Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Home Schoolin'

So Carly tells Portia that Dev and Joss are being homeschooled so why doesn't Trina join them? LOL She's not sure. Carly and she proceed to trash Ava for the whole show.

Harmony walks into the garage and Jason and Brando are there. She's really nervous. I thought she knew Brando..but looks like not. I think he might be a Fed? 


Sam goes to Jordan to talk about TJ. She says she knows where his phone is. Jordan says she'll find him. Sam is like, I CAN DO IT! Jordan says, um, you're a felon and Spinelli hacked into his phone AND I'm his mama so...step aside. 

Jordan turns down Curtis for dinner. She's GOTTA WORK!! 
Cam and Joss are at the Corinthos...being mopey. Laura stops by to see Sonny but he's not there. She hugs Cam. Then Trina walks in

Jason talks to Molly and asks her where her Mom got a new car... she's like: Um, she can't afford a good car!! Jason thinks something is up. 

Dr. Neil is in GH... working. Alexis runs into him. Of course she does. They say they don't regret a thing. 

At the Q house: Nelle visits Wiley and Michael wants Chase to come over for another set of eyes. Nelle doesn't like it. She leaves.  Chase and Sasha suggest Michael marry Willow

Nelle goes to the Metro, rubs in Carly's face she saw Wiley. 

Jordan is stopped from leaving her office by Harmony

Tomorrow: Everyone thinks Willow should Marry Michael 


  1. I think Harmony thought the garage was empty and she was going to meet Jordan there. That's probably why she went back to Jordan's to move the meeting place.

  2. I didn't think about Harmony and Brando being feds - maybe that would redeem Harmony. I still think she is going to die.

    1. I don't think Harmony is a fed. She's being coerced by Cyrus. Brando could be but he also could be telling Sonny the truth.

  3. Well, Joss and Dev will have plenty of company being home-schooled . . .

    Michael marrying Willow is insane--they have no relationship, in fact they both are living with other people, how would anyone believe that the marriage was real?

    1. I guess they're hoping the judge will be as stupid as the writers.

  4. Why is Trina running around town by herself? Everyone still is in so much danger.

    Doesn't anyone suspect that TJ has been kidnapped?

    Why did Nelle's supervised visit have no one supervising it?

    1. I w3as wondering that too. The supervisor is usually a social worker. It's definitely not supposed to be the guy she's fighting for custody. They usually aren't allowed there at all. It should have been her, Wiley and a social worker.

  5. I also think there was an editing error. When they cut to commercial, Harmony was asking Brando to fill her in about Sonny and Jason. When they came back to the scene, she was saying, "It's a long story," speaking about her own life.

  6. Jordan's office:

    Sam and Jordan:

    Sam: TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ.

    Jordan: TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ.

    Sam: TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ.

    Jordan: Do you smell something in my office?

    Sam: No.

    Q home:

    Nelle, Michael, Jonah, and Chase: Chase wins the line of the day!

    Chase: I'm picking Michael up to go play squash.


    Michael, Chase, Sasha, and Willow:

    Willow: What can I do to help?

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm well,

    "Karen says, Chase and Sasha suggest Michael marry Willow"

    Hahahaha. Not in this episode. Tomorrow! :) Is this going to be like the Jax, Chloe, Ned, and Alexis situation? :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Portia and Trina: Oh boy Trina!! Your mother is just worried about you!

    Portia and Curtis:

    Curtis: It's time we talk about Trina.


    Portia and Carly: Ah yes trash talking Queen Ava!!! Oh yes Trina go to the Carson home! Portia has no problems with Sonny! Must be those dimples!!!

    Carly and Nelle: *Snicker Snicker* #TeamNelle forever!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Neil and Alexis: Ummmmm.. Meh.

    Neil and Liz: Wait. Liz wants Cam to finally go to therapy but she asked if it's covered by insurance?!?!! HUH?!!?! But Liz you are a NURSE!!!!!!

    Carson home:

    Trina and Joss: WHOA! Trina got upset!!!! PTSD?

    Trina and Cam: Awwwww!!!! They are there for each other!!! They understand!!!! WHOA! A CamRina kiss!!!! The beginning for CamRina!!!! Hmmmmm supercouple?! :) Of course it was a very awkward kiss, but hey they are teenagers! It was their first kiss, and it looks like they both are suffering from PTSD.


    Brando and Harmony.com: Oh I guess they don't know each other? Or maybe they do? I'm confused.

    1. I think they don't know each other.

      Liz asked if Neil takes insurance, a question that prospective patients ask me all the time. Just because she has insurance, doesn't mean he takes it. A lot of therapists no longer take insurance because the amount we get basically hasn't gone up in about 50 years it is really low. One plan pays only $55/session, while therapists in my area (NYC) are charging as much as $350/session. So I thought her question injected a much-needed note of realism at GH.

    2. "AntJoan says, So I thought her question injected a much-needed note of realism at GH."

      Oh yes I agree!!! :) But someone else should have asked. Not Liz who is a nurse. ROFL! Brooky could have asked. She doesn't have much money! ROFL!

    3. Liz had made it clear that she is having money problems, Franco has even asked to borrow money from his father. And Neil is a PhD. If he doesn't take her insurance, I'm sure she can't afford $350/hour.

      Another thing: People who work at GH likely wouldn't go to Kevin (or Neil), it would violate their privacy, plus they would be co-workers.

    4. Sonya so happy you brought up the kiss!! It was so sweet but ooooh-weeee was it awkward! :)

  7. also I want to go back to Liz and Franco needing 100,000? all of a sudden? that was unrealistic - needing money I get - but 100,000 is like buying almost a house.

  8. Michael and Lucas should get married. that makes more sense than willow or sasha.

  9. They should show past episodes!!!! :) Maybe go in the beginning!! :)



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