Thursday, January 6, 2022

Weird Timeline


Oh BOY did I need a distraction from today's news and history!! SO Glad the show is on!! 

Tracey and Brook and Bailey..Bailey is going to Deception with bailey where they have daycare. Tracy gets all smirky and asks about Maxie. 

Maxie, Lucy talking Deception public. Sasha and Brook show up too. Lucy wants to go to the stock exchange to ring the bell. M and B think that Sasha should. Brook also tells Maxie that Tracy not only knows the baby isn't hers, she suspects she's Maxie's. 

Alexis and Sam at the Metro talking about her new job at the paper. NED comes in!! Oh, he tells Alexis about Luke. Sam figures out Tracy's in town and she's supposed to be on the lamb for what she did to Alexis and the driving drunk charge. Anyway, Tracy RUNS into the Metro. Alexis looks miffed. Says Tracy gave her the best idea about writing about privilege's and the justice system. Um, didn't Alexis get pardoned because of Nikolas? 

Brando and Gladys at the Metro and Sasha walks in. Sasha and Brando haven't spoken or seen each other since Liam's funeral. She goes to the meeting. Brando and Gladys talk about loss. 

Dante comes over to the PH to see Sonny.  Sonny tells Dante about Nina taking him home and Nina didn't sleep over LOL. Waxes poetic about Nixon Falls but wishes he could forget Nina. Dante says Nixon Falls sounds like "Brigadoon" a magical town that comes to life every 100 years. Good scenes. 

Avery wonders where her daddy is. Then Olivia comes over. She talks to Carly about Nina. She asks Carly if she was honest with Sonny about her feelings for Jason. :clapping: Carly barks that she was in 'extraordinary" circumstances with Jason and anyway she chose Sonny.  Um, didn't Sonny choose her? And WHY ISN'T OLIVIA TELLING CARLY ABOUT LUKE? this is weird. 

Ava goes to see Nina and is happy she got the case dropped. Ava is giddy about what Willow said in court LOL Ava thinks Sonny might still be in wub with Nina. 


Lucy didn't find out about Luke from Maxie? Wouldn't she have told her first thing??? 

Olivia didn't tell Carly about Luke?? WHAT ?? and Luke is Carly's uncle--wouldn't Bobbie have called her ?? 

It's really bugging me

Sam calls Dante to come arrest Tracey at the Metro. 

Sasha puts on her lipstick and is all shaky. I thought she was going to use again but it was just lipstick. 

Dante arrests Tracy before she can tell Ned about the baby suspicions.  Sam and Alexis toast with their coffee mugs LOL 

Carly says she should call her mother back but then Sonny walks in. 


  1. Oh our Ava how I love thee... let me count the ways! Squeal! She is just marvelous.

    I enjoyed today's show. Sonny still was the WUB for Nina.. and now Carly will have to admit how deeply she felt for St Jasus.

    Karen I didn't even pick up on that with Carly or Lucy not hearing about Luke. Alexis barely batted an eye.

    1. Exactly. Alexis and Luke were good friends. So weird.

  2. Yeah some scenes were really strange.

    Q mansion:

    Tracy, Baby Bailey, and Blazer Lynn: Oh come on Blazer Lynn just tell Tracy the truth! Tracy is too smart for her own good.

    Nina's office:

    Nina and Ava: Great scene!!!! :) Love that their friends.

    Nina: I don't take joy from any of this.

    Ava: That's okay. I do. That's why I'm here.

    ROFL! Ava would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. Listen to Ava Nina!!! Sonny wuvs you. :)

    Sonny's penthouse:

    Sonny and Dante: How many conversations are they going to have of Nixon falls, Nina, Mike, and being in wuv?!!?

    Deception office:

    Blazer Lynn, Maxie, Lucy, and Sasha: Uhhh Maxie aren't you going to tell Lucy that Luke died? I mean Luke and Lucy were friends back in the day! Weren't they close? Didn't Luke have a nickname for Lucy? Wasn't it peaches? Or was that for someone else? Blazer Lynn just had to tell Maxie about what Tracy knows. Just tell her the truth!!!!

    Bathroom: Yeah I thought Sasha was taking out coke from her purse. :) The way Sasha was looking at herself during her putting her lipstick on and after, I was thinking is she going to have a split personality? Is this the different personality?

    Carly's home:

    Carly and Avery: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    Carly and Olivia: What did Sonny say when you told him about your feelings for Jason?

    BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! The writers are trolling us again! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Bobbie has been trying to call Carly! CALL HER BACK CARLY!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Gladys and Brando: Yeah Gladys has changed. She is so sweet now. I'm liking her now.

    Brasha: Awwwwwwwwwww. :)

    Alexis, Sam, and Ned: When Ned showed up, I'm thinking why is Ned there? He shouldn't be there!!! Ohhh to tell them about Luke okay!!!

    Alexis, Sam, Ned, and Tracy: Tracy wins the line of the day.

    Tracy: Yes he told me. Then my mind would begin to wander.


    Ned and Tracy: Yes yes Tracy! Tell him what you figured out!!! Wait what?!?!! Dante arrested Tracy?!!? Oh that Alexis and Sam scene with the clinking of mugs and smiling, so classless and OOC! I mean come on! That is something you would expect Tracy would do.. Not Sam and Alexis. Yuck. Anyway Tracy talked about Monica whining because Yuri is gone? HUH?! Monica and Yuri can't keep in touch? They can't have a relationship? What a strange thing Tracy said.

