Sunday, June 11, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Nedly In a Coma


Sparkly Neuro-Bonnet too! 

As Sung BY THE Smiths !! This is the only thing that happened this week I was remotely interested in, btw. Yep.. So that's how THIS all went. Plus the fact we didn't get a Friday show. I did see the Canadian tweets so I can report some of that to you all today! 

Happy Sunday! I hope Canada is doing better on the fire-front. I know we are enjoying much cleaner air. 

I would like to note we currently have THREE characters in a coma: Lulu, Nikolas and now Ned. Is this a record ?? For like, characters IN a coma AT THE SAME TIME??? LOL geesh. BTW, coma caps have evolved since Lulu had one on. 

SPRINA DRAMA OF THE WEEK: Here we go AGAIN. Let me get this one straight: We waited for Victor's will to be read. Pretty underwhelming until Spencer gets a key to a deposit box. HEY!! We have evidence that Victor gathered against Esme!! Oh, it's getting good. Oh, wait. What? Spencer thinks it's probably fake and why use it anyway? Now, I personally want Esme out of PC with that baby because I don't want to hear about that kid for years like I have every other kid on this show with custody issues. Esme is being wasted so cut her loose. Get Trina and Spencer living together and doing some fun 20 something intrigue sheeze together. Thanks. 

HOOK UP OF THE WEEK:  This was all sorts of needed in the right ways. Handsome stranger, lonely divorcee sad about everything. They meet at a bar and--WELP! The last time that happened I can remember was either Julian and Britt--before that Sonny and Claudia. You know, they have steamy zex and then one of them finds out who the other is? Heh--Jordan's look on her face when she found out it was Portia's brother? PRICELESS. 

FLIP-FLOP OF THE YEAR:  Listen, I am one to give a WIDE berth to soap stories but even this is baffling. For a year we've watched and waited for Michael to set the trap on Sonny. Truth be told, he could have turned him in a number of times but waited for FEDERAL charges when the weapons came in from Pikeman. We get the video! We think wheels are going to turn and... wait. What? Dex (who wants to run to get out of the mob) tells Joss (who wants Dex out of the mob and Sonny in Jail) who urges Michael (who's having second thoughts) to turn it all in. He's like "nope, my dying wife doesn't want it so... no deal". THEN????  Oh yeah, his mother (who's all up in SEC charges) is told about it, asked to use it to get out of jail and--and... She destroys it!! BUT WAIT!! There's MORE!! Mom and Son meet in the GH utility stairwell like two gangsters and decide to PAY DEX TO PROTECT Sonny!! TO PROTECT HIM. Sonny's already hired Dex to do that so (wait for it) Carly wants Michael to get information and COUNSEL Dex on how to COUNSEL Sonny in the MOB BUSINESS. 

Please pause your reading while I take several shots...

Yep. That's it. Sonny in jail or even like... in trouble for anything? FK NO!! Did we ever think he would be?? FK NO.  Michael even said "you want Dex to be another Jason". So, there it is people. A year of your life waiting to find out that yes...Dex is indeed another Stone Cold (as if he could be that) but.. I digress.... *sigh* Just.. *sigh* 

NOTE: this photo is from a Canadian this will happen Monday 

SPLASH OF THE WEEK: It's not summer until someone goes in the pool! The one story I could get behind!! Ned overhears Nina and Marty basically yelling on the terrace about her turning in Crew to the SEC. In his glee, he forgets rule number one in the pool area: No running and trips on towels. IN he goes!! He also hits his head on the way down and... bloop! Did ya'll think the secret was going to come out at the beginning of summer? Come on now. Anyway, LOVED Tracey trying to pin it on Drew because it was SUCH a Tracey thing to do. Also loved that after reviewing the footage, Chase realized Nina was skulking at the scene the whole time. If you think about it, if Nina didn't turn in Crew and Ned didn't over hear it, he'd never be in a coma now! SO!!! Something else for the Nina haters to chew on!! How long will Ned be in that coma? Then when he wakes up, how long until he remembers? Taking bets on Twitter later. 

WE ALL NEED THIS OF THE WEEK: Ava, drink up girl because... this storyline? Again? Again with the mob bosses and you? *sigh*  This Austin-Mason thing has been dragging on a year now. AT LEAST. I don't care. Seriously. Whatever. And if you wanted to give Sonny competition, Wu is right there. Use her. No need for this "secret boss" mumbo-jumbo. It's honestly been so sporadic and so underwhelming it's just already done. See ya! Keep Nikolas or unthaw him. Just let Ava live her best life. This isn't it. 

OH, BEFORE I FORGET OF THE WEEK: Willow's Marrow update. I honestly thought this was going to be a dream sequence because she's talking to some rando nurse about her entire damn life. Did they leave the part out about the nurse not being real?   Welp, anyway, Harmony (who facilitated Willow's grooming/cult life/ rape) is okay in her book but Nina (mean to her when she was a teacher) is not. That's all you need to know. 

