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I want to point out that yesterday when I put my ROC photo up, I wasn't trying to negate what Canada is going through by any means!! It has to be horrific. It was just SUCH and unusual day here yesterday. So eerie. My eyes actually teared in the afternoon. Today is better but cold. It's still weird. 

Ned tells Nina he heard her tell her lawyer she was the one that turned in Crew. He says when Sonny finds out, she and he are done. Nina tells him just to keep quiet and he says he's not taking the fall. Then he finds out Drew is there and runs into the pool --Nina runs after him. 

Drew is talking to Tracy at the Metro. He wants to blackmail her using the Fact she had Brook Lynn work at Deception (he'll tell Lucy). That makes no sense and is stupid. Tracy gets annoyed and makes the pool guy close down the pool area. 

Ned runs into the pool area to tell Drew and he trips on towels and I think he knocks himself out. Drew jumps in to save him. Gives him CPR. Tracy calls 911. Nina watches. 

Chase bought a truck and wants to go camping with Brook and she's like EWwwwwwww. She doesn't wanna camp, he doesn't wanna sing. Olivia sits down with them. 

Olivia finds out Ned is getting CPR from the EMTs. She and Chase and Brook watch. 

Joss gives the broken zip drive to Dex. Says Carly ruined her chance to save herself.  Dex says he'll fully destroy it. He says he HAS to work for Sonny now 'for survival". Joss says just ask him to get out. Dex says he doesn't want out. HAHAHAHA. He likes PC and he likes what he's doing. 

Carly talks to Michael in the stairwell of GH.. "Is Dex trustworthy'? He says yes. She wants to hire him for another job. She wants MICHAEL to hire DEX to work for Sonny to "Protect" him and if Sonny's in trouble, Michael can ADVISE DEX on how to help him? WHAAAAAT? "You want Dex and me to be Jason for Sonny" She says yes but Sonny can never know. 

Sonny goes to talk to Anna at her house. He says he knows how she feels about the headlines. He talks about the headlines about Lily and Morgan. It's a good scene. Watch it. 

Anna is sitting alone on the steps and Valentin walks in. She wishes she could throw her phone away. She's upset at what Noah and Emma will think of her. She's crying. She says Emma will see her as a traitor. 

Dante wants to help Anna get her name cleared. He asks Valentine to tell him. Val leaves. Sam comes in.  They talk about helping her but basically Dante says all the stuff is classified so he can't. 



Carly wants Michael to ask Dex about working for her. 

Tracy tells Brook that Drew attacked NED and that Chase has to arrest him! ahahhaahaa!! 


  1. ---sorry Karen but I hated the ending - Chase can't arrest Drew just cause Tracy said it-----and cameras would be there.......I thought it was a stupid ending....but that's just me...
    -----Finoa and Maurice were the best part of today ------------just not used to Anna being like this.....I think she must be going to California to talk to Emma/vacation time...
    -----I just cannot see how Nina can stay on the show -------------- she is getting worse and worse............I thought she was gonna beg Sonny to marry her now........but can she be redeemed?
    -----Joss and Dex are no Jason and Carly-----------------I kinda liked Carly telling Michael to keep Dex so he can protect Sonny.............not sure why......just did...
    ------Brook Lynn and Chase - I just cannot....

  2. Show was awful today. Ending was stupid.

  3. Carly hiring Michael and Dex to bodyguard Sonny is hysterical.
    Please no amnesia for Ned.
    Anna had her first crying jag in front of Faison, many years ago. The character has weakened progressively since then.
    The smoke is dreadful but a mere inconvenience compared to what our northern neighbors are dealing with.

    1. I thought the same thing Zaxu, no amnesia please

  4. I reiterate...without the Super-Villain Cassadines, Helena/Victor/Stavros and Faison, this show has a hard time being super compelling

  5. Ohhhh Tracy is in full old witch mode. I love it. You don't back the bear into a corner, Drew. hehe

    I hope Ned doesn't wake up with amnesia. I want Nina outed.

    I rather liked Carly's idea. We need Sonny or the show would be too dull but he does need protection and a little quidance from time to time these days. And we also need an end to Michael's hissy fit. That family united again will be good and hopefully make for some more storylines. Ones that don't consist of couples sitting around blathering day after day.

    1. "Di says And we also need an end to Michael's hissy fit."

      Yeah he said that he would be behind her with anything she chose to do with the file!!! Now he is upset she destroyed it! Come on Michael!!! Make up your damn mind.

    2. You have to wonder if they are going to kill Nina off and there will be a who dunnit

  6. Chandler Mansion:

    Sonny and Anna: The acting is fantastic, but the storyline is stupid. Are they going to kiss? I hope not. They don't have that kind of chemistry.

    Vanna: Again acting fantastic, storyline stupid.

    The hospital stairwell:

    Carly and Michael: This is so stupid.

