Thursday, June 15, 2023

SO, Real Life


Called and I'm out of Office today! I think Sprina is on and a few other tid bits but nothing earth-shattering. I guess the actors said that Frank had ordered a lot of scripts to be shelved for the strike and this seems to be the case. Just a lot of...filler, imo. I don't want to watch a soap with the same people on all the time but damn...GH is just HUGE when it comes to cast/stories that the lag-times are ridiculous. 

Real Andrews was the best part of yesterday's show and this also highlights the problem of only having him on once in a blue moon. We never know if/when he'll show up and there's so many off camera mentions that it gets tedious. 

Anyway I'll shut up for now!! Have a good one!! 


  1. Real is wonderful! How about a great romance for him but not Jordan or Portia. I agree, the length of the stories is ridiculous. Is the whole thing with Cody taking jewelry from the nurses ball resolved? Will he and Mac ever become father and son? The Austin/Ava stuff is on so randomly. I am not sure the writers even know how many loose ends they have.

  2. ----HOW can Sonny not see that Gladys is lying?
    -----Sonny would have CAMERAS in his house, right? I HOPE SO and that Sonny sees Ava snooping + confronts her = they work together.
    ----I can't believe I am saying this but Tracy is actually beginning to irritate me....
    ------because it was not spoken of again, OBVIOUSLY Willow's talk with that nurse was a dream and/or a filler......
    ------in what world would ESME call SPENCER whom she distrusts ---- to pick up Ace at daycare and I laughed out loud when he said "My grandmother and Kevin are at work." LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ----I like Cody------- there I said it....
    yep it's just filler scripts ---------------reminds me of the saying "if you're waiting on me, you're backing up'....

    1. "Mufasa says reminds me of the saying "if you're waiting on me, you're backing up'...."

      What does that saying mean?

    2. that you are moving so fast the people who are waiting on you or at your speed seem to be backing up.......
      like 2 steps forward and 3 steps backward!

  3. lol I've never heard that saying before but I defintely will use it some time.

    I also don't understand why Sonny doesn't get suspicious of Gladys. He knows her past. And didn't he see her with ms. Wu at the club? Why the heck doesn't he suggest to someone that they check Sasha's accounts since Gladys took over. ( I am sooo ready to see her outed.)
    And as much as I love Tracy she is starting to irritate me too.

  4. Kind of a nothing day.
    Don't kill me...Tracy and Cody, what a soapy duo they could be. I've been 'the older woman' enough times to know how exciting it can be.
    Was wondering what the heck happened to Willow. Michael and Carly sure have had other things on their minds lately.

  5. The metrocourt pool:

    Curtis, Stella, and Mr. Hat man: Awwww Curtis just said Trina is his daughter awwwwwwwww. :) Mr. Hat man is going to move out! He wants his own place and so that Purtis can work on their relationship.

    Sprina: Oh Spencer dropped off Vampira and baby Ace at work, but now the daycare is closing so Spencer has to pick Ace up again. Trina got him to change the music hahahaha.

    Sprina and Portia: Man Portia is wasting no time and manipulating Spencer. All about responsibility. Portia chill out woman! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Portia, Jordan, Zeke, and Spencer: Oh boy! Zeke finds out who Jordan is!!! :) Spencer and Zeke meet! Zeke gives him a suspicious look! ROFL!

    Portia, Jordan, and Zeke: Portia wins the line of the day.

    Portia: I bet he pinned you down.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah he sure did! ;)

    Jordan and Zeke: He finds out she was married to Curtis and he is upset that Curtis is the one who kissed her! He wants to tell Portia, but Jordan says let it go! :)

    Crew: Drew is going to throw himself under the school bus, and Carly don't like it! She don't want to lose him! Should have thought about the consequences you two! The Tribbles like Drew and will be upset when he goes to jail.

    Sonny's home:

    Nison: Nina has all the guilt feels. He wants to talk about their wedding. She talks about IF they get married. Nina chill out!

    Nison and Ava: Dante calls Sonny and said that they are waking up Ned! YAY!!!!!! :) Nina and all her guilt feels. Looks like Nina peed on herself.

    Ava and Nina: Nina thinks that when Ned wakes up that he will tell all and she will lose Sonny. Ava says not necessarily, and that if she gets in front of this and tells Sonny the truth, then Sonny could forgive her. Nina takes off her engagement ring. Ava says you are giving up? Nina is going to tell Sonny the truth.. Hmmm. I bet Ned will wake up and have amnesia! :) Then Nina don't have to tell Sonny anything! But if she don't, The green beans will tell Sonny the truth! The green beans knows all the secrets! And has told The Tribbles, and Badger Bob..

    Cowboy Cody's home:

    Cowboy Cody and Uncle Leo: Yesterday I wondered where Cowboy Cody was. HI COMET AKA MR. ED! Man that horse is beautiful! Little uncle Leo doesn't want to see his dad. He is nervous. Cowboy Cody was there for him and got him to change his mind. They also talked about Leo's biological father. Oh oh Tracy shows up. Man Tracy is bossy to Leo! He smells like a horse and needs to wash up. ROFL!

    Cowboy Cody and Tracy: Ooooo Tracy don't like him! ROFL! She has his eye on him, and wants to fire him. She says once Ned wakes up, Cowboy Cody is gone! Brooky shows up and defends him.

    Cowboy Cody and Brooky: Cowboy Cody never had a grandma and he is glad he never had one! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The hospital:

    Gladys and Sonny: Gladys is on her phone texting Ms. Wu. When Sonny shows up Gladys is all jumpy and dropped her phone. Sonny picks up the phone and Gladys tells him about Sasha and wants Sonny to talk to Sasha. All Gladys wants is the money! ROFL!

    Nison: Nina shows up and Sonny wants to know where her ring is! DOH!

    Sidenote: Someone on twitter has got a squish name for Taggart and Jordan.. Ashtag! Love it! :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to September 19th 2002* Jarly at Sonny's funeral. Taggart shows up to look at the body!


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