Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Squash

20141029 0738(36)
I ate my pain away! 
That's me. Squashed. The beginning of the week started out so-so  with  mostly filler and Hallowedding lead up.  Then, Thursday arrived and I woke up ready to GO!! Going nuts tweeting and blogging. Loving the chaos. Everyone was going to pay! Secrets pop out! Nina on the loose! Michael standing on the cliff of unknowing;  ready to topple in to the volcano...

My heart was Smashed Friday. Just squished. And here I am, ready to praise AND diss my show to the fullest this Sunday. 

UGHHHHHHH, why did they have to write that Morgan Sonny scene like they did ?? WHY!!!?? 

Anyway, get your left over Halloweenie candy out and let's talk-- it's going to be a long one. This week had a ton of stuff happening!! 

20141028 0743(32)
No, I do not have an earring, but I do love whiskey! 
Ok, so the beginning of the week started out with  Larry Ashton paying a visit.  Crafty--because it looked like Luke's head in that bag.'s Tracy's Ex, Lord Larry Ashton. But..did you notice something? Like the whole thing was dropped? Nothing else all week. Not that I saw anyway--maybe I missed it when I blinked? I know he'll be back later (after all this "day" is lasting for 2 weeks) but AGAIN--we have momentum and fizzzzzzle. Why why didn't they show them the next day? Or Beggar's Night? I will not understand this. 

20141028 0856(25)
Here, write a prescription for some awesome meds to get MY BABY!! 
Also on Monday--Nina and her Mama started living in Dr. O's office. Yes, living there. They didn't leave, and even came back the next day in new outfits! Nina gave her Mom an Rx pad and told her to get some meds. We learn later one is  paralyzing and one is a labor-inducer. (how a woman would give birth with a paralyzation agent in her is beyond me, but hey._) So, there they were camped out in an office.  Donna Mills plotted to get Silas away from Ava by changing Danny's files to say he has leukemia again. Sam cried, Silas came running and Nina could slip in the Brownstone. (more on that later) 

20141028 0724(1)
SO glad I'm not allergic to gluten!
 Heather ate  her 95th BLT. First from Franco then when Shawn nabbed her, got her to the warehouse, Heather thought that Shawn was working for Franco. Nope. How did she find out? Well, Ol' Jordan came by and knocked out a guard with a nice kick to the face and told her. Heather, being the magic tying up demon she is, got Jordan all strapped up in BLT saran wrap and ended up blackmailing Shawn (Who was supposed to be killing Franco) so he could come and save his lady love.  Shawn, are like O for 5 on the killing end of things. Good God Man, find a NEW PROFESSION!! 

20141029 0658(9)
It's been 6 months but I still remember how nice your butt looks in pants 
Kinda shoved in there was Diane's "return". She told Maxie and Nathan they shouldn't see each other because the judge did have "discretion" over the case. Great seeing Diane and reminded me what a good character she is--and why the hell isn't she on more?  This is absolutely why when someone is brought on, they should have ties to the town. I still say Diane could have been related to almost anyone. Bobbie's cousin on her mother's side-- or Monica's know, a million different relationships.
PS. So disappointed they have daises on the table. It's MUM season, people!! 

20141029 0707(12)
I don't know Pops, we COULD try a facial from these berries ..but I'd rather eat them
Ah, two of my fave men in bed together, eating strawberries!! WOOT! I did love this-- and I'm not even sure what they were talking about but, give me more. Kin and Roger are so fnn. 

20141029 0728(33)
My Batman JAMMIES are even cooler than your whole outfit! 
Beggar's Night. We had to have the kids because of the Josslyn/Spencer connection so he could go to the wedding and tell Carly the Franco-Truth.  They were adorbs. Poor Aiden, never gets out of the house. Later, Liz did say the "boys" were with Gran, trick or treating at the hospital but you knew we wouldn't see them.  It was also nice seeing Maxie and Lucas out and about together. I hope they make them good friends that hang out a lot.  By the way, Maxie, the wedding planner didn't make it to the celebration. Weird. 

