Wednesday, January 26, 2022


 Sonny is still manic, trying to get Donna and Avery's tree house all ready for a WINTER PICNIC..he was up all night, no gloves...yada yada. Nina freaks out. FINALLY calls Britt. Says she did try to call Phyllis but no answer. Describes what is happening to Sonny. Britt tells her to keep him calm and try to get him to see his doctor. He has to realize that he's having an episode. Later, Sonny grabs Nina hard and she finally convinces him he's having an episode and he cries. Done really well... she gets him to say he'll call the doctor. 

Chase and Bailey are in Kelly's..Val comes in. Valentin asks if she's on solid foods. She likes Bananas. Val meets Martin. Oh, he's still Bailey's legal father!! Valentin asks Chase why they haven't changed the birth certificate yet. 

Maxie, Anna, Felicia and Austin are in the woods. Maxie recreates the birth. All flashbacks at this point. Austin doesn't remember being knocked out but remembers someone else there. Oh he's remembering!! 

Britt goes and taunts Peter says he's going back to Pentonville tomorrow. He asks if Maxie knows. She says shut up. LOL 

Victor goes to GH to find out who owned the photo of the sonogram. Nurse leaves for a minute and he looks at the computer. Britt says what are you doing. They yell. She says he should be in jail for what he did to her mother. He asks if she has symptoms of her Huntington's. She says she doesn't have it. He says "why did your mother leap to go to the conference" ..Britt says it wasn't real. Oh maybe she'll figure out he knew she had it, and ergo changed her test results. 

Ava finds Carly in the yoga studio. Asks about Avery and Carly says she'll have to talk to Sonny but she does see the girls daily. Ava is pissed they were with Bobbie the night before and no her. OMG GREAT CATTY FIGHT lol. Ava basically says that Nina will be waiting for him. Brook Lynn is there and tells Ava to buzz off, family is family. Ava leaves. Then Brook Lynn talks to Carly about moving out. 

Teens are in the cabin. Spencer tells Esme they are going skiing as per Trina's suggestion. Esme isn't happy. They all go skiing. Come back..Trina feels like the 5th wheel.  Spencer and Cameron talk about zex protection. 


Austin remembers the baby story

Valentin realizes Brook could be lying about Chase

Victor REALIZES the baby switch and goes to talk to PETER damn it

Sonny is at GH to get his meds, Britt is with him

Nina ends up at Carly's yoga class

Esme puts pills in the hot toddies. 



  1. It was a really good show today. A lot is happening. I'm glad they aren't dragging Sonny's episode out any farther and he is going back on his meds. The scene with him and Nina was really well done.

    I can't wait to see what's going to happen tomorrow.

    1. Agree with everything you said! Fingers crossed today is as good as yesterday! :)

  2. well it's here n 2 days - February sweeps - so NOW everyone will figure out about Bailey but I STILL think Peter will have the baby kidnapped and escape....this freakin story will never end......Nixon Fall was 9 months - Peter is 100 years.......

  3. The Sonny/Nina scene was very good.
    Carly at Yoga class made me LOL.
    At least the show wasn't boring today.
    Victor should kill Hiney. Someone should kill Hiney. His face is all puffy. Needs to die.
    Just a mention about Curtis. For months he has been kvetching about his 'father'. And then poof...all is well and fatherly love is all around. Wish other things could happen that fast.

  4. Carson home:

    Sonny and Nina: Oh Nina spent the night. Glad she didn't leave.. Wow! Bravo! Maurice Bernard did one hell of a job!!! :) It broke my heart seeing Sonny like this. :( Nina call Phyllis!!! Oh she did.. Well, I'm glad she called Britch. Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: I don't hurt women.

    ROFL! I'm sorry but really writers.. Sonny doesn't hurt women? Come on now! :) He has always said that, but emotional abuse is still hurting women! Although he hasn't said faithless whore in a long time, but still. Anyway great scene and I'm glad that Nina convinced Sonny do go to the hospital to see his doctor.

    The hospital:

    Nurse and Victor: OH! Victor knows the truth now!!! :)

    Victor and Britch: Hmmm why bring up Britch's Huntington's Victor? Unless she doesn't really have it, and you messed with her results. Hmmmmmm.

    Britch, Nina, and Sonny: I'm glad Britch is helping too.

    Nina and Sonny:

    Sonny: Thank you for caring.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)


    Victor and Hiney: Oh oh!


    Chase, Bailey, and V.C.: Oh boy!!! Things are really coming ahead aren't they?

    V.C. and Marty: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MARTY! :) Hahahaha. Thank you Marty for telling V.C. about the birth certificate. :)

    The woods:

    Pawtucket Holtster, Felicia, Anna, and Maxie: Pawtucket Holtster is starting to remember.. He is so close. Right on the edge of his brain! I thought Maxie was going to blurt out the truth. Rats.

    Pawtucket Holtster and Maxie: THERE YA GO! :) Tell him the truth Maxie!!! ALL OF IT!

