Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Every Little Breeze...


A few twists and surprises for me this week, huge outcry on Twitter and a few interesting speculations and here we are! It's SUNDAY already. 

I put that baby up there because she's adorable and I needed adorable today. It was a serious week on the show and that face makes it better. 
Let's GO GO 

I almost considered not writing this week just because I'm a soap watcher that glosses over quite a few major 'concerns' due to the fact of "it's a soap" and probably my age. Hell, I thought Luke and Laura were the greatest love story for awhile what do I know?  Seems that my concerns over the teens not checking on Trina during the drugging story was magnified by 1000x and also presented with problems over the whole nature of the story. To me? Kids, cabin, drugging sex tape.. evil character--par for the course. Optics? Didn't think about Trina being the black girl who got the brunt of everything and her white friends (especially Joss) just not being there for her. . Because...I'm white so I didn't think of it in those terms. Ergo, bear with me when I summarize. 

I do have some perspective from someone I admire and is also a soap-watcher-blogger.  Ryan of TV Source  wrote this on twitter:  (when the podcast is up I will give you a heads up and a link)

Not commenting on #GH today (yet) but we did discuss on the podcast taping last night the optics of Trina being the only POC in a group of white friends who is drugged, and how frustrating it to see it rivaling real life events w/ no responsibility on creative’s part. #TVSPodcast

TRICK OF THE WEEK: The teens went skiing and played a game of "Never Have I Ever" . I was happy that for once, this seemed normal for their age.  Then, Esme drugs Trina who goes into the bathroom in obvious distress.  As the four argue, no one goes in to check on her. They believe her when Esme says she's asleep in the bathroom. Spencer and Esme leave and Cam and Joss make the love. All caught on camera that Esme set up. Was it live streaming? Was she using Trina's phone? Esme was shown having a burner when she was looking at her drugs. I think she's going to blackmail Cam and or Joss into breaking up? Or just get Trina looking like she destroyed them? I don't know. I DO know that this whole thing is a mess from beginning to end.  Obviously, GH has a way to go in getting diverse writers for break-down and dialog let alone all over story. 

By the way, even in the dinosaur age when I was a teen/young-adult we checked on each other if one of us was passed-out. 

PRICK OF THE WEEK:   Who's the biggest douche in all of this? SPENCER. I mean, I get it. She's your girlfriend but you have a big connection with Trina, your friends are telling you what a jerk she is and you... just leave WITH her!!! 

DICK OF THE WEEK: Oh for THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IN SOAPS --WHY??  Ok, the baby story has to come to an end, we all get that.  Maxie is in the woods with Austin, Mama and Felicia. Valentin is with Martin figuring things out. Victor already figured it all out and goes to tell Peter. He's a Cassadine for sure! Why does Victor tell Peter? TO GET THE KEY to DREW'S BRAIN. Um.. why? I'm still flumbuttoxed about that. If you want people killed, just hire someone? I mean?? Well, anyway, Peter ends up seeing Bailey-Louise in the hallway. Brook thinks he might know the truth. Chase poo-poos that idea. We all know where this is going. 

SLICK OF THE WEEK:  Not only did you tell Peter the Bailey secret, you kidnapped your own son because he found out the truth. How Helena of you.  Note to self: Don't ever go in the GH Parking Lot--it's nothing but trouble.  ** NOTE: I think the kidnapping of Valentin is so that JPS can go film his new primetime show for Disney. 

PICK  OF THE WEEK:  So many great Sonny scenes this week. He's descending into his mania and Maurice just plays it perfectly. As someone that is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, I'm sure this has been close to his heart. He goes from wildly trying to get Carly back, renting out The Savoy to finally trying to build a heated house for his girls out in the yard. Dante was the first to realize something may be off with his Dad and it's curious he wasn't around for subsequent scenes. Instead, they had Nina find Sonny at The Savoy and convince him to go home. While she realizes he's off his meds, she ends up calling Britt. Britt gives medical advice but not much else. Nina does NOT call anyone in Sonny's family citing Sonny 'doesn't want her to' (um, NO..he's not thinking clearly). We did get wonderful scenes during Sonny's final revelation that yes, he needs to go to GH. 

KISS OF THE WEEK: Maxie shuts Austin up by kissing him. Do I want them together? Not after seeing he and Britt together. The whole woods thing was weird. I suppose it was to make Austin realize Maxie was talking to someone else (Brook Lynn). Still, it wasn't very suspenseful or interesting. At ONE Point I thought that the kids might go get help for Trina and end up finding Austin. They aren't in the same area but we don't know that. 

YOGA SNARK OF THE WEEK: Namaste! Ava and Carly spar over Avery. Ava wants to see her more and is angry Carly took her to Bobbie's. I mention this scene because, as per usual-- Ava is magnificent. Sasha also popped in, seemingly coked to the gills and the girls were concerned.  Carly and Brook talking was also a bit unexpected. 

