Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Pick a Side...Any Side!


Again today my REAL WORK interrupts my ONLINE FUN... DAMN IT. They need to stop doing that!! 

SO...Carly or Nina? Both or neither? Carly is just too easy to hate. You know SOAP Character hate. So I'm usually on Nina's side. Do I think she was in the right? Hell no...but it's my daytime show and I can be as illogical as I wanna be! Sonny has explaining to do too but I'm enjoying all this too much to have it end. 

You know where Carly would be if Jason was alive. Heh. We ALL know where she'd be!! 

See ya tomorrow!! 


  1. Yup. Carly is a hypocrite. She'd be in Jason's bed if he'd have her still. Also I don't like either Carly or Nina. Probably because I've never liked Nina. I used to like LW Carly. Not in a long time.

  2. I'm team Nina. I know she was wrong with what she did, but I'm still in her corner.

    1. Not me. I find Nina to be unbearable.

    2. I think most of us know Nina made awful choices. If it were any other woman on canvas she did that to we would hate her. But she sticks it to Snarly which
      makes it all worth while.

  3. The last couple of weeks have made Nixon Falls bearable.I am on team Nina for now. Snarly Carly is finally getting her dues.Willow is becoming laughable now with her "offer" to Nina to give up any rights to Wiley.The Hat Man should just leave Curtis and family alone and exit Port Charles - the story has become repetitive and boring.The baby Louise story should end along with Peter's early demise.

    1. Yes, I am almost thinking Nixon Falls was worth it if it messes with Carly this much.

  4. Gawd I laughed at Sam today giving Harmony the dismissive hand wave. LMAO Sorry Sam, you have to exude an air of authority for that to work. And there was one close up of her in that scene which really demonstrated why I can't even watch her scenes anymore.

    I think Tracy knows Luke's alive. That's why she has to get back to Europe. And I was hoping that Alexis would drop the charges. It helps move things along faster.

    Sonny at the end....SIGH Back to the same old, same old before he got on his meds. Culminating in the huff and puff blow, as usual. I'll be FFing through his scenes now too.

    1. 100% agrees with everything! Mumbles and Snarly? The hypocrisy and nastiness just comes off them in waves. Thank goodness for the FF button.

      So Sonny throwing things is going to be a daily occurrence now? My FF finger is going to get tired.

  5. #Team NINA 100%. Anyone giving Snarli some of her own medicine is welcome. All the years of her character barging in on Jason and Sam, Jason and Liz, Jason and Robin.. Jason and Courtney and so on... when her mistakes pile up just as high its frustrating.

    I will say both actresses are amazing.

  6. Team Carly always...Laura Wright may not have started the character but now owns it for all time...she is amazing!

  7. I don't even like Nina, but I have to firmly back TeamNINA! It's long overdue for Carly to be taken down quite a few notches. She's been allowed to be a disgusting bully for far too long. I used to love to hate Carly and now I just absolutely despise the character. There is nothing likable about her at all.

  8. We can all see it coming. Sonny is off his meds and drinking. He'll sleep with Nina fir sure. So so stupid.

    1. And the super sperm strikes again

    2. Kate said "And the super sperm strikes again"

      Oh, I hope so.

    3. Both Carly and Nina are too old to have babies. I am team Nina but i think she is really a wacko. Carly is such an annoying loudmouth.

    4. Women of their age can have babies especially in the soap world where people come back from the dead when needed. LOL

  9. team nina. have not liked carly in years. only liked her when she was tamara braun.

  10. Neither for me. Carly is always Carly but she's being such an ass. Nina was honest with her but she just ignored her. Will this be the predictable never ending story line...Sonny/Carly/Nina/baby...or will we be surprised?
    I feel the same way about the 'Bailey' story as I did about the 'Wiley' story. End please.

  11. Charlie's pub and restaurant: WHERE IS PHYLLIS?

    Sam and Alexis: Oh look! Sam is wearing the all ripped up sweater that she wore once before.. Still haven't fixed the sweater eh Sam? Don't sew? Maybe the Tribbles do.

    Sam, Alexis, and Oh Sam don't be acting all high and mighty toward and with Tracy! You are not perfect. I think Tracy took away your agency when she framed you, but you are in control of what happens next.

