Saturday, January 22, 2022

Jennifer Smith: Backstory


Ruby, Frank Smith, Luke, Jennifer (played by Lisa Marie) and Rick at the GH 4th Picnic 1980.

Since I know a lot of you don't remember her (and lord knows I barely do), I thought I'd give a brief rundown of Jennifer Smith, minor character in Port Charles' history. 

Jennifer Smith was the mob boss Frank Smith's daughter. She was played by four people: Lisa Marie, Roseanna Barr, Sally Struthers and finally Holly Gagnier in 2015. Holly was back yesterday at Luke's memorial. The two times she was played by Barr and Struthers it was more of a running joke about her obsession with Luke.  Tom Arnold actually played her husband, Billy Biggs when they met up in Vegas in 1994. In 2015 she kidnapped Lucky to get Luke to sleep with her. Well, not exactly. She didn't really kidnap Lucky so that ended up being nothing.

Yesterday she shows up in Widow's garb to the end of his memorial to confront Laura. Did you know that Holly is the acting coach for the kids and teens for the show? Easy and at the ready to pop in! 

Will this go anywhere? Is Jennifer the one that Brick was talking about taking over all of the territory in the West? Was she the "surprise" Victor was laughing over while drinking at the bar? I honestly don't remember her 2015 gig.  I guess I wasn't paying attention? 

Were you? Do YOU remember Jennifer Smith? Would have been way more fun if Roseanne came back. Huge PR too. But you know...Roseanne. 


  1. I not remember the original Jennifer Smith. After that it is all a blur. Nice to see them using some history since I think for the most part Luke’s death was a blown opportunity

  2. I don't remember much as there were years I could not watch GH. Sorry, OLTL was SO much better. This, IMO, is reaching way too far for a story. It is unnecessary. They rarely finish what they start until it is so tired no one cares. There is nothing compelling going on now. With all this amazing talent it is baffling and sad.

    1. No one cares about Jennifer Smith. Stupid to bring HER back

    2. I guess they wanted to bring someone back and no one could come in. This actress who played Jennifer and had a back story with Luke works on staff behind the scenes. I think it made for a perfect solution.

    3. It makes sense when Bobbie was talking about bring Luke to town to help break-up Laura and Scotty so that Bobbie could have Scotty all to himself. I thought it was a nice nod to the history of a character instead of history being re-written. I remember when Luke and Laura were on the run from Frank Smith where they were living in Beacher's Corner and Laura went by the name Lucy and wore a horrid Jan Brady curly black wig.

  3. Oh yes I remember Jennifer Smith! :) And yes with Rosanne and Sally it was a running gag.

    "I honestly don't remember her 2015 gig."

    I don't remember either. What month was that?

    "id you know that Holly is the acting coach for the kids and teens for the show?"

    No I did not know that.. Wow! Cool. :)

  4. i feel this will be a one shot deal. we will see her on monday and then she will go back where she came from.

  5. I do remember her but couldn't quite remember the storylines. I've been watching since the first day of the show - truly - but these storylines get lost over time. Plus I'm old!!
    I was kind of thrilled to see the Smith name pulled out of no where! We'll see if it goes anywhere,


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