Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Brunch with Brad


SUNDAY! Brunch Day! And since the best part of GH this week was BRAD, he's agreed to sit with us as I *itch about a mostly "meh" week.  Going OLD SCHOOL WUBS today! Scripted just for you. Narrative at the end. 

Eat ya bagels. 

So, you're telling me you almost murdered my brother, Peter August ?

Um... yah...


Sorry. My Aunt hates me too. 

You can't intimidate me, Peter August!



AND THEN, I HIT HER--HIT HER HARD!! I hate Nina..Hate her.. Hate Nina. Nina Nina. And oh, NINA!! Talk to me about it...I want to hear it all!! ALL OF IT!! 

Carly, you're being unreasonable, I think you're really mad about Jason

Stop Talking!!! HOW DARE YOU! I'M LEAVING. 

I make lasagna, she won't eat it. I pack the girls lunches, she don't care. I hide the cowboy hat... and get nothin.  I'm tired and it's probably a great time not to renew my Lithium prescription. Nah, I'll just let it lapse and drink all this scotch here. Yep. Good plan. 

So, you're telling me if I just wait for them to implode, not go after Wiley and then pick up Sonny's pieces one by one, I'll win? 

Just make sure you pick up what's in his pants first.... 

BINGO! You're out of jail, Tracy... Have fun. Not sure why I didn't do this a day earlier but... Whatever!! 

You mean to tell me NO ONE in this town has figured out Louise is...Bailey?

Well, no...they are all stupid. 

True... but I know now and... 

And what? 

I'll pay for you to live with Chase in your own house. Only makes sense. 

Cool, thanks. I like his chest. 

We're really cute together, Britt..

Yeah, but you have that Bun -Thing goin' so... 

Well, and there's my asexual boring Maxie chemistry so...

Better luck next time. 

Well, that's suspicious. I found my wedding ring in my locker. 

You mean we finally get to go on a date and...

Well, it's creepy and a sign. 

I think it's a sign you need to go put a sweater on, it's 10 degrees out there! 

Why am I on contract? I have no idea. GH needs more women my age? Wiley needs another grandmother? An ex-sex trafficker is a great idea? What? 

Esme...listen to me

Yeah, yeah...yah...blah

I actually got Wordle in 2 goes today so...I think I know something you don't 


Kevin bans Esme from seeing Ryan at Spa-Jail 

Liz called off her date with Finn because she found her wedding ring in her locker

Alexis dropped the whole Tracy thing, Tracy isn't in jail

Tracy knows Bailey is really Louise

Chase and Brook Lynn are moving in together to "hide" from Peter August

Felicia went to talk to Peter August.  That's about it 

Carly slapped Nina then yelled at Sonny and moved into the Metro 

Drew talked to Sam and Carly and Victor

Nina hired Martin Gray to get Wiley back, Ava talked her out of it

Family Meeting at Laura's house ends with no solution

Victor was around town, being charming

Michael is mad at Sonny for hurting his mama. 

Brad tells Britt he tried to kill Peter August but it was his Aunt's fault 

Hat Dad Marshall admits he was... doing some bad things with bad people. Yawn. 

SPOILERS:  Luke's memorial takes place on the Haunted Star, Girls Night Out, Felicia is worried about Maxie and Chase and Brook learn to live together. 

WUBS SPEAKS: Ok, here's the narrative. Sonny and Carly are the reason I was watching. Loved the Nixon Falls Fallout and the fact that Sonny was embracing his Mikeisms. The problem? THEY DECIDED TO TAKE HIM OFF HIS MEDS. Ergo, anything that happens from here on out will be BLAMED ON HIM NOT BEING ON HIS MEDS. Instead of exploring what could happen and how his character can grow and blend... we do this. I get there's a whole bi-polar story with Sonny but is now the time? Hell no. 

Ava is the one to watch in all the CarSon mess...she's delighting in all of this. Now let her go get Avery. 

Cassadines? Well, Victor is certainly fun and charming and has all the stuff needed to be a great Cassa-Leader. Problem is we need them all at Wyndemere not in Laura's ultra-70s mod condo. You know I'm liking Esme and that Ryan connection. She's about the only baddie to root for lately. 

Alexis: she needs to just embrace her new job and get on with it. This Harmony thing is baffling. Is Harmony still running a grift? If so, who would care? I am loving Sam and Alexis scenes but the lack of Kristina (especially with what is happening to Sonny) is baffling. 

Drew is walking about town acting as a sounding board for every Tom, Dick and Carly. He loves Scout. He and Sam smile. If they make Drew and Carly a thing, I will just ... ugh. Please. Let Carly be alone. Like on some island somewhere. 

The Liz-Ring story might be intriguing if it's a surprise like she put it there and is having a break down or if Finn's doing it to her because he's really some diabolical mastermind. Oh, wait. That wouldn't be the case so...never mind. 

LOVING: Brad/Britt. I wish he could move in with her. I'd watch them watching Real Housewives and just dishing.  Tracy is also a highlight of the show. Jane makes every scene shine. Also: Esme. Give me more Ryan connection please. 

HATING: Anything Wiley, Willow, Michael or Grandmas. This whole "Luke is Dead" thing that's not really a thing ... until the Haunted Star memorial thing, then it will be a thing again. 

BAFFLED: Austin is Jimmy Lee Holt's son, right? But he does really nothing with the Qs except have tiffs with Brook Lynn now and again. :eyeroll: Let the guy have his shares and get it going already. 

