need about 8 of those, Duke!

20141107 0803(20)

MAYORAL ELECTION: . UM.... it's um... HALLOWEEN but I don't care. Screw it. I'm so happy we are revisiting this and it also is a great place for Lucy, Bobbie and the gang to meet up. PLUS we get hang-dog DUKE who's realizing as the night goes on he's in deep shit.  Anna arrives later and arrests him. She's so upset. She gave him the opportunity to give her the truth and he doesn't. Later, in her office we find out that he is SO loyal that he wouldn't rat out Sonny for anything. Not even Anna. Gulp. Finola as usual, played her scenes just perfectly. She teared up at the right moments and was tough when she needed to be. 

20141105 0629(22)
Should I have added a sound track to the video? 
SPECIAL KUDOS: For framing this shot. There's Franco, his face full of pain and (perhaps?) regret and also resolution. There's Sonny in the background on the tape and a devastated Carly struggling to get off the boat. :clapping: By the way, everyone in these scenes just did a remarkable job. Roger, Chad--Laura and even the bit players were just so wonderful to watch. 

(forgive there is no picture of this-- I couldn't find one and erased my DVR! Wah..just picture Franco eating peanuts and Bobbie looking all upset.) 
SCENE OF THE WEEK:  You may not agree with me since there were SO many perfect moments this week. Dramatic, shocking, violent, tender- you name it. I chose this for the simple reason that it showcased a character to perfection. Franco waltzes into  Floating Jake's like the day has just gone normally. He meets Bobbie (another perfect touch because who knows better than she the depths of Carly's betrayals??) and he sits and eats his peanuts. Roger played everything this week just awesome, but this was masterful. Franco is wounded. He in turn,  wounded the one person he grew to love. Although revenge is sweet, it's also lonely.  I loved that the writers included this. LOVED. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Franco's imaginary POPCORN is it!! Never has such a non-prop delivered so so much!! 

FACES OF THE WEEK: SO MANY to choose from. SO many. I chose these for the look in their eyes. Michael's Murderous, Duke's Scared, Carly's Wounded and Kiki -- Shocked. Morgan totally threw her mama to the mobular wolves.  

I do admit to some glaring weirdness that caught my attention. The timeline was just so--off. The mayor election being on Halloween was thrown in there (although the character integration it produced was great) and I really REALLY wish Monica had been around in some capacity, even if it was at the hospital. Morgan's back to acting like an idiot. The fact that so many scenes were filmed with guns pointed (and never used) was a bit disappointing. At least wound someone. People stood around talking way too much, but then again, the  dialog was spot-on. "Your lying mother of a whore" was said so much it's ingrained in poor Michael's head forever. I'd totally take a pace like this for my soaps everyday.  I'm sure the cast would be exhausted in 2 weeks flat though. They must have been totally wrung out on a daily basis. Bravo to all. 

So, my "completely" Spoiler free starts in about a week. I know some of the spoilers for next week but not many, and then none!! WOO HOO! So excited. I'm enjoying the ride right now. I know Fluke comes back and am so hoping we keep the momentum and it doesn't lay an  egg.

Here's hoping next week is as fast and furious as this!! 


  1. The Morgan weenie turn was sickening, but hopefully Mikey plugs Sonny.

  2. Karen, thanks for your wonderful blog! (I thought I would be first again today, but, alas, I am not, by the time I finished reading your blog, someone else had posted!)

    ITA about all of the guns being waved around, with none of them used. This made NO SENSE! Sean/Shawn/Saun would have killed Franco instead of blabbing endlessly, Heather could have killed Carly, Franco threatened to kill FOUR people, then just walked out, Sonny would have plugged Ava, and Michael also just pointed the gun and blathered.

    Actually, I guess only poor Heather actually fired a shot that hit someone.

    Well, there were TOO many guns, I found it upsetting, and had a HORRIBLE nightmare Friday night, where I was somewhere with a lot of people, and a gunman came in and starting shooting people one by one. I was terrified I would be next but kept running, hiding, etc., my husband and I were trying to survive, then we jumped out a window, but there was some kind of wire basket below so I knew we would land safely, then I woke up in a terrified sweat. Not fun . . .

  3. I admit I am loving it too!! And when I discovered that I scheduled my son's follow-up dental appointment for Friday at 2pm---I seriously considered cancelling. LOL Lucky for us it took about 5 minutes and we were home by 2:20---thank goodness for DVR, amiright?

    And I have been trying to go spoiler free too---so much fun!

  4. What a week! if Carly and Sonny go to jail, Duke goes to jail, Ava? well she's a nut case and she goes to jail...what's left to watch? Oh yea, that Nina simpleton....don't like her at all...she's a real nut case. She'll end up st that place Heather was never supposed to get out's mother goes to jail for assisting her for the money. Good grief what's left? Oh yea, there's the trump card...Luke is back..but what Luke is it? What's Franco going to do now that the truth is out? Oh my what a tangled web we weeve...:)

  5. I think Sonny will blackmail Ava into saying AJ was killing her and he shot him--and if she testifies he will keep quiet about Connie?

