Monday, June 12, 2023

Shortie Today

GH Convention Pix 

IT's finally raining here!! 24 days without rain is a record for us in June!! So happy to get some. Even the birds are running around crazy like. 

Well, it's Monday so let's get going. With the Miami thing tomorrow who knows if GH will be interrupted or not. 


Ava and Austin meet at The Metro. Austin tries to talk Ava into doing what Mason says. 

They take Ned to GH and Tracy says Drew attacked him and would have let him drown. 

Drew sees Zeke and explains what happened. Then Chase asks Drew to come down to the station. 

Olivia, Brook and Tracey are at GH. Tracey wants Finn to examine Ned. Finn says he's still knocked out. He's going to have a CAT scan. 

Joss/Dex and Carly and Michael in the Corinthos Kitchen. Michael wants to hire Dex to "protect" Sonny. Joss thinks he's crazy. 

Sonny and Nina at his office. She's so sorry she caused him any pain from Nixon Falls. She wants to go home, get in bed and forget the world for awhile. Brook Lynn calls and tells Sonny about Ned. Nina looks shocked. 

Finn and Liz talk a lot about Epiphany which was nice. They still miss her. 

YEAH.. I had to leave early because I'm just so over most of this. 


  1. I want Ava's earrings......
    LOVE that they still miss Ephinany - it is realistic and so poignant....
    -----still can't remember when Sonny told Nina "yeah, it's fine - no danger - we can be together'

  2. I hope that Ned wakes up as Eddie Maine.

    1. I'd be here for this!! I mean - Chase borrowed his Eddie Maine clothes awhile back - so you know they are still around!

    2. that IS a rumor online - and Olivia DID just say to Ned that day "I didn't marry Eddie Mayne"

  3. Sonny's office:

    Nison: Nina is feeling all the guilt feels, Sonny is confused, and Badger Bob has to pee. I'm glad Brooky called Sonny about her father. I love how Nina is pretending she didn't know about Ned! Hahahahahhaha!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Pawtucket Holtster and Ava: Okay what?! Why does he want Ava to kill Sonny so badly? Oh damn when he got really close to her, I can see the sparks fly! He is giving her compliments. Forget killing Sonny! Just kiss! :)

    Carlys kitchen:

    Jex, Michael, Carly, and The Tribbles: Well, okay glad that's all decided. Of course Dex is going to want to keep Sonny safe! He is in wuv with him. They all are ignoring the Tribbles who really needs to pee badly.

    The Metrocourt pool:

    Zeke and Drew: I'm glad Zeke is Drew's lawyer!!

    Zeke, Drew, and Chase: Yeah I love Chase to death, but yeah Drew needs his lawyer to go with him to the police station. It's just safe for everyone including Chase.

    The police station:

    Drew, Zeke and Chase: AH HA! There IS a video! Good good. :) Okay I'm glad Drew is free.

    The hospital:

    Tracy insists that Drew hurt Ned, but ahhh there IS a video! So Tracy had to retract what she said hahahahha! The look on Nina's face! Hahahaha. Pee on yourself Nina? :) Chase got a text then looks at Nina. Ooooo is there a video of Nina at the pool? Oh please let there be a video of Nina!!! Soapy messy goodness! :) Another text from Chase and he looks. He then looks at Nina again. Tracy talks to Sonny. Tracy wins the line of the day.

    Tracy: Of course you say that. You always deny crimes that have actually been committed.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh no poor Ned!!! :( Olivia and Ned scene. :( He has got an electrode cap on. It still looks strange and funny, but it looks a lot better than Lulu's white electrode cap. When Olivia yelled out TJ, I thought she said AJ at first. :)

    The end of the show: "In loving memory of Jacklyn Zeman." Awwwwwwwwwww. :)

    1. Oops forgot one thing.

      Liz and Finchy: Awwww they miss Piffy. :( Oh oh they are walking around and around and around! Hey if you two have to pee, then go pee.

  4. Girl it's done nothing but rain here and they say we're still in a drought! I'm like where? Everything is lush and green...on with the show, mediocre. I do believe that Chase is on to Neener! YES! Finally! Poor Ned though, oh well at least he'll have a break with doing both shows. Joss is really working my nerves, to do girly things with Trina, God...take a Dex break 🙄😂 Even Ava and Austin sl getting on my nerves. Maybe I need a break 😂😂 Glad that Tracy was told what for and recanted.

  5. Haven't watched the whole show yet but I did see MB make a major announcement on FB. Apparently there was a contest to name Sonny's badger, who we know as Bob. His name is now....Brutus.

    1. Brutus?!!?! Eww no!!! It's Bob! It will always be Bob!

    2. Ha! I saw MB's video annoucement about "Brutus" and thought of Karen and all of you. Then I said that's SO wrong! It's Bob, Badger Bob, come on now, lol!

    3. "Julie H says, Ha! I saw MB's video annoucement about "Brutus" and thought of Karen and all of you. Then I said that's SO wrong! It's Bob, Badger Bob, come on now, lol!"

      Brutus can be his middle name!! Badger Bob Brutus. :) Hmmm he does need a last name. :)

    4. Definitely not good.

      Badger Bob...flows off your tongue. Bad ger Bru tus does not flow. It farts!

  6. Austin was totally Franco today.............

  7. Don't forget to check the recording you set for today. Mine just deleted itself this morning as the date has changed.

  8. No soap today. Just another day in the life of a con man.

    1. Well up until 10 minutes before the show there was still no announcement about the show being cancelled and the show that we might get to see sometime this week was still being advertised. No WARNING in advance because ABC wants our eyes on their channel whether we want to be there or not. they just need umbers.

    2. Love it. That is the RL soap. Lol


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