Thursday, June 1, 2023

Pool Kissin'

Here's hoping today is a more exciting show because I was ready to fall asleep BIG TIME!! 

Anna's double agent status was leaked. WSB guy shows her a paper with her as the headline. Martin comes in, hired by Valentin. Anna's being charged with treason LOL. It's some weird stuff about the public finding out she was a double agent and yada yada. Martin says it's bad. I can't figure it out. I guess the public will see her as a Judas and even though the WSB said she was all in the clear all those years, they are going to throw her under the bus to save themselves??? The public found out that Anna was never held accountable for her crimes. Anna says if they threaten Robert or Anne Donnelly she'll get MORE things she has hidden to embarrass them. 

Valentin goes to Laura's house (it's the next day)for his 'gift' from Victor. Oh, he wants Charlotte's necklace. They talk about Anna's arrest and article in the newspaper. They talk about the Chechnya property. Laura thinks Nikolas is there. Valentin and she are going to go there together. 

TJ and Jordan were supposed to meet for coffee, he forgot. Molly's at her mom's house. He tells Jordan about the endometriosis. Molly walks up to see TJ. Jordan leaves. Molly and TJ talk and apologize.

Joss, Spencer and Trina at the pool. Then Dex comes in and Joss and he make out at the door. Dex tries to shake Spencer's hand. Then I don't even want to explain it but they end up giving each other tips poolside on fighting. Spencer and Trina talk about the key Victor gave him and what it could mean. 

Joss talks to Dex about turning that video in of Sonny to help Carly. 

Stella visits Portia and Curtis. She wants to clear the air after they find out that Curtis is Trina's bio daughter. Portia leaves for the hospital. Curtis and Stella sit down for tea and a talk. Curtis forgives Stella for keeping the secret about Trina from him. OMG then he tells her he realized he wanted to be with Portia AFTER KISSING JORDAN! She asks how Jordan took the news. He didn't tell her. GEESH poor Stella, another secret! 

Jordan finds out Curtis moved back in with Portia. 


Trina makes Spencer go to the bank to look in the box

Anna resigns from the WSB which is what she thinks Victor wanted in the first place

Valentin and Laura are going to Chetchnya 

Joss tells Dex to give her the video so she can help her mother beat the SEC charges. 


  1. ----I have problems with Laura leaving Port Charles AGAIN - not a good mayor ------but I LOVE her working with Valentin..........BUT Kevin is stuck with Esme and Spencer again....I guess Charlotte too? She must have moved back with Valentin?
    ----the whole Anna thing went fast so there has to be more.....does she go with Valentin and Laura and they all are on vacation?
    -----Curtis didn't say he just kissed Jordan - so Stella thought they did more.....another secret
    -----Laura Wright posted on Twitter that big drama coming for Carly so I HOPE it's not she is in jail but that she busts Nina..
    -----I just can't even ponder WHAT is in the box that Spencer finds out about his family?
    ----TJ/Molly = don't care.
    ----LOVE Martin

  2. Think of me saying in Villanelle's voice from killing Eve: BORING!

  3. Tomorrow's show has RoHo and Masonjar. The disappearing characters and stories on GH really suck.
    I too LOVE Martin!
    Something I love about Curtis is he says "Auntie" correctly. It's a major pet peeve of mine.

    1. They are only called "Ant" down south. As far as I am familiar with

    2. Sadly it is everywhere. lol

    3. "lindie says, They are only called "Ant" down south. As far as I am familiar with"

      No. :) I say ant.. :) But I spell it Aunt. :)

      "Zazu say, Something I love about Curtis is he says "Auntie" correctly."

      I didn't know there was a correct way to say it. ROFL!

      "Tomorrow's show has RoHo and Masonjar."

      It's about damn time!

      "The disappearing characters and stories on GH really suck."

      Yeah they do!!!

    4. Alabama born and bred here and I was taught the same as Sonya. So, it is said 'Ant' Jean and 'Ant' Cat but spelled Aunt Jean and Aunt Cat. All in a slow Southern drawl. 😊

    5. The way I see it Aunt rhymes with Haunt. Ant is a different word. I live in the northeast and plenty of people say it wrong here too. We all have our peeves.

  4. I fast forwarded through half of the show, but love martin too

  5. This thing with Anna is absolutely STUPID. Find another reason for Finola to go on vacation.

    1. They ruin every woman on this show. So, Anna is no longer a WSB agent, such BS. So what, they are going to have her join the newspaper with Alexis who they took away her law license. This show HATES women. I am so PISSED

    2. She's now free to join Laura and Valentine in Europe on another adventure. Maybe they'll film there if things are closing up in the States. What surprises could be in store in the old castle...dun de dun dun

  6. Some funny one liners today. :)

    Kevlar's home: Too bad V.C. missed the Tribbles's party. It was so much fun! :D

    V.C. and Laura: Oh V.C. got the middle finger that Victor left him. ROFL! James Patrick Stuart's hand is shaky. I hope he is okay. Ooooo they are going to Chechy. Man poor Doc.he has a lot of patience. :) I hope V.C tells Anna.

