Friday, January 21, 2022

In A Jar's here. Luke's Death has been such a nothing-burger it's hard to muster anything for the memorial. Seriously. We had a day-then.. nothing. People talking about everything else BUT Luke's death. 

Haunted Star: Anna, Felicia.. Laura, Curtis.. Spencer. Victor comes in. Ava and Nik are there. Lucky can't get out of Africa and Nathan will go to the funeral in Amsterdam... off camera. Victor leaves after everyone tells him to go. 

Felicia and Anna are alone in the "Luke Room"...boring. 

Tracy is outside with the urn. Alexis comes up. Tracy snaps at her "I have Luke in a jar"!!! 

Sonny is pre-loading at Charlie's . Dante thinks he shouldn't go. Sonny don't care. Robert and Scotty walk in. "Who do I hate more, Luke or Sonny Corinthos"? Says Sonny by a photo finish.  OMG Sonny and Scotty are going to fist fight. Victor walks in. Scotty and Sonny hate Victor more than each other so they all fight. It's just... :eyerolling: anyway, they stop and go to the memorial. 

Carly and Bobbie talking at Kelly's. Lucas IS WORKING :eyeroll: They talk about Bobbie's family. Luke. Ruby. Then they talk about Carly's marriage. 

Yeah, Helena was on a big TV talking smack about Luke. "If you're seeing this, I went first and Luke finally is following me". She disses him. Laura finally turns off the TV. Carly, Sonny and Bobbie finally make it. Tracy does the eulogy. 

Tracy lets the ashes go and they fly right in Scotty's eyes. 

UM, JENNIFER SMITH SHOWS UP. I can't. ...seriously? LOL okay

Wow, underwhelming is all I can say. I'll save my bitching for Sunday Surgery. 


  1. Favorite line: I caught the bouquet. LMAO

    They said they beat up Victor but he didn't have a mark on him. lol

    And yet again we hear the word....princess. Wonder what bad luck is going to hit who. Can't imagine Esme not wanting to get her hands on that.

    And I wonder if jennifer is a one-off, or if there'll be a sl.

  2. It was so-so. Loved all the classic characters on-screen and the pairing of Scorpio and Scotty as drinking buddies was an interesting choice. Actually, I would have liked to have seen Scorpio and Sonny have a convo and a toast since they were Luke's best bros over the years. The ashes in Scotty's face was pretty funny and Helena looked great in the video. Jane Elliot also looks fantastic.

    1. I agree. Luke and Robert were best bros first and then Luke and Sonny. Robert and Sonny could have compared stories. THAT would be good with flashbacks thrown in.

  3. it was the worst we all could have written it better. Not about Sonny or Carly - why would Tracy start the service without Bobbie there? Mac, Felicia, Ned, Olivia, Monica, and Elizabeth - WHERE were they? Jane Elliott was perfection.......why didn't others speak?
    WHAT did Helena have to say? I think Victor knows Helena is alive (see the preview) and that Luke is off somewhere.....but there are SECURITY cameras on the boat and ROBERT or DANTE didn't want to see WHO brought in the TV? STUPID STUPID STUPID...
    We know Luke isn't dead ---- there were no clips or flashbacks - it was a Mickey Mouse storyline with Scotty and Sonny and Victor. The only GOOD thing were the ashes hitting Sonny.................SOOOOOOO disappointing..............ooooooo and Tracy just happens to travel with the Ice Princess????? Don't tell Esme........

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    2. Didn't you listen to what Helena had to say? She is dead.

      Luke is dead. There's probably no flashbacks because they can't use him anymore.

    3. We saw a few Luke flashbacks a little while ago. Of course they can use them.
      Of course they are dead. They said so. LOL

    4. Not even the cast believe Luke is really "dead dead."

  4. ashes hitting Scotty I mean....

  5. What was the point of all this? Victor will threaten PC with an apocalypse forever. I hate when they bring someone back from the dead or wherever and insert them in almost every scene.
    A 2 second bar brawl. Come on.
    Maybe it's a good thing that they never had a tribute show for Stuart Damon. It is rather obvious that they don't know what they are doing. A multi-faceted character like Luke just flattened. Even if there is more on Helena's video...who cares.
    I don't remember Jennifer Smith. Remind me please.

    1. Jennifer was mob kinkpin Frank Smith's daughter. Frank forced Luke to marry her or he would kill him (can't remember spdcifically why). The day of their wedding (on a yacht) Scotty found anote written by Laura that Luke was the one who had raped her. An enraged Scott went to the yacht and physically fought with Luke. Scotty punched Luke overboard and everone thought that Luke was dead. But, Luke survived and jumped out of the wster, grabbing Laura by the ankle as she was walking on the pier. Thus, the beginning of the Left-Handed Boy Luke and Laura on the run story.

      Jennifer has been played by Sally Struthers and Roseanne Barr in past iterations (but they were not first Jennifer).