YES, THAT'S KRISTINA OF THE WEEK: Yep. One for one day. Then that other bartender guy was on the entire time. Come to find out, he's Katelyn MacMullen's (Willow) RL Boyfriend. Of course, it seems if Krissy's on, Molly isn't. Can't win for losin'. 

ACCENT CHECK OF THE WEEK: I'm used to Martin's genteel lilt now..but watching Peter switch into a British accent was just stunning. Really? you take on the speech patterns of the person you're sharing scenes with? Yes, Peter has "actor emoted" before...but this was a whole other thing. 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Britt. Just because I loves her. She was telling Peter off so.. that's a win-win. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Harmony gives Alexis a saying for her desk.  They are trying hard with these two; even Kristina seems to approve. Of course, Alexis is saying "No friendship" so we'll see where it goes. Also very interesting they don't mention Diane. Her BFF for years.  Diane was just on with Carly but no scenes with Alexis. Hmmm...

Did she steal Dr. Collin's prescription pad? 


Alexis gets her office at The Invader: Harmony comes to visit 

Curtis and Stella talk about Marshall, no real headway

Marshall and Epiphany talk about the fact she wanted to become a doctor

Sasha seems to be suspiciously upbeat after Liam's death

Brando realizes he needs help dealing with his grief 

Sonny has a manic episode; Nina takes him home, calls Britt 

Sonny finally goes to GH but has to wait too long. A talk with Brando might stop him leaving

Teens go to the cabin; Esme drugs Trina. Trina gets ill

Cam and Joss make love for the first time, Esme films it

Austin almost figures out Bailey is Louise

Valentin figures out Bailey is Louise

Victor figures out Bailey is Louise

Victor tells Peter Bailey is Louise 

SPOILERS:  Kristina and Sonny get a scene together! Dr O will be on next week, Spencer is headed to prison, Ned and Olivia renew their vows  and Laura is suspicious of Victor. 

NEWS: Kin Shriner posted he's on his way back to Port Charles so we can look forward to Scotty back in PC in about 2-3 weeks! 

That's a wrap. I saw nothing in the spoilers about that tape so I don't think it was a live stream. Esme will probably blackmail Cam into leaving Joss ? I don't even know. Let's see what happens. Let's also see if anything was edited out of the part of checking on Trina.  I also didn't notice any Peter/Baby spoilers --meaning it's going to be MORE time before that's resolved. :eyeroll:  I'm feeling the weight of a giant cast again. That leads to the ability to spin things out for a lifetime because you can jump around so much. 

Snow? We still have about a foot here with more coming every day. We're used to it --but the cold? It's been single digits and only into the teens for so long!!  Thanks for reading and stay safe. 


  1. I read about the outrage over Trina online. I agree. That was just a horrible, horrible story with those scenes in the cabin. Hope a lesson comes out of this or something.

    Yup, Valentin will probably be off screen a long time. Peter will kidnap Louise/ Bailey and he'll have her for years and years with some lackey as the "nanny" since he has no freaking idea about how to care for a baby??????

    I say this ALL the time. LESS Sonny, Carly and Nina and MORE Robert, Mac etc.

    Thank you Karen for all you do!!!!!!

    Snow here too. Maybe 6 inches??? Haven't ventured out yet.

    1. PS. That is THE cutest baby. In one scene you could tell her eyes were so tired and she drifted to sleep. Awwwww

    2. I saw her falling asleep. It was adorable. :-)

  2. I hadn't thought about that criticism regarding the teens not checking on Trina. Honestly, a lot of stuff happens off-screen on "GH," so I just assumed they looked in on her at some point. I *do* think Esme's plan is to make Joss think Trina made the video out of jealousy and break up their friendship. Now, that is some old school soap villainy.

    With all that is going on with Sonny and Carly, Ava needs to get primary custody of Avery. (Of course, we all know she should never have lost it in the first place.)

    Kristina is scads more interesting than Sasha, Willow, Brando and others. If it's due to budgetary reasons that we don't see her more often, dump a couple of newbies.

    There's no excuse that Alexis has turned to Diane more often. If I had my way, Harmony and Alexis would try a romantic relationship and Diane will provide an ear for Alexis as she navigates new waters.

    "GH" needs a good arch-villain. Peter ain't it. Victor is. Maybe have Victor say "enough is enough" and have Peter whacked.

    1. "Kevin says, Honestly, a lot of stuff happens off-screen on "GH," so I just assumed they looked in on her at some point."

      Yeah! That's what I said to them on twitter.. Got no response. *Shrug* They don't show everything. A lot of the time it's off screen.

    2. Kevin, knowing Peter he will try to double cross Victor.

    3. Yup, Peter won't follow through to help Victor is MO. Victor was stupid to believe someone like Peter would keep his word. I do like Charles Shaunessey as Victor. Good casting there.