Thursday Comes...and knocks my socks off. Nina and Donna scheming to get Sam and Silas-- Spencer spills to Carly and then THIS: 

20141031 1426(19)
Oh Dad..just SHUT UP! 
Look at Morgan as Sonny tries to lie like a rug for the 100th time. Morgan was in a RAGE at Sonny. Sonny found out that Morgan AND Kiki knew about his killing AJ. Morgan was hating on Sonny, giving him everything he deserved. Told him what a hypocrite he was about "his word and honor". He felt terrible for Michael.  He knew Sonny wanted to kill Ava as soon as she gave birth. I was so hoping that Morgan was going to cold-cock Sonny and leave him in a puddle of regret. 
Because what happened on Friday? Well, let's see if I get this right. Sonny blurts out that Ava killed Connie.  And Morgan? Well, Morgan stands there and looks puzzled. Sonny plays him the tape. Morgan looks sick. I'm thinking he's sick about the WHOLE situation. Sonny killing AJ who really didn't kill Connie-- Ava killing Connie, the sex in the crypt.

He actually says "Oh, were going through all this alone? I'm so sorry"...
Um..what? Come again? YOU'RE SORRY? 

THEN, Morgan hugs him!! Sonny's voice breaks-- "Now you see why I had to do it".  Tearing up. And a bunch of crap about what he's had to live with all this time. 
Because, you know--AJ Made him pull that trigger and he was a loser anyways.  
So, was this torture over?
Because...Morgan gives Ava up. Now, don't tell me about him "having to give her up so she can be saved from Nina" sheeze. There are a million ways to get Ava help in the writing process. But nah, have Morgan throw his baby mama/brother under the bus and tell Sonny she's at the Brownstone.  Even though Morgan knows Sonny has vowed to kill her after the baby is born.
Nice. Great.
UGH. Sonny has been blameless for so long and such a freaking Cry-baby- take NO- responsibility mobster I could scream. He's not someone that's a bad-ass and just owns his stuff.  Thank goodness Anna realized what was what and told Dante her theory about Sonny. Dante totally bought it by the way, because he knows what Sonny is capable of. 

That set the tone for me Friday. I was barely paying attention for the Carly and Franco fiasco.

I hope the baby has my eyes! 
Before getting to the wedding however, I shall talk about Nina and Ava. Oh...Nina. She was just totally, koo-koo. She has TWO syringes for Ava.  She caresses her belly --a LOT.  Screams, yells...and basically acts like Nina. Ava is laying there waiting for the boom to fall. Nina talks a lot about losing her baby.  Morgan is at Sonny's, Kiki is at the wedding and Silas is with Sam. Ava's just a sitting duck. 

20141028 0852(37)
Watch that railing, I'm quite sure someone will take a header off it sooner or later
On another note, There was Jake. Jake the amazing walking, climbing human. Liz helped him up the stairs--all by herself!  He had a nice "I'm The King of the World" moment with Obrect looking on.  He made fun of Obrect's accent again and even managed to get Liz a gift. YES! So she can draw him. (will she see into his soul and find out the "real Jake"??)  He must have stolen them from Franco's art room because he has no money.  Jake also met Michael. No African Book flashbacks but a little spark of something was there.  He's going to get thrown out of the hospital and Liz will take him home. 

FINALLY...let's talk about THE Wedding! At first, we think Carly might be getting hitched in her brown sweater. But no, she does eventually change into a giant shiny white dress. Erm..Carly. Come on girl, you've been married SO many times, you couldn't find something more unusual to wear? Oh well, minor point. Lucy and Felix officiate the ceremony. Franco explains to Carly he was bad to try to look at her email, but in the end, he didn't so what's the harm? Carly thinks of Sonny telling her he loved her, right before she looks into Franco's eyes and says "I do". Franco's turn. Franco looks pale...pale then pissed. Then says "HELL no, I won't marry this liar-whore" !!!  (paraphrased). Gasps. Joss is elated. And end scene. No video yet! 

20141031 1437(32)
Please, just don't throw anything, ok? 
SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Yep, no matter how much I HATE the direction it took, I gotta give it up for Thursday's scenes with Bryan and Maurice. They did such an awesome job. Too bad it all got changed up by Friday! 

20141031 1500(37)

PROP(s) OF THE WEEK:  Saran Wrap!! Look at how well it held ol' Jordan!! Heather locked she and Shawn in the warehouse and got outta Dodge.  Maybe Shawn and she will put wrap to better use? wink wink

20141031 1438(28)

WARDROBE KUDOS: Gotta give it up for Joss' dress..even looks like corn kernels up there. I of course, would have put a green sash on but..that's me! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Oh look at Joss... she's JUST SO HAPPY! Joyful!! Awwww. Franco basically throws cold water on the wedding and is nasty to her mother but she don't care!!  THX to Laurie for this great shot! 