    2. Thanks! Such an important part of the Luke legacy. Not.

    3. "Zazu says, I don't remember Jennifer Smith. Remind me please."

      Oh I would love to! :) Jennifer Smith is Frank's Smith's daughter.. She was in love with Luke. She was played by Rosanne Barr at one time and Sally Struthers. Jennifer and Luke almost married at one point. Well, here is all the info about her.

  6. Yeah but she may be "dead" but Victor knows more than he is letting on and Laura cut Helena off...she is coming back in time for the 60th Anniversary

  7. Lenny's bar: HI PHYLLIS!!! :) Oh Scotty hates Sonny more than Luke awwwww. :) How sweet. :) Wait Scotty wants to get drunk before he crashes the wedding? Hmmm I think Scotty is drunk already! ROFL! Scotty isn't invited to the wedding! BAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

    Scotty, Sonny, Robert, and Victor: This was hysterical!! Scotty and Sonny wants to team up! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: I think I hate him more than I hate you.

    BAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA! Well, I wanted a fight and I got it! :) I wanted Carly and Nina to fight, but this will do. :) Too bad the Tribbles couldn't join them. :) Poor Robert got a black eye. Poor Phyllis! She tried to stop them! ROFL!

    Victor and Phyllis: 55 dollars for a brandy!! Yikes! :) Well it's okay. Victor has got 100 dollars. :) Keep the change? Awww Victor you are so sweet.. Also sweet the the other glass is for Luke. :) Awwwwwww. :) He thinks Luke is dead and he killed him. ROFL!


    Carly and Bobbie: Talking about the past!! YAY! :)

    The haunted Star/Luke's funeral:

    Laura: Take your Burly Doberman with you.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day if Scotty didn't win it. :)

    Tracy and Alexis: Lucy haws a 42 page speech? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah I couldn't wait for that. :) Wait who is REALLY in that urn? ROFL! :)

    Ava and her children: Ava is grounding her 14 year old son Nik and her 15 year old son Chad. No funeral for you!

    The funeral: That is sweet that Curtis is there for Laura. He IS her friend afterall. Too bad Doc couldn't make it. Or Lucas. Big TV, I'm thinking Helena!!! HA I WAS RIGHT! :) Wait wait wait, don't unplug the tv. I want to hear what else Helena has to say. I guess this means she is still dead. :( Geez no flashbacks? Hint that Luke is still alive? Lucky has Cholera? Has to be quarantined? Hmm Cholera? Or Covid? Hmmmm? :) Wait wait wait the funeral is over?! Lickity split just like that? What about Lucy and her 42 page speech? Where is she? This bites. We can't even hear what Helena has to say and Lucy is not there. What is the point of Luke's death and the funeral?! Oh wait Jennifer Smith!!!! HELLO THERE JENNIFER SMITH! BLAST FROM THE PAST! Maybe she has a clue about Luke! Hey Tracy has got the ice princess?! Tracy why would you think Laura wants it? Chad wants it haha. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :) So Tracy won't throw it in the water, then what is she going to do with it?

    *Laura looks at the big picture of Luke*

    Laura: Goodbye my love.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :(

    The shuttle: Awww Scotty not going to crash the funeral. ROFL!

    *Luke's "ashes" flew at Scotty*


    Bobbie: Whoa! What happened to you?

    Scotty: I caught the bouquet.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! He sure did! :) He just can't get away from Luke! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to the outback* This is when Lucy and Damian had a bet. Lucy chose Bobbie. :) This is how it all started with Damian and Bobbie.. Sure Lucy is partially responsible, but Bobbie had choices.. And she chose to be with Damian. So she is responsible for a LOT of it.

  8. Very underwhelming. Wonder what juicy info Helena had to say at the end. Wonder if anyone will listen to it. CT still looks amazing at like 87 or whatever. Jennifer Smith?? I'm confused. Looks like it might e the same actress?? But who cares?

    1. I did like that they mixed it up a bit with Robert and Scotty hanging out and then the thing with Sonny. I think Victor was only one not hurt because his Doberman did the punching for him.

    2. Oh and what is Victor plotting that is so huge? Better be good by golly

  9. I don't think either are dead, but not to listen to the whole speech seemed weird - she might have had insight about someone, etc. OTHERWISE what was the point of the Helena video?

    1. I wonder if anyone will listen to that Helena video after the fact?

    2. One would think yes as it was cut off abruptly. But stories have been dropped just like that so who knows.

  10. Dang. Constance Towers is 88. She looks fantastic

  11. No mention of Kiki wasn’t she killed in that same room where Ava was with Nik and Spencer?
    Come on writers!

    1. Oh ya. I think Kiki was killed in that room. That would really have upset Ava.

    2. I don't think that Ava saw Kiki in that room. If my memory is correct it wasn't until the body bag was being wheeled out that she saw Kiki.

  12. Lets hope that Esme is not Jennifer Smiths daughter.

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