    Yoga class:

    Ava vs Carly: Delicious. :) No Blazer Lynn no! Don't interrupt! It's sweet that you are sticking up for family, but Carly can handle Ava. :)

    Blazer Lynn and Carly: Blazer Lynn all worried about Carly. Awwww. :)

    Nina and Carly: Nina gonna spill to Carly about Sonny? Probably not.

    Ava on the phone with Avery: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    Sonny's cabin:

    Jam: Jam is gonna lose their jam, but I have a feeling that's not going to happen.

    Cam and Chad: Chad is a very smart young man. :) Yes use protection Cam. :) You don't want any surprises. :) Unless you are all drugged up, maybe have sex with Trina, and then get Trina preggers.

    Jam, Spesme (Not sure what their couple name is), and Trina: Oh boy! Here we go!!! Wait a second. Vampira just brought out the hot toddies with the pills?! Why didn't she put the drugs in the pills while she was in the kitchen? ROFL!

    1. And no one is going to notice Esme with pills. Ok.

    2. I think she did put the drugs in when she was in the kitchen. The writers just had her haul the pack out so we could see it and know that the pills had been added.

    3. Will Valentin figure it out? Hope so. Who knows ows? Victor doesn't give a care about Valentin. Just going to give Louise to Peter and have control of Drew or whatever he wants.

    4. I hope that Valentin puts 2 and 2 together quickly. He wondered the last time he was at the Q's if Brooklyn was "frightened for Bailey" or something to that effect. She can't claim any father on a birth certificate now. But, how is it that she could have Valentin on a birth certificate and paperwork, but not Chase. Tad says Chase would have to prove he's the father. Valentin didn't have to "prove" he's the father. That makes no sense.

    5. I'll be choking Victor today. Telling PLP. Jerk! And please let Valentin figure it out now and stop this never ending debacle!

      Esme and the pills...this is going to get very messy. Maybe she'll drug herself by mistake, lol!

      As much as I hate to say it, Smike and Nina were really good. But I need to see Sonny actually take his pills. I don't want this dragging out. Will Nina blab to Snarly today about last night's events? If should be a cat fight. Maybe Sonya will get to see her brawl after all, lol!

  5. does anyone know what esme is up to?

    1. I think she's trying to get Cam and Trina in bed together. IDK Just my thoughts.

  6. "lindie says, And no one is going to notice Esme with pills. Ok."

    ROFL! They are all supposed to be blind.

    "Di says, I think she did put the drugs in when she was in the kitchen. The writers just had her haul the pack out so we could see it and know that the pills had been added."

    Oh! Didn't think of that. I hope that is what happened.

  7. I thought they wrote Ava and Snarly backwards today. They made Ava more bitchy and Snarly more calm and smooth with her replies. I'm not sure what the writers are trying to do but I wasn't buying it. We all know Ava should have Avery home with her at the very least shared custody.

    I enjoyed Nina & Sonny's scenes. They were beautifully acted and Mike came through there at the end.

  8. I know I'm in the minority but I do not like Trina. she is a goody 2 shoes old lady. GH in the past had teens who were a little naughty. she is too boring.

    1. One thing I notice is she seems young for Spencer. Just on the naive side but I do like her.

  9. When will someone take out Peter.

    1. I believe it. As long as he has this cushy job he's going nowhere.

    2. Sorry but I find the actor as repulsive as his character.

    3. Wes Ramsey has stayed TOO long at the fair. He and his Hiney are atrocious.

  10. OK, so Kevin Collins is the prescriber on that Tramadol bottle Esme has. NO WAY. I am calling extreme BS. Tramadol is a narcotic. Doctors are VERY careful with narcotics these days. He would know if she got a hold of a narcotic in his name. Also, there is a thing now called Electronic Medical Records. No more paper prescription pads. OK, this is GH and no one in Nixon Falls has internet either. Ridiculous. Oh, and GH also thinks condoms are the only form of birth control still so there is that after all.

    1. I am sure that Esme is going to drug everyone, put Cam and Trina in bed together, take pics with her new phone, have Joss walk in, and put the pics all over the internet. Or, even stupider, Cam will have sex with Trina and think she's Joss, and Trina will get pregnant. BAD GH.

    2. Oh, and another one; that nurse/ tech would have signed out of her computer when she left. PLUS, patients and visitors can't just wander the nurses station and be so close to the computers. Sorry, now it is my ranting day.

    3. She's staying with Laura and Kevin. She probably stole a blank prescription from his pad. Just go with it. *Passes lindie a paper bag". lol

    4. Yup, I've needed a paper bag with this show lately. When it isn't putting me to sleep, it's pissing me off. lol I know it's just a show.

    5. lol I know. That's why they need to add a little joy to the show. No love in the afternoon here... or even like in the afternoon. We need more laughs. My family and I
      talk every day...2 days for brothers, and we always end our conversation with a laugh. the hardier the better. Here's hoping we'll get a laugh tomorrow.


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