    Carly's kitchen:

    Jex: Dex is so in wuv with Sonny! Joss wants Dex to break up with Sonny! Dex won't do it! The Tribbles are listening in VERY closely.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Brase: Oooooo Chase bought a truck!!!! :) I want to see!!!!!!! :)

    Brase and Olivia: Wow! Olivia is so excited that Chase bought a truck. Do you want to drive it Olivia? :) Do you know how to drive a truck?

    Metrocourt rooftop:

    Ned and Nina: Ned speaking truths. All of a sudden Ned is talking like a game show host! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was thinking is Nina going to push Ned off the roof?!

    Metrocourt pool:

    Tracy and Drew: Blah blah blah. So stupid. Oh the guy working there overhears. Drew wins the line of the day.

    Drew: Wow that was rude.


    Ned, Tracy, Drew, and a hidden Nina: If Ned just fell in the water, that would have been funny, but he hit his head and is out! NED!!!!!!! :( Nina going to call 911? Nope. Come on Drew!!! Your CPR isn't working!!!! Tracy calls 911 and says her adult son! ROFL! Yeah I bet Ned will have amnesia and won't remember what he was going to tell Drew! I bet you 10 bucks. :) Tracy wants Drew arrested! ROFL! What?!?!!? :)

    Police station:

    Sante: Damn Dante keeps looking down at Sam's bread. Dominic Zamprogna behave yourself! ROFL!

    Sonny's office: When Nina was looking at her hand, at first I thought she was looking at it because she wanted to see if her hand was shaking. No no just the ring. And by the way, her hands were not shaking. She is cool as a cucumber.

    Nison: Nina tell Sonny about what happened to Ned? Nahhhhhh. She don't want to get caught.

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to the courthouse* Dorman Trial. Ned confesses to having an affair with Monica.

  7. Oh. Please let Ned out Nina and have this over and done with. Drew. Did you really think you could go toe to toe with Tracey Angelica Quartermaine.

    1. "Allyson says, Drew. Did you really think you could go toe to toe with Tracey Angelica Quartermaine."

      Hahaha apparently so! Since he thought what she said to the guy working there was rude! ROFL!

    2. I hope Ned outs Tracy as a liar, gets arrested for filing a false police report, and Drew gets out and blackmails her and gets him and Carly off the hook with the SEC. that will make for some interesting viewing

    3. "Di says, I hope Ned outs Tracy as a liar,"

      Unless Ned is in a coma!!! Oh no! :(

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  9. We are back to the crying Anna; blaming herself crap. Are they going to take every woman's career on GH away from them? Guess soon Diane won't be a lawyer anymore either.

    1. You are spot on here Lindie. They can't do that to Carly hee hee. I'm sure when Nina goes to the looney bin or dies Willow will gift Nina's half to Carly.

  10. Drew thinking he could blackmail Tracy? Tracy Quartermaine? I busted out laughing when she wanted him arrested. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Wally did an outstanding job and of course he'll have amnesia or be in a coma. Neener lives to fight another day. I make no secret about my dislike of her, but the writers have really been dumping on her lately. Is Cynthia leaving the show?

    So ummmmm, Carly and Mikey are going to make Dex the new Jason? They think Sonny is that stupid and can't handle his own business? I just can't.

    I really didn't need to see the Anna pity party but she and Sonny had great scenes together, kudos to them!

    1. I agree with you to a T. Dex is no Jason. There is something odd about how he portrays the character. I can't put my finger on it. He's handsome and all but sometimes he moves in robotic ways.

  11. I am having a bad day and now...blahblahblah about the ex-president's crap.

    1. Well they showed the end of a repeat episode when they were finished with the political stuff. Why I don't know because we saw today's scheduled show here which means it will probably end up on the internet tonight.Check your usual sources later because I really want to talk about a few things.

    2. Thanks sonya, it is but I fear he will slime out of every thing as always.

    3. "zazu says, Thanks sonya, it is but I fear he will slime out of every thing as always."

      You're welcome and I hope not. :(

  12. a nice lady from Canada was tweeting so karen retweeted = will watch Monday but all I needed to know is that CAMERAS WERE AT THE POOL AND CHASE CAUGHT TRACY IN A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ----the repeat reminded me how much Willow and Nina hated each other before biology kicked in---------she doesn't love Willow --------ugh...

    1. Why would you tell people that? Not everyone who missed the show will want that spoiled. I saw the whole thing but I said nothing out of respect for those who haven't seen it yet.

    2. Are you seriously chastising me for telling something that is also all over the internet and Karen also posted? It wasn't a life-changing secret......

    3. busting chops once again

    4. You are right Linda - the never ending judgmentalism never ceases

  13. May have already been discussed here if so forgive me:

    A California judge has dismissed charges filed against ABC by former General Hospital actor Ingo Rademacher (Jasper "Jax" Jacks), stemming from the network's COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

    1. yes. If you type in General Hospital that all that's come up on top for the past few days, from every news source.


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