Wednesday, May 31, 2023

WED: Molasses


OMG that will reading? SUCH a let down. SUCH a let down!! I'll talk about it more during Sunday Surgery but cripes. It should have been EPIC. And also? Hate Laura's apartment. She was so "homey" her entire life.  That mess looks like a waiting room. 


Carly, Michael and Joss still at GH. Joss tells Carly to through Sonny under the bus with the SEC. Carly says no. Joss rolls her eyeballs. They argue. Joss thinks Michael should tell their mom about the whole Dex thing. 

Will reading: Spencer wonders what's in his box. Oh he's not going to open yet though. Anna comes in. Spencer also gets an envelope meant for Nikolas until Nikolas comes back. Don't know what's in there. Victor tells Anna he's going to give her "the truth". She seems bothered. He leaves Laura his admiration for being the last one standing. Spencer's note is property he left Nikolas. It's in Chechnya. 

Alexis left the reading and is in the office. Esme is freaking  out because she made a mistake. Something about sending an email to the wrong people. Greg fixed it. Esme leaves. Alexis wonders why he ghosted her. They talk about the ALS stuff. 

Taggert shows up at GH to get the DNA results with Trina. Curtis shows up with Portia. Marshall and Stella stay home to eat the gumbo. Taggert and Trina talk about how things could change if he's not her bio dad. It took forever but Curtis is Trina's DNA match. Trina says she will move forward but she doesn't need a father, she already has one. 

Sonny goes to The Metro and he and Nina talk about the wedding. Then Anna comes in. 


TJ comes out and says Willow is done with the transplant. Tells them the time for recovery is 2-6 weeks in the hospital. Names off complications that could happen

Anna gets arrested by the WSB 

Spencer's box had the turtle doves inside and a key

Taggert goes into the elevator and cries

Anna's taen out in handcuffs 


  1. Alexis's office:

    Alexis, Gregory, and Vampira: Man! Vampira needs to lay off coffee. Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: Not today. CLOCK OUT!


    Alexis and Gregory: Well, I'm glad Gregory realized he needs people in his life!!! :) Good scene. :)

    Kevlar's home: What truth Anna? Anna looks bothered by it. She must know what the truth is. A property in Chechnya? Must be where Nik is being held recovering? Hmmmm. Another adventure? :) Victor gives Laura peace! Hahahhahahaha. Does that mean the curse has been lifted? Awww the Tribbles's party is over? Too bad.

    Purtis's home:

    Purtis, Stella, and Mr. Hat man: Awwww Stella is being sweet. She means well. I want some gumbo!!!

    Stella and Mr. Hat man: Poor Stella! I'm glad he is there for her. Hmm touching hands. Will they become something? :) I WANT THAT GUMBO!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nison: Yeah Sonny don't care about wedding plans! Just elope.

    Nison and Anna: Oh oh Frank Drebin arrests Anna! Leave her alone!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Michael, Joss, and Carly: Oh brother. Blah blah blah zzzzzz.

    Michael and Joss: Same conversation. Zzzzzz.

    Carly, TJ, Michael, and Joss: Willow's recovery time will probably a month or 2. Zzzzzz.

    Spencer's bedroom: THE DOVES! I knew it!!!! :) Now give one to Trina, Spencer. :)

    The hospital:

    Taggart and Trina:

    Taggart: If you end up being in another family, it doesn't mean your not mine.

    Awwwwwww! He made me tear up! :(

    Taggart, Trina, and Purtis: Trina you have 2 fathers now. It's okay!!! :) 2 fathers that love you!

    Taggart in the elevator: GAHHHHHHHHHH! He made me cry!!! :( He is heartbroken and I can feel it! :(

    1. I bet Trina's mom changed the DNA report. Nothing DNA goes easy on GH.

    2. "KS says, I bet Trina's mom changed the DNA report. Nothing DNA goes easy on GH."

      Hmmm maybe. And you are right.. Nothing DNA goes easy on GH! :)

    3. I think Selena changed the results. Taggert had me tearing up, too. And Curtis....sigh...judgmental fool. He'll be trotting around Trina constantly now getting on everybody's nerves. Mine included.
      I already expressed my displeasure with the lackluster will reading yesterday. Not wasting my time again, and yes, so disappointed. And I'll share a bowl of that gumbo with you! :)

      Sonya yes, cut off Vampira's caffeine source. Good lord, lol!

    4. "Julie H says, I think Selena changed the results."

      We have to wait and see what happens!!

      "Taggert had me tearing up, too."

      Poor Taggart! :(

      "And Curtis....sigh...judgmental fool. He'll be trotting around Trina constantly now getting on everybody's nerves. Mine included."

      ROFL! Of course he is going to tell people that Trina is his daughter. He is happy! :) Although when the results were read he didn't look happy. Maybe he is wondering if Ms. Wu switched the results.

      "I'll share a bowl of that gumbo with you! :)"

      Yummmmmmm. :)

      "Sonya yes, cut off Vampira's caffeine source. Good lord, lol!"


  2. the worst will reading ever, too ----- I don't believe he thanked Laura and that was it???
    it was just bizarre and bleh...
    ----the key has to be to the building in Russia but it shoulda been another country, let's be honest...
    ------so Victor was head of WSB and knew whatever it was that Anna did to betray it a long time ago (I don't think it's about faking her death or Valentin would be arrested)....I'm with others - I think Finola is going on vacation....
    - I hate Joss........The End
    ----Esme was like old Esme - faking scream and upset ---- WHERE is KEVIN???
    ----Mayor Collins gets lotsa time off..........and she doesn't need to leave Spence with Esme......Charlotte or Kevin....
    --lemme defend why I don't think Curtis is the father and that Selina changed the results.....she wants to keep him busy......he was all about danger and WSB and now he won't do it cause of Trina - Donnell just signed a 3 year extension on his contract so SURELY we can't go 3 years of Curtis trying to please Trina??????

    1. Boring will reading...Ugh....I think the writers gave up knowing the strike was coming.

    2. "Mufasa says, -the key has to be to the building in Russia"

      OH! They key! I forgot to mention it.. Yeah that was a surprise to see a key! Could be the building in Russia.

      "I hate Joss........The End"


  3. Replies
    1. Very sad how hate seems to make your day.

    2. Oh stop it. We are talking about fictional characters. All in fun. Not real.

    3. Joss is very easy to hate.

  4. I liked Taggert's breakdown in the elevator. Other than that, another blah episode. (I did like the small touch of having a "Star Trek" book on Laura's coffee table. Her real life husband, Jonathan Frakes, plays Will Riker on various "ST" shows.)

    1. I saw the Star Trek book too, and smiled. A very nice nod to Jonathan Frakes!

  5. I hate that they are making Curtis Trina's dad. It is not necessary. Taggart should have stayed the dad.

  6. The whole reading was awkward and dull.
    Are they changing Anna again? She is acting weird.
    I was so hoping that neither Taggert or Curtis was the father, like someone here suggested.

    1. "Zazu says, Are they changing Anna again? She is acting weird."

      Well of course she is acting weird. Victor told her he knows her secret. So it's bound to bother her. Of course the secret is, she was a double agent, which was so stupid.


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