    WSB office:

    Frank Drebin, Anna, and Marty: Frank Drebin acts like Anna is a double agent now!!! This is so stupid! Who cares!!! This makes no sense.

    Anna and Marty: Resign from the WSB? But you are not working for the WSB anymore Anna!!!! I just can't with this.

    Purtis's home:

    Curtis and Stella: That's not that Curtis forgives Stella, but he should really be more specific about what happened between he and Jordan! And then it happened?! Stella is going to think you two slept together! Curtis why are you acting so dumb? Just take your shirt off. :)

    The hospital:

    TJ and Jordan: It's really nice that he is comfortable talking to Jordan about Molly.

    Tolly: Holy cow they are so boring! Zzzzzzzz.

    Metrocourt pool:

    Sprina and Jex: Oh Spencer and Jex are having peace awww. :) Oh Spencer is faking! ROFL!

    Sprina: Oh yes Spencer listen to Trina's pool rules! ROFL! Trina wins the line of the day.

    Trina: Oh yeah. Josslyn is definitely breaking up with Dex to stay friends with you.


    Jex: Yes Joss, Sprina are in wuv. :) You are in wuv with Dex! Admit it!! :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to April 18th 1984* Alan and Monica in bed, and Edward interrupts them.

  7. The lock box:


    Trina: Is that what I think it is?

    What is it?! Condoms? Tribbles? The green beans? Badger Bob's relatives? Spencer wins the line of the day.

    Spencer: Remind me to thank him the next time I see him then.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! OH MY! IT'S THE SMOKING GUN! THE PROOF!!! Oh Victor you sly one. :)

    Dex's home:

    Jex: Blah blah blah. Either you go on a date or have zex! Just stop talking about the same damn thing. Oh well at least he told her he is in love with her. That made the scene better. :) Cus then they aren't talking about Sonny Sonny Sonny.

    Carly's kitchen:

    Michael, Carly, and the Tribbles:

    Carly: The man I love.


    Carly: The man I used to love.

    Oh Carly! He isn't the man you USED to love! You are still in love Sonny!!! The Tribbles want you to turn on Sonny!!!! They want you to turn him in!!

    Metrocourt pool:

    Sante: Wow Dante can't stop looking at Sam's bread. If she is not careful she could have a wardrobe malfunction and have a nip accident. :)

    Sante, Sonny, Nedlia: Wow! Sonny almost bowled Sam over. Oh wow Olivia! NOW you believe Ned is innocent and didn't do it? About time. Sonny! NED IS INNOCENT! GAH!

    Nedlia: Awwwwwwwwww. :)

    Sonny and Dante: Yeah Sonny you better calm down!

    Purtis's home:

    Jordan and Curtis: Holy hell Curtis!!! You have feelings for both Portia AND Jordan? No you don't. You are just hurting and are a mess right now. You don't know what you are feeling right now. You gotta chill out and figure things out! I'm glad Jordan realized she wasted 2 years of her life. Now you can move on with either Taggart or Zeke. :) If i had a choice I would pick Taggart.

    The hospital:

    Ava, Pawtucket Holtster, and Mason Jar: About damn time they show them all together! Yes Mason Jar I miss you. :) Ava looks all shiny. :) I wonder what Mason Jar has in store for Ava.. Hmmmm.

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1996* Lois in early labor!

    1. Curtis is a bum. What a nerve. Jordan should have planted one on him, and I don't mean a kiss.

    2. Lots of loose ends getting tied up on GH today and the previews show Jordan with someone we've been waiting for. hehe

      Glad Ned is off the hook now Sonny just has to find out it was Nina who blabbed.

      I hope Michael doesn't tell Carly who took that footage or it could be bad for Dex.
      And Mason jar needs Ava for something...hmmm Will he tell her Nick is alive, in Europe? hehe

    3. I thought Jordan did a great job of putting Curtis in his place today. She left that conversation with her dignity in tact and him in her wake eating crow. Out the door with her head held high.

  8. i think Karen forgot to post!!!!
    Jordan I don't think can act BUT I am looking forward to her new romance with Portia's hunky brother!
    ----HOW is Spencer not mad at Victor for holding on to evidence????? He won't use it - and with Laura gone no telling what he and Esme would do....
    -----Mason is not a great bad guy---plus he is too cryptic
    -----Carly rightfully so is gonna be so mad at Joss and Michael and Dex when she finds out the truth..
    ---Glad Olivia knows Ned is telling the truth-----I thought Sonny was gonna figure it out...
    ----to repeat WHY ISN'T DEX AT WORK - he hasn't seen Sonny since Joss talked with him...
    -----just my quirk = WHY is Sam wearing black at the pool - not a bikini but black clothes?
    I'm bored....



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