  3. "Hell, I thought Luke and Laura were the greatest love story for awhile what do I know?"

    THEY WERE!!!!! :)

    "huge outcry on Twitter"

    Yeah I don't get the anger. Joss DID go see how Trina is! Trina wouldn't let her in to the bathroom. I'm sure Jam went to see how she was off screen. They have a lot of things happen off screen.

    "Who's the biggest douche in all of this? SPENCER. I mean, I get it. She's your girlfriend but you have a big connection with Trina, your friends are telling you what a jerk she is and you... just leave WITH her!!!"

    Of course he left with Vampira. That's not surprising or shocking. He was thinking with his "muscle"

    "Harmony gives Alexis a saying for her desk. They are trying hard with these two"

    I don't think they are trying hard or forcing it. Seems natural to me. They were both in the same spa jail as you call it. :) They bonded and became friends.. :)

  4. Great SS! I think this teen scenario was appalling. Trina could have been unconscious for all they knew and obviously wasn’t well - a real turn on for Joss and Cam? That baby is so beautiful! It hurt my eyes to see Peter looking at her. Someone really needs to kill him already. Victor may be a villain but he is charming and can act. I fail to see the appeal of Maxie to Austin. She never even smiles when she is with him but Britt has the chemistry. Thank goodness we were spared Millow for awhile. I like Harnony’s gestures to Alexis since they seem very sincere. And more Kristina please!

    1. Yup. Peter looking at the baby was creepy. A d he is so so crazy like Faison.

    2. There is NO comparison between the two. Faison was a wonderful villain.

    3. That is true though zazu, Faison was good villain and good actor. Just saying that Peter is a crazy person. Crazy smiles and stuff.

  5. Guess I'm in minority as I don't like Harmony or her with Alexis. Bring back Diane for Alexis friend

    1. me either - I thought Ryan was going to kill Harmony or something when she kept appearing ----but now I don't know - seems forced....LOVE DIANE

    2. Make it 3 of us. She’s the gh Maxine to the gh Epstein {Shiloh}

    3. Linda that is my thoughts exactly. Harmony is Ghilaine Maxwell and Shiloh is Epstein. Creeps me out.

    4. Yes maxwell, my bad on the name.

  6. Thanks for another great SS!
    As I watched I wondered why they never checked on Trina. This cabin story was building up for weeks or longer. It just flew apart. They are blowing the chance for Esme to be a real baddie. So much potential. Why would Joss break up with Cam over a sex tape? Spinelli could fix that.
    Bailey/Louise is totally adorable!
    They have done to Valentin what they have done to many female characters. Dumbed him down.
    It is tiring to listen to the same conversations over and over without the speakers ever getting to the point.

  7. your friend is passed out and that puts you in the mood for your first time? too bad they are writing esme into a corner. she is a very talented actress.

    1. Actually Joss talked to her through the door and she said she was fine but she wanted to be left alone.

  8. I didn't think about the token black girl like some said on Twitter, because I adore Sydney and think she stands alone in her talent - SHE is the best young teen on there...BUT i hated the drug thing too because it WAS narcotics-----not just some over the counter sleeping pill....I TRULY don't think the writers KNOW how to write anymore - do they not do the storyboard?
    It's Feb 2022 on Tuesday and we have suffered 2+ years with PEE-TAH...the PCPD is a joke - Valentin and Alexis are supposed to be WSB agents but can't solve cases...yes, JPS is now filming another show so Anna will have to look for him.........for months.....
    GH is all over the place......
    so many possisiblities - finally Sonya Eddy will have a storyline - but Marsall's storyline goes on and on------don't care anymore---Jennifer Smith popped in and then left.....Austin YES with Britt, not Maxie...Drew just talks to people but I love CM
    HATE Nina storyline cause she is in love with MIKE - not Sonny
    I could go on and on, but it's disppointing to see broken storylines unless it's Nina and Carly and Sonny......
    Karen's tweets and blogs are now MY show - not the one on TV!! LOL

    1. Yup, JPS probably will be off the show for a bit. Wonder if Finola will go on vacation too???????

    2. Calling Trina a "token black girl" is an insult to the amazing actress who's been playing the part for 3 years. The writers should have made it more obvious that they checked on her but making this about race is just haters,looking to spread more hate and division. The only color we fans see is through the rose colored glasses we use to watch our favorites on the show.

  9. PLUS no way that Joss would believe TRINA did the video.......she would KNOW it's Spinelli for crying out loud.

    1. We do all love Trina and the actress. They are doing better on the show with more diversity than previously. I really appreciate that. Hope it continues. Also I am upset with how Spencer is acting. He did seem to genuinely care about Trina. They could have done better with the cabin stuff


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