BEYOND BELIEF: Anything Peter. Or as they insist on writing: Peter AUGUST (like we don't know who he is).  If he doesn't escape going back to jail and then finding out about Louise and kidnapping her I'll faint. Jason isn't here to rescue her so maybe they'll throw that over to Anna? 

That's a wrap! Cheers!! Just not a great week for me, sorry. Sometimes the wheels turn well and sometimes not so much. See ya! We are due for our "Whopper" Snow tonight. Hmmm...we shall see. Even if it's 2 feet I'll have to go to work Monday! 


  1. OMG. The show was so boring this week but your Sunday surgery made it all better. Holy cow Karen you are so hilarious. I love it.

  2. The screen caps, OMG! Just fantastic! Still laughing, thanks!

  3. I agree about it being boring. The stories are too dragged out and the cast is too big.

  4. I think February sweeps needs some deaths starting with PLP. Esme should practice her skills. NOT on Cam Joss and Trina though.

  5. That was really good! You nailed it on every topic.

  6. Thanks so much. Only bright spot in my morning so far...well, the power's back on but my Keurig broke!!! Waaahhhh. Fly me to Port Charles . I'll k*ll Peter AUGUST my self!

    kd said: "Finn's doing it to her because he's really some diabolical mastermind. Oh, wait. That wouldn't be the case so...never mind."

    *** lol Too funny and my sentiments exactly.

    I just love your take on everything. And we really need Brad and Britt together to add a little sunshine to these other dismal plots.

    Sonny off his meds will drive me away for sure. Been there...seen that. And with so many of us tittering on the edge these days the last thing we need is a play by play of someone's mental breakdown.

  7. How you put together such an entertaining SS after a week like this we will never know. Thank you!
    At least there was some Britch action. Anytime Brad is around it's a good thing.
    What we all have been saying for years is still true...too many unneeded characters and dangling stories. It's just messy.

  8. Agree too many dangling stories. I think Maxie and Liesel should take out Peter and soon! Love Britt, wish they could find her a date.

    1. I liked britt with jax, but he is gone.

    2. I'm still the Jason and Britt fan. How about Drew and Britt?

    3. yes I would like drew and britt. over snarly

  9. I like Esme so much I am almost rooting for her. She makes everything interesting like Ava, Brooklyn, and Valentin's portrayer do for me. I agree I don't want her hurting the teen gang but she's way more interesting right now.

    Karen has said before give Eden a chance to shine with a really good story. These kids can act. There are so many good stories to tell right now but we basically have only 4 on canvas right now. Peter/baby Louis, The hat dude with Curits, Nik/Spencer fam feud, and Carly/Sonny/Nina. Everything else is too spotty to mention. I love the Leo story but dropping it to every third week status is disappointing.

    1. I love the actress playing Esme. very talented. hatman story is toooo boring.

    2. Have hat man be Victor lackey. That would be better

    3. The stories above aren't necessarily the ones we like... just the main ones dragging out ☺

    4. Sometimes I think we forget that they may have had trouble having actors come in during these times.Those that came were called on even more, to work in groups of 2 or three and throw the show a lifeline as the numbers went up. Plots that were supposed to last weeks have been dragged out for months and the longer sl's have been dragged out even longer. I'm sure we're going to see the sl with Britt and Maxie disappear for a while as they got sick. (And who knows who else that we don't know about.) I think we have to be prepared for this for quite a while, but at least they have put something new...or gently used lol...for us to watch every day.

  10. the editing drives me nuts ---- days passed and we didn't see Elizabeth talking to the boys - what about the ring????? WHAT DAY IS IT? January what?
    ya'll know I can't stand Nina now------so no one - not even boring Willow - has said to Nina, "YOU hate Jax and Carly because they LIED to you about NELLE and yet you lied to all of Port Charles about Sonny. What is the difference?"
    Sonny going off meds is exactly what Karen said - NOW it's about medicine - not Nixon Falls.....sad they are redoing that storyline...and Carly should have recognized Sonny's 'high' when cooking....
    Ava - go get Avery..
    Sonny - confront Selina about PEE-tah being alive.
    BORING week.

  11. Not that I wanted to see it but there was no service for the man who died after rocks dropped on him. Yet one has been scheduled for Luke right away. Granted all Monica needs to do is change the date on his plaque in the mausoleum. In real life people go off their meds all the time, for Sonny it's just too much. We all know it will negate anything that happens with Nina. The only reason they are having Carly move out is so no one will be there to notice. Michael and family need to go to the island for a long vacation, Wiley isn't in school, and Willow never goes to nursing classes. I still say Wiley should get sick and it's found out he is not Michael's, Nelle got pregnant on purpose with random dude A who they can find and give him that kid and they can stop tying people down with unnecessary kids. Ms. Wu needs to get someone in a nurse's uniform into Harvard's room and inject an air bubble into his iv, it's beyond time for him to go. Then we can focus on a who dunnit. Maybe that's our gift in February sweeps, I'd like to think so, but they disappoint us so much it won't happen even though it should.

  12. Monday is a holiday. Not for you? Great SS given the ridiculousness of the show right now. Latest ratings continue to be in the toilet. Lost 20k viewers. Not that anyone cares about ratings anymore according to soapmagrags.

    1. it is now..they closed the office because of the weather...but I was going in to do paperwork. Kids are off.

  13. So, I just saw some previews of this week. Do you think Valentin really is trying to get revenge on Brook Lynn or are he and Anna up to something to try to "flush Victor and Peter out"? Hope things get better this week.

  14. 1979 when Luke meets Laura.

    1. About 3/4 into the video. He looked different back then.


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