Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Going away


Molly wants to harvest her eggs. They talk about hormone therapy but she wants to freeze her eggs first incase they want to use a surrogate. They want a vegetarian, a non-smoker and not to watch VIOLENT MOVIES! ahahaha OMG

Alexis shows up and TJ says that Molly is having an ultrasound to see how many eggs she has. 

Nina and Ava are outside in the park. Nina tells her she didn't tell Sonny the truth because Ned is Eddie Maine not Ned. Ava says he could regain his memory at anytime. Nina says she'll take that chance. They go to get a latte. 

Carly goes to tell Sonny that Drew is pleading for the SEC. Sonny is like: meh, ok. He and Carly talk about Ned having a head injury. Nina and Ava walk in. 

Drew tells Dante, Carly and Alexis about the SEC deal. Sam is PISSED especially since he's doing it for Carly. She lays into him. Alexis leaves. Dante goes to do the dishes. Sam is really angry he'd leave because of Carly and Scout is 6 and she'll miss him. 

Liz finds out Portia slept at GH because of Curtis kissing Jordy. They talk about her angst over the whole thing. UGH

Taggert asks Jordan for a job! She thinks he wants one so he doesn't have to travel as a PI and will be close to Trina. She offers him her job while she's Deputy Mayor. He's going to be commish for awhile. 


Nina's "missing ring" was found by the plumber

Portia goes to see Jordan. 


  1. Most of the show was a conversation about Drew going away for....six months! That's all???
    They are writing Nina and Ava like they are 14 years old.
    Only good thing today was Taggert being the commish.

  2. OMG, had to fast forward the entire show. Everyone is dressed like winter. A first grader could write a better show. Sorry, I have lost interest and that is saying something.

    1. Me too. I mainly come here for Karen and Sonya's recaps.

    2. "Gary says, I mainly come here for Karen and Sonya's recaps."

      Awwwww! :) *BEARHUGS* :)

  3. It is ridiculous. I have watched since the 70s and this is unwatchable.

    1. DeeDee, I completely agree. Been watching since the 70's as well and completely devoted, but this is SO unwatchable now. I am so sad

  4. Some funny one liners today.

    The hospital:

    Tolly: Freeze eggs and get a surrogate? CoughcoughKrissycoughcough Wait they are going to use TJ's sperm right? They didn't talk about that. Okay I get you want a surrogate who doesn't drink or smoke, but no violent movies?! BAHAHAHAHAHA! You think the baby in the womb would get scared and scarred for life?

    TJ and Alexis: I like that TJ isn't afraid to talk to Alexis about this.

    Liz and Amy: Is this what Liz is going to do from now on as head nurse? Berate Amy all the time? I hope not.

    Liz and Portia: Geez Portia instead of whining to Liz, go talk to Jordan and tell her off. Oh oh they are walking around and around and around! UGH!

    Jordan's office:

    Jordan and Taggart: Geez Jordan must think that Laura is going to be gone for 10 years. Where is Mac? I'm waiting for Jordan and Taggart to kiss already!

    Jordan and Portia: Oh yeah! Here we go! :) Damn we have to wait until tomorrow. Guess we will just have to imagine what Portia would say. You kissed my man? How dare you bitch! Then Portia throws Tribbles at her. Wait how did she get the Tribbles?

    The REAL park:

    Nina and Ava: I can't believe Nina actually threw her engagement ring down the drain! BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

    Sonny's home:

    Carly and Sonny: SEC SEC SEC blah blah blah. Oh look the green beans are falling asleep! :)

    Nison, and Ava: Oh goodie! The plumber found her engagement ring! BAHAHAHAHA! The green beans rolled their eyes. :)

    Ava and Nina: Nina whining about Carly again.

    Nina: It's not fair!


    Sante home:

    Sante and Drew: Ooooo Sam is so angry with Drew! :) LOVE IT!!!! Dante wins the line of the day.

    Dante: I think the dishes need to be, I will go do the dishes.


    Drew and Sam: Yeah Sam you tell him! I love this! :) 6 months in jail? Yeah right. Could be more you idiot! ROFL!

    The REAL park:

    Crew: Yeah keep saying 6 months Drew. That 6 months could change. Isn't Carly feeling hot with what she is wearing?

    1. Oops forgot one thing about Tolly. This recast is making Tolly so boring. I don't see chemistry, until he got close to her, and then oh my I saw a spark. :) The kiss was a little stiff though. They can work on it.

    2. Mac should be Commish, Dante should be Chief of Detectives. Period.
      Get him Sam! And that's all Drew is good for, washing dishes.
      So sick of Neener, her whining, her angsty expressions, everything. Sonya, sic the Tribbles on her would ya?!
      I really need Portia to take down Jordan. And I don't care how, Tribbles, Green Beans, her fists...I don't care, lol!
      Thanks for recap, it's better than the show. :)

  5. Only one other time in 55 years have I stopped watching - today I did - I just cannot with Nina-----when she said "I can't lose Sonny"----------she is a grown woman and acting like a 16 year old...........same-o dialogue..
    -----rumors abound that Nina is gonna lose it and have a mental breakdown ---- which I can see coming - and Michelle Stafford's Nina WAS mentally ill......but I agree with everyone - the writing is the worst ever----------------it's like they aren't even trying anymore...
    -----reading recaps - yep, I saw the beginning to nu-Molly and she was not impressive....and the other recap was Taggart wanting a job ------so can Jordan just GIVE him a job OVER Mac or Dante or even Anna??????
    -----why does Drew think Springridge? I missed that - cause it's gonna be Pentonville
    -----sigh - just sigh ------ugh.....I'm depressed....

    1. Totally agree with you mufasa, and with Lindie, and with Gary, the whole show is just a big fat sigh....

  6. I also think Mac should be Commish, and Dante should be Chief of Detectives. Given Marcus' background with the PCPD he shouldn't even be considered. But then Jordan covered most of that up so she is not a great choice for acting Deputy mayor either. IMHO



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