Monday, March 2, 2020

A New Month

Welcome to March.. first day of GH broadcast in this 3 month of 2020

Michael and Willow..she's still sad. Still saying she wants out of Wiley's life. yada yada. Boring part of the show. 

CarSon's house Sonny tells Brando that he and Dev should stay there under his protection. He says no, he has a job in Chicago. Sonny says Oh, we'll open a garage here for you! Lol. Brando doesn't think so. 
Sonny gets a call about the shootout from Jason. HE leaves for GH. Because you know, he's IN THE LOOP!! 


Hospital... Everyone is there. Taggs is getting into surgery. Jordan comes in and gets into it with Jordan and man, she's ruining these scenes. I'm saying it. UGH. 
Laura comes to check on things. 

Trina goes in with Epiphany to see her Dad, she holds his hand. He wakes up. Trina leaves as Lucas checks him and then Jordan talks to him before surgery. He talks to Curtis and Jordan. Thanks him for saving Trina. 
Sonny comes in later and they talk about Trina and that they will work together. I liked the scene. Don't come for me. 

MY TV WAS A FOOL TODAY... stopped so many times! UGH 

I SAW on twitter what happened and I REFUSE TO BELIEVE MY TAGGS is dead. Let's go with he's faking it. Ok? 

Ok? because I can't deal if he really is. NOPE!!  and Jordan resigns? Oh this is a set up. Yep. 

My TV gave up at the end sorry!


  1. He can't be dead. You know...that drug that makes someone seem dead. Laura said it...she needs cause for Cyrus to be put in solitary. Let us hope.
    Another good show.

  2. Oh I hope it's a set-up but Jordan can leave for good as far as I'm concerned.

    As for Taggert, as soon as he asked Trina to go get him the milk duds I figured he knew he was a goner. (You don't eat before surgery) I thought he just didn't want her to see him die. I like your idea better. Fake death.Yep. I'll take that.

    1. Yes! As soon as he asked her to go get them I had a bad feeling....
      Oh and this Brando can't leave thing??? Uh...he's a big boy, yes he can Sonny boy!

    2. "Michelle P Oh and this Brando can't leave thing??? Uh...he's a big boy, yes he can Sonny boy!"

      ROFL! What Sonny says goes!!! So Brando is stuck! Hahahaha!

  3. last night on Real Andrews live Facebook, he said today was EPIC and he couldn't wait for viewers to weigh in on what happens - I haven't watched but it is OBVIOUS it is a GREAT set up (Taggart can go to the safe house!!LOL!!) since Real is still filming.

  4. I can't believe they killed Taggert off! Poor Trina. I actually shed tears. I liked his character. 😓💔

    1. He's not dead - pretending - can't wait until the flashbacks of Lucas being in on it and how Sonny/Jordan/Curtis planned it!!!!

  5. Laura is fierce! And little Wiley is walking!!

  6. Trina and Cam are 2 of the best actors on the show, I hope that they both stay and become the next generation of stars. . . Of course, Joss is great too, hope they all stay on . . .

  7. Carson home:

    Carson and Brando: Oh boy! You are part of the family Brando! You can't leave!!! You have to stay now!!! What Sonny says, you do!

    Carly and Brando: Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: Oh I always have something more to say.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Ain't that the truth! :) You will get used to it Brando! DONNA!!!! Awwwww! :)

    Q home:

    Willow and Michael: Oh yes Michael. It won't be a mistake at all if Willow hangs out with Wiley!! Nothing bad is going to happen there!

    Willow and Sasha: Oh yes Sasha. Willow just HAS to spend time with Willow! It's so important right? And then when Willow flips out, you can have all the guilt feels! Oy!

    Michael and Sasha: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Cyrus's cell:

    Cyrus and Laura: GO LAURA GO LAURA GO LAURA! :)

    The hospital:


    "Karen says . Jordan comes in and gets into it with Jordan and man, she's ruining these scenes. I'm saying it. UGH."

    Yeah she still has that I smell something horrible face, that never left. I miss the OG Jordan.

    Taggart's room: La la la Taggart is getting better! :) Oh wait what?!!???!?! HE IS DEAD!!?!?!?!!? My jaw dropped!!! Wait I see Real Andrews breathing a little! ROFL!

    "Karen says, I SAW on twitter what happened and I REFUSE TO BELIEVE MY TAGGS is dead. Let's go with he's faking it. Ok?"

    Yeah I was in shock that I didn't even think about that, until people on twitter were talking about it. He could be faking sure!! My first thought after he died was, now Trina will eventually find out that Curtis is her bio father! IF Taggart is faking his death, I hope Trina knows! I wonder if Laura knows too! If Laura does, then that is an academy award acting right there! Cus she looked in shock when she saw that tweet! :)

    1. sonya said..".Wait I see Real Andrews breathing a little! ROFL!"

      ...That's because they're not allowed to kill him for real,sonya. ROFL

    2. "Di says ...That's because they're not allowed to kill him for real,sonya. ROFL"

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh that's a good one. You win! I'm dead! ROFL!

  8. Real Andrews put up a video on twitter when Liz thought Lucky died.

  9. OK. I've been watching GH religiously since the late 70's and I'm starting to think I'm clueless. Today's scenes at the Q mansion showed the old (what I thought was the) living room set with the fireplace, etc. and Willow left out the french doors. Where exactly is this particular room in the Q mansion? I thought it was to the right once you walked into the mansion (where the old main door used to be). However, since the remodel, they moved the door and the new living room is now where the old one used to be, but did they move the entire room? I'm so confused.

  10. Wow, yesterday was great! I'm going with the group consensus that Taggert is faking his death. Lordy, I was boo-hooing with Trina when she collapsed in Elizabeth's arms. Love both of them.

    I was getting kind of tired of Willow, too. Suck it up honey, and go hug Wiley, lol!
    Laura was all kinds of fierce with Cyrus. I could watch those 2 in a room for an entire hour.

    Hey, who was that baby with Carly? Hahahahah!

    1. I think the Willow actress is really good, there always is such great talent on GH! That is why the few who are aren't great (like Jordan and Dev) really stick out.

      I am afraid that Taggert may really be a goner, I know that they stage a lot of deaths on GH, but I didn't see that they had time to do that. Also, there really should have been cops stationed outside his cubicle, don't you think?

  11. No, I don't believe Taggert is dead and I think Trina knows it. When she was in the room with him, after he died, she was way too calm and barely seemed bothered. I'm convinced he or someone told her the truth about their plan. Oh, and Genie was FABULOUS with Cyrus. Give her a meaty part and she totally delivers!



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