    I have no clue but that's one thing I can think of..

    actually, no explaination needed, it's GH. Maybe Sonny will work for the WSB lol

  6. Gray Granny...missed my sarcasm? :)

  7. Karen, yes, as others here have said, it would be brilliant to have Sonny agree to spare Ava if she agrees to testify that AJ was strangling her when Sonny shot him. However, he already told Michael the truth. Maybe, though, when Michael realizes that Ava lied about killing Connie and got Sonny so crazy about AJ, maybe Michael will agree to go along with the lie. . . ?

  8. Ant Joan said..."but there was some kind of wire basket below"

    Maybe it was a shopping cart at the pepperoni store. I hope the cart was empty.

    I shouldn't laugh at your nightmare. I know exactly what you mean. I guess the writers think if the actors just wave guns around it's not as violent.

    And Melissa, Duke is probably the only one who'll actually go to jail. There's no power or influence on his side.

    If they all survive this it will be a total letdown.

  9. Maybe Julian will trade info about Puke for his sister's freedom? They have used the Julian trades info to escape punishment before and Julian could use this to prove he'll do anything for family.
    We were promised months of respite from Sonny so I am desperate for a scenario that gets him off screen. Please send him to jail!

  10. I'm with you Karen, I truly enjoyed the whole week, I was laughing again just reading your blog.

  11. Di, hehehe, yes, it was empty, but I wouldn't have minded if it had contained Sonny's pepperoni . . .

    I guess I'm one of the few Sonny fan(atics) left on this board!

  12. I agrtee--this week was a smash! And lots of it concerned people I do not care for and some of it featured characters I really like--like Anna, Toddwhoever, Silas, etc.

    I felt Todd walked away from the warehouse because he was tired, weary of the whole thing. He didn't want to kill anyone--just cause them problems. And I think he regreted Michael and others who were just collateral damage. I get a little snag of pity for him when he tells Carly she was the only one he believed had ever loved him and it hurt so to find it wasn't true.

    Now I hope Sonny goes to jail for at least 6 months where we don't see him at all. What respite that would be. I wish Nina would be locked up so we see much less of her. She's good but very annoying in large doses. I think Laura was just astonishing. Her wonderful face going thru shocks, then that barely contained fury on Michael's But all the stuff on Roger's face, that wink, the regret and mixed with mischief and anger and delight, then back to regret and then weariness.
    This is just a stellar ensemble. Anna was superb.

    My brother kept calling to find out what I might know about what will happen--and I don't know. (They got pre-empted by the president because they were in an area where GH was moved to 2 PM.)

    I intend to watch a couple days over because they went so fast. I want to savor the acting...

  13. I've been wondering how they will rehabilitate the affected cast members without all five of them going to jail. The only thing I can come up with is that, once again, we may find out that AJ is in fact alive (perhaps through Cassidine cryogenics?). Otherwise, I don't see how Sonny can possibly weasel out of this one. Even if he and Carly marry to invoke spousal privilege so she can't testify against him, there's still the video. If someone steals the videos, then everything ... all of it ... becomes hearsay. If that happens, I can't help but think that Mayor Felicia will have something to do with that. The timing of her election was not a coincidence. Nothing rarely is on a soap.

  14. Great sweeps week on GH! The big reveal at the Franco/Carly non-wedding had Sonny and Carly finally having to face the AJ murder/cover up and lying to Michael. Ava gave birth to a preemie who came out of the womb already around 4 months old, watched Nina and Madeline take Baby Zyrtec (name inspired by Nina's story of Allegra the horse), then had Sonny show up at her door with a gun. Max got shor (again) and Morgan turned on Ava and Kiki. Michael confronted Sonny about killing AJ. And pretty much everyone talked their heads off while waving a gun around.

  15. I think we've had more nonweddings than weddings on this show the last year or so.

  16. OT>>>Did anyone else see Carolyn Hennessy on Revenge tonight?

  17. Folks, Anna already told Dante she does not think the video is admissible in court as no one on the tape nor the property owner consented to it. Law says at least one party has to have consented.
    As such, the only thing that would be admissible is a confession. the only people Sonny has confessed it IN PERSON are Carly, Michael, Morgan, Ava and Shaun. All Sonny needs to do is shut them up and he is home free. Then Duke is home free as well.
    On the other hand a law official, Jordan, witnessed Shaun, Heather and Franco taking hostages / kidnapping.

  18. My only disappointment: no mention of the term "meat hook".

    And that spider decoration hanging on the wall at the hospital got more airtime that anybody.

  19. Read that Mac, Britt and Felix are all going recurring, and KT will leave when her contract is up. And Brandon B. is coming back for a small arc!!! Wish they would put him with Maxie instead of the wooden soldier.

  20. I wish it was KA.

    I wonder if Brandon will be chatting with Sonny in prison. lol


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