So, there you have it. This week seemed to have so much packed into it, I could barely get a handle on things! I still have to bitch about some of the writing and some of the dropped moments. (Like why did we have 1 Milo/Epiphany scene? Why? Where has she been? I mean, she DOES work in the hospital, right? Where was Monica when Larry showed up? She was just on having dinner at the Metro--why not include her in on this? When will She meet NuSt.JaseFace??)  BUT! I was surely ENTERTAINED this week. And BTW, I do get this emotional with my other fave shows like Orphan Black and House of Cards. It's just what I do. LOL  I want the greatness. 

Side note: Kris Alderson Instagrammed a pic of she and Chad--they are moving in together! 

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  1. Morgan's abrupt turn to Sonny was disgusting but predictable.

    Hopeful;y Mikey doesn't forgive him. It's rumored Mikey shoots Daddy-O and becomes a Q!

  2. I am interested to see how several things play out...

    How are they going to *redeem* Nina? I LOVE her crazy but I just don't see how she is going to get out of the mess she is in right now. I imagine that several people are going to show up at the Brownstone "just in time" to save Ava.

    And how is Sonny going to get out of the shooting AJ thing? Will we finally see him do time?

    I have to admit that Franco's "Hell NO" on Friday was a surprise to my daughter and I. We really thought that they would get married and THEN he would drop the bomb. But we both jumped in our seats and screamed, "Ohhhhhh!!!"

    Looking forward to this week. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

  3. Overall I enjoyed this week but do agree on the frustration with the Sonny/Morgan confrontation. Thursday looked like Morgan was saying everything many of us have wanted to say to Sonny only to have him go Guza on Friday and make it all about poor, poor Sonny. That said, both two actors were great and I truly can see them as father/son.

    Did anyone catch the fleeting comment from Olbrect regarding her needing to talk to her "head nurse" about a nurse Sabrina Santiago "mix-up" of two medications? It was in a scene in her office with Nina and Madeline/Magda though it was as if she was talking to herself. I wonder (hope) if this is an easy way of never seeing Sabrina again.

  4. yes, I saw that about Sabrina! I thought Nina was there-- they should have followed up quickly showing a convo with Epiphany.

    PS. I heard ALL the rumors about shooting.
    My ideas: Sonny will be shot, go in a coma and when he wakes up, he's forgiven somehow --OR he saves Ava and Ava tells everyone it was self-defense because AJ was going to kill her. That's the most logical one.

  5. Totally off topic, Karen, but I don't think you saw my tweet last week. I met Kevin Spacey's and Robin Wright's hair stylist who who works on the "House Of Cards" set here in Baltimore. He was at a party I attended last Saturday night. Nice guy.

  6. I think I figured out what Sonny is smuggling in that warehouse! Saran Wrap!!

    Shawn is completely useless. Michael has killed more people than he has. Why hasn't Sonny iced him?

    Epiphany? You're kidding kd. We aren't due to see her for another 6 months are we?
    And - -OR he saves Ava and Ava tells everyone it was self-defense because AJ was going to kill her. That's the most logical one."

    That is the most logical one.

  7. ITA that the Morgan turnaround happened way to quickly. But I can understand why it would/should end up that way. Sonny is sick! He is bipolar. And after Connie died he went off his meds and went nutso. I imagine as a child of a parent with that illness, you'd be especially sensitive to their mood swings and understand that something traumatic in their life really can destroy them. So I can buy Morgan coming to the conclusion that what Ava did, and how Sonny had to "deal with it all alone" could really impact him. All that said, it was TOO scene to the next. There should have been more discussion/trying to understand, not just a complete 180.

  8. Frank!!!! EEE! do they shoot where you live?

  9. I can't wait to see the Monday episode. Everyone deserves to get the Smackdown on them. Sonny, Carly, Franco, Michael(he's obnoxious), Shawn(worst hitman ever), Ava, Plastic Face Madeline, etc. Should be interesting.

  10. Did anyone else love that Dr. O. blamed Jake for stealing the prescription pad when it was Madeline, her sister, who really did it? After all, Maddie and Nina were holed up in her office for a couple of days, but of course, she suspected a patient who could climb steps with a bound, but could barely walk. The lack of attention to detail is disgusting.


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