LIZ OF THE WEEK: Aw, she got Head Nurse, called Gran and talked to Papa Steve on the GH wall. Nice moment.

NOT SURE WHY THIS HAPPENED OF THE WEEK: Portia--Esme. Whatever. Weird. Don't care unless those pills are for something to make her look  more psychotic. Portia planning her demise behind the scenes? I'd be here for that. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Maurice and Finola were in a totally unexpected, wonderful scene that blew me way. Anna is reeling from the revelations reported on her in the paper and Sonny drops by to offer support. He tells her the headlines of the worst days of his life. She just has the right emotions at the right time. Very well written, directed and acted. All the feels. 


Ned finds out about Nina's secret, promptly falls into the pool and into a coma.

Anna has angst over the news of her being a double agent

Mason tells Ava to spy on Sonny or YOU'LL BE SORRY! Austin backs him up

Liz gets Head Nurse Position

Jordan sleeps with Zeke; Portia's brother

Tracy tries to say Drew attacked Ned but Chase proves otherwise

Michael hires Dex to "protect and counsel" Sonny 

Carly destroys the zip drive

Kevin and Laura are going to Chechnya

Willow talked to some rando nurse about life. 

Maxie was house shopping

That's about all I have because I've reached my brain limit on this show for now!! It's June and I'm busy busy. A bit of news: The actors on daytime dramas have something in their contract saying they can't strike so if SAG goes on the picket lines with the writers, that won't include our crew. That means GH carries on. However that will look. Walt Willy is coming in July as his old AMC character, Jackson Montgomery. Probably a lawyer for one of the SEC people. 

Here's hoping you have a great rest of your Sunday!! Cheers! 


  1. Actually, I think that is a song by the Smiths, but I love the thought anyway! LOL

    Good things during the past week: Anna/Sonny scene, Carly/Joss scene, Jordan sleeping with Zeke, Ava calling Austin "Doctor GH," and Ned's suit.

    Bad things about the past week: Everything else.

    1. Oh crap! ahahahaa I will change that so I don't look like an idiot.

    2. "Kevin says, Ava calling Austin "Doctor GH"

      Oh forgot about that. I love it!!! Another nickname for him. :)

  2. Didn't Nina and Valentin hook up similarly to Jordan and Zeke? Great SS! :-)

  3. kd said.."Please pause your reading while I take several shots.." OMG Laughing so much. Hope you meant liquor. lol

    Austin has shown his true colors at last. Might make him a lttle more interesting, but he's chosen the wrong person to threaten. Ava need to tell Sonny they threatened his daughter. har har har ...And we definitelty need more Wu.

    Not a bad day on Friday. Things at least move quickly. If it's new writers, that's fine by me. As long as they keep moving and tiie up some old loose ends.
    Glad the smoke is better there too. Things are much better here. Sorry we shipped the smoke out. It's just as bad no matter where it is.

  4. Great SS - not so great week but several bright spots as you mentioned. Sonny and Anna, truly well done. Jordan finally got some action and with a hunk. Ava should confide in Sonny - he would take care of her problems, or Wu. Couldn’t watch Willow and the stranger nurse and the endless Joss and Dex conversations.

  5. The best thing about GH is this blog! Thank you.
    According to Wally Kurth's FB page he was surprised to see his pool scene this week. Thought it would air next week. I really do think they eliminate quite a bit.
    NLG posted some cryptic info on FB about big changes at GH.
    So many comas! Kind of a statement.
    Yes, the Sonny/Anna scenes were good.
    This Carly taking charge of protecting Sonny is really stupid.

  6. Maurice and Finola were the best part of the week.
    ---I agree with many - I REALLY want Ava to confide to Sonny and work WITH him.....I'm all about Sonny/Ava she IS a Jerome - she shouldn't be afraid of anything.
    ----things still not explained ------ was the nurse a DREAM? cause I thought that or it was filler but if Wally said he was surprised at his pool scene then I dunno.
    ----I am never wavering that I think Selina changed the paternity know, the kind of test Ace NEVER HAS HAD!
    ----I like Carly and Michael protecting Sonny = don't scream at me LOL = because of her explanation to Michael that they all might die/have drugs in PC if he is eliminated...
    -----I sound negative but it's May and I fear in August we STILL gonna be talking about Ava/Austin/Mason and STILL talking about the SEC thing.......#moveitalongpeople
    -----still unsure how long Jane Elliott is here and why she wants Deception to fail....

    1. I don't think she wants Deception to fail She wants access to the new product, perhaps to steal the info so she can duplicate it with slight changes.

  7. Just read that Adam Huss is coming back as Nicholas.

    1. *GASP* Really?! YAY! :D Too bad Tyler Christopher can't come back. I really hope Tyler is okay.

    2. Did you see the video of Tyler Christopher visiting Maurice Benard and his goats? It was last week. Probably on youtube if you don't bookface. lol.

    3. No I didn't see that video. What's bookface? Oh you mean facebook? ROFL! I use facebook.

    4. Check MB's facebook page. Should be there.


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