    YES!!!! SHE IS RIGHT!! Oh Alexis calls Robert. :) and Sam: Sam shut up!!!! Okay you don't trust her, but that's all you had to say! Don't be acting so self righteous!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Olivia and Robert: Awwww I love their friendship. :)

    Carson home:

    Sonny, Donna, and Avery: THAT SCENE WAS SO ADORABLE!!!!!! They take gummy vitamins awwww. :)

    Avery: We'll take ours if you take yours.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Hmmm so Sonny DID get his meds refilled.. Will he take them though? Remains to be seen.

    Carson: 4 people in this marriage! Yes Sonny! Yes!! And Cujo says unless you kill off Nina in your heart, they don't have a marriage. Come on I want a Cujo and Nina fight right NOW!

    Nina's office:

    V.C. and Nina: V.C. won't help her with Michael. He wants her to just let it go. Yes Nina V.C. HAS changed. :) Love Nina's outfit.

    The hospital:

    Blazer Lynn and Pawtucket Holtster: Really Blazer Lynn? Let bygones be bygones? I don't think so.. Have you been watching too much Ally Mcbeal lately or something Blazer Lynn? Quit giving him attitude.

    Pawtucket Holtster and V.C.: Hmmm I guess V.C will help him get back at Blazer Lynn?

    Tracy's jail cell:

    Ned, Marty, Dante, and Tracy: Tracy wants the charges dropped and to be free! She needs to get all of Luke's assets in order. She fires Marty and Ned. ROFL! Ned is right Tracy. You can't fire your kids. ROFL! Marty wins the line of the day.

    Ned: Martin. Please don't quit.

    Marty: I didn't. Leona Helmsley here gave me the boot.


    Ned and Tracy: Tracy won't tell Ned what she figured out about Bailey. Oh she has to talk to Blazer Lynn first. Oh hi Robert. Hi Alexis! OH! Alexis won't cooperate! Tracy is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee YAY! :) Oh there Tracy goes leaving without saying goodbye!

    Sidenote: Richard Burgi was fired from Y&R! :( And this is why. It was about the Covid policy. He says this,

    “I was back East over Christmas and tested positive somewhere around Christmas at my niece’s house visiting my 97-year-old mom,” he continued. He “took the necessary five days the CDC had recommended [to isolate], came back and then went and tested negatively twice at the studio Tuesday and Wednesday, and showed up to work.”

    Apparently work was still 10 days.. I think the 5 days isolation is insane! He should of known about the work rules! If he didn't know he should have asked.

    1. Marty's line was pretty funny, I snorted. :)
      Nina's suit was beautiful. I'll be on team Sonya waiting for a good brawl between Nina and Snarly! :)
      I'm glad Snarly left, but I was hoping she'd go to the island, so we could have a few days off from her nastiness. I gave Sonny the thumbs up when he mentioned 4 people in their marriage. Ain't that the truth!

    2. I am a little team Sonny about the FOUR people in their marriage. He did have amnesia. She still will never get over Jason. So Sonny has to stop thinking about Nina but she can dream about Jason all she wants.

    3. I also laughed when Tracy called him Kentucky fried lawyer. lol And she never thanked anyone either. lol

      Harmony was really good with Alexis today too. I hope they stay friends.

    4. "Julie H says, Marty's line was pretty funny, I snorted. :)"


      "Nina's suit was beautiful."

      Yes!!! Love the color too.

      "I'll be on team Sonya waiting for a good brawl between Nina and Snarly! :)"

      Hahahahaha. Come on!! Let's get to it! :) Maybe after Nina and Sonny sleep together. ;)

      "I'm glad Snarly left, but I was hoping she'd go to the island, so we could have a few days off from her nastiness."

      Yeah she needs a long vacation from all the stress! :)

      "I gave Sonny the thumbs up when he mentioned 4 people in their marriage. Ain't that the truth!"


      "Di says, I also laughed when Tracy called him Kentucky fried lawyer. lol"

      Hahahaha. Yeah that was really funny. :)

      "And she never thanked anyone either. lol"

      ROFL! Nope no thank you and no goodbye! :) She must be in shock that she is free and really needed to talk to Blazer Lynn badly! :)

      "Harmony was really good with Alexis today too. I hope they stay friends."

      Yes they should be no matter what judgy Sam says.

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  13. Oh and I'm on team Nina!!!!! :)


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