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1979* In honor of Luke's death, or should I say "death" this is the beginning of the love story of Luke and Laura.. The time around when they first met.. You will see Laura say in Luke's office when she wants to work at the disco, and she can't serve alcohol that she can serve food until she is 18. So, she married Scotty when she was 17.
    L&L FOREVER! :)

    1. Tracy did have Alexis thrown in jail. Remember she put Alexis in the driver seat to make it look like Alexis drive drunk. I'd be having Tracy arrested too.

    2. "lindie says, Tracy did have Alexis thrown in jail. Remember she put Alexis in the driver seat to make it look like Alexis drive drunk. I'd be having Tracy arrested too."

      Yeah I know, but weren't the charges dropped along time ago?

    3. The charges against Alexis were dropped but I think Tracy still had charges and left the country

    4. Yeah charges that had nothing to do with Alexis and Sam.. They should mind their own business.

    5. Agree that Alexis should have been more upset about Luke, but maybe she's like the rest of us and figures no one dies in Port Chuck, lol! And really Lucy should have been told, sheesh!
      So many lines of the day that you mentioned. Liv to Snarly about a Jason! I was applauding that one. Ava with Nina was cracking me up. And yes, Tracy. Hahahahah!
      The Bailey/Louise story is now officially on my nerves. Valentin should be told and they need to confess to Tracy as both would take the info to their graves. Come on already, lol!
      I enjoyed the Brigadoon reference, love the old Broadway musicals and that was a good one. :)

  3. Plus people are at work and it's still New Years day. Beyond weird.

    1. Dante said that Sonny was at the bar last night. That was New Years eve Timeline is so off and no one is telling people about Luke. Yes Lucy and Luke were good friends too. Luke was friends with like ALL the vets. Except Scotty. Lol

    2. "lindie says, Luke was friends with like ALL the vets. Except Scotty. Lol"

      ROFL! Yeah Scotty and Luke are not and will NEVER be besties! ROFL!

    3. I think they pasted clips together and it has not been edited.

    4. I think that lindie is right. They do not tape scenes in order any more. Even the actors have said they are confused about what their characters know or dont know while taping scenes out of order. On "choppy" days, I think this is what is happening.

    5. "Zak says They do not tape scenes in order any more."

      Really?! Why not?!

    6. I think maybe to save time and money the actors come in and tape multiple days of scenes at a time. IDK. I think it works something like that and then they "paste" it together???? So, occasionally we get really weird scenes and timelines.

    7. I think if the non contract actors are in only a few scenes in a week then they bring them in and film them all at once. Cheaper than bringing them in 5 times for 5 scenes.

    8. I also heard that it has to do with sets. There are only a couple of "permanent" sets (Corinthos house, the Hospital, the Q house maybe). All of the others have to be taken down when not in use and stored, re-structured when the are used again. It is due to lack of space on the lot. Therefore, when the non- permanent sets are up, they will tape all of the scenes for a couple of weeks in one or two days, with the different actors in the scenes. It's all about time and money, but makes for some confusion.

  4. I just don't like alexis and her smug face. this character has been ruined just like carly. put her on the backburner.

    1. I respecutfully disagree. she has ties to too many folks on canvas. I could never compare Alexis to Snarly. I do think it was crazy that she was pardoned, but this is a soap and so many folks have done worse and gotten away with it. Like when she killed a few folks back in the day (oops Keifer).

    2. Good grief. You think she should lose her livelihood because you don't like her face? Some of these actors have little enough work these days. I don't know how they pay their bills as is.

    3. I am referring to the one and only expression she has smug. I actually think NLG is very pretty.

    4. The one face Alexis does not have is smug. You are so off on this but hey, if that's what YOU think is smug, well that's interesting. But it's your opinion, so good for you. *see, now what I just said was smug with no face* LOL!

  5. Ava hair is a huge. I.
    Alexis is a no go for me too!

  6. I meant to mention Nina's hair looked great. Nice new cut. I always love Ava's hair. I think we're so used to the sleek look and today it looked like she had a body wave (only us older gals know what those are lol)

  7. What a bizarre ep. Everything so out of order. Must be due to covid. Although, even before Covid, many episodes were always so out of place, random editing.

  8. The editing on the show is definitely screwy right now. It disturbs the flow.

  9. It seems so weird that busy body Carly doesn't know about Uncle Luke yet. Olivia doesn't immediately tell her. Sonny doesn't know about Luke. Dante doesn't tell him. Etc. WTF

  10. Go to hospital where it will explain why scenes are shot out of order. I guess only the Nurse's Station is the only "permanent" set.

    1. Sorry should be: ascmag/articles/generalhospital

    2. That just gives a list of articles. Just copy and paste the info or tell us which one, please.

  11. The article is: "General Hospital: The Never-Ending Story - The American Society of Cinematographers"

    You can google it, too.

    1. About the equivalent of a dozen pages or more and I didn't see any of what you said you "heard" in the reply above.

  12. Ok. I know it's a lot to read, but it's in there. (Section where they say they say in 1979 they used to shoot one episode a day, but now shoot "multiple days" depending on the set they need to use.

    You can do your own research. Just trying to help.


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