Monday, January 17, 2022

MLK and Betty


Today is of course MLK Day. Who can forget Emily Q and her report on the Ward Family that Edward helped her with? Loved that. 

Also today would have been Betty White's 100th birthday and the country wide movement is to have people donate in a local animal shelter in her name. What a wonderful gift to give! Remember my little Tillie was a rescue. She spent her first days with a wonderful foster mama who bottle fed her. 


Marshall goes to GH with a hurt wrist. Epiphany helps him. Oh he's faking it to ask Epiphany about singing in his band. Anyway, comes out that Epiphany wanted to be a doctor. She said life got in the way. He asks her out on a date. 

Carly sees the girls. It's MLK day so they are going sledding. With PILL-are (Pilar)?  I guess I forgot that is their nanny? LOL She asks about Sonny's meds because she was tagged in his alert from the pharmacy. He says don't change the subject.  Brick comes to the house. Carly leaves. Brick wants to know what's up with he and Carly. Then he tells Sonny there's a "new player' in the mix of the mob. Sonny doesn't seem to care. 

Carly meets with Diane at the Metro.  Says she's sad.. mad..yada yada. 

Britt goes to see Nina. Wants her to talk to Sonny about helping...BRAD? This is just..weird. Like why wouldn't Britt go to Sonny herself? It's just..ugh. Nina says no. 

Michael and Drew box. Drew talks about getting his shares back for ELQ. They are acting like Drew and Sam were together when he left? UM..No.. he was with Kim and she was with Jason!!  Anyway, Michael talks to him about Aurora. Then about the fact he's angry with Sonny.  Michael's hair looks so much better. 

Laura and Curtis ...she tells him about Curtis being all into Jeebux. Curtis tells her all about Marshall. She says he might have to just accept him. 


NOTE: I LOVED the Nixon Falls Fallout Story. Now I don't care at all about it. I don't want another Sonny's off his meds story. It negates all the Nixon Falls Growth. PERIOD.

Britt finds out through Avery that Carly moved out when she called. 

Epiphany and Marshall are going to the Grille for Prime Rib after her shift


  1. Dull dull dull is right! Just when you think it can't get any more boring. It does.
    Loved Britt's outfit but not her advice.
    How many times do we have to hear 'hat' man's story.
    My head hurts from this drivel.

    1. I thought Britt looked amazing today too! I don't know why so many people are pushing Nina to fight for Sonny. Other than Phyllis, the only sensible voice. The writers have so clearly told us they aren't finished with Sonny/Nina yet. I'm not complaining since I am a fan, but anyone telling her to go for it is smoking something.

  2. thoughts:
    ---I truly think it is so boring so February sweeps will look exciting....remember November was a BUST...
    ---WHERE IS ELIZABETH'S talk with her boys?
    ---Making it about Sonny's meds is a HORRIBLE idea - CHANGES EVERYTHING...
    ---Remember when Austin diagnosed Leo as austitic and HE started acting a little that way? NOW he is COMPLETELY different (as we saw with Britt)---no talking in monotones, etc.....which proves that the writers have no clue what to do with Austin....
    ---SO I know Julian had no funeral - and Jason no funeral - but Jason is - BUT the writers completely dropped that Julian had a baby......with Kim. I kinda wish he/she would SORAS and come back and claim he/she owns Auroa.....
    ---at least Ephinany has a storyline........

  3. I forget what happened with Mary Mae Ward? Did she die, or leave town? Loved her and her relationship with Laura.

    1. The character/actress passed away.

    2. I often go to youtube and watch her funeral-----especially the 7th scene with Precious Lord Take My Hand ----- and see how young everyone was!

  4. I'm beginning to wonder if they've hired part time writers who have no knowledge of the show's histoy. And that includes recent history. Nina is the last person who should ask Sonny for anything. And Brad is the last person Sonny would help. I mean seriously...Ask the person who kept you from your family for months to help the man who kept your grandson from you for even longer! Where are their heads?!!

    I like Michaels hair but he's got to learn to keep eye contact in a conversation. His eyes are flitting around all over the place at times.

    Any one else thinking maybe Hatman is the threat from the west? And didn't Pfiffy's son get killed working in the business? Maybe there's a connection with Marshall and he's checking in on her.

    And absolutely No ONE wants another round of Sonny off his meds.

    1. YES her son was killed working in the business....HORRIBLE if it turns out MARSHALL was responsible!

    2. "Di says, Maybe there's a connection with Marshall and he's checking in on her."

      Oh I hope not! :(

    3. If Hat Man is the west coast threat, what a mess that would be. But interesting theory Di, you're always thinking! :)

  5. too boring today, turned off at 230

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  6. Gym:

    Michael and Drew: Boxing day it's boxing day. They are bonding.. New Bromance! Mew? :) Heyyyyy Michael got a haircut! Lookin good Michael. :)


    Curtis and Laura: YAY! A scene with them.. Love their friendship. :) The Tribbles should visit the Savoy. :)

    Carson home:

    Carson, Donna, and Avery:

    Avery: Can you come with us mommy Carly?!

    Awwwwwwwwwww! :) That is so sweet calling her mommy Carly. :) These two girls are adorable! :)

    Carson: Yes Carly Sonny did renew his meds, but he threw it across the room in the kitchen. I don't know what he did with them after that.

    "Karen says I don't want another Sonny's off his meds story. It negates all the Nixon Falls Growth. PERIOD."

    I AGREE I AGREE I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carson and Brick: BRICK! YAY! :)

    Sonny and Brick: Who is this new player in the mob? Is it Morgan? The Tribbles?


    Carly and Diane: DIANE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Diane you should go and see your best friend Alexis to see how she is doing!

    Nina's office:

    Nina and Britch: Britch's sweater is lopsided. Yeah this was a strange scene. Britch go talk to Sonny yourself!

    The hospital:

    Piffy and Mr. Hat man: He is so faking it! AH HA HE IS ROFL! Mr. Hat man wins the line of the day.

    Mr. Hat man: Maybe it's the other one.

    ROFL! BUSTED!! :) Oh he changed his mind and decided to go on a date with Piffy. :) Very good. :) Dinner at the Port Chuckles Grille eh? Nice choice. :) Piffy wanted to be a doctor?!?!! Well, go for it now Piffy! :)

    1. Yes, mommy Carly told them to wear their mittens when they go sliding...because it's WINTER. Wardrobe needs to be told that, and sleevelss Sam too.

    2. "Di says, Yes, mommy Carly told them to wear their mittens when they go sliding...because it's WINTER."


      "Wardrobe needs to be told that, and sleevelss Sam too."

      Yes please!

    3. Sleeveless Sam, hahahahaha!

      Sonny needs his meds now, no way do I want to see that play out again!

      Britt looked fab, but she was delusional asking Nina to have Sonny help Brad. Are you kidding me?? In what world?

      Diane gave Snarly good advice. So that means Snarly will do the opposite. :(

  7. That's so funny about the sledding. There's no snow on the ground on this show.

    1. Well thsat's cause they film in LA but they could at least have people grab a coat on the way out and wear clothes that aren't designed for a summer cocktail a rich neighborhood. lol

  8. Wonder who Marshall was working for. He's obviously older than Cyrus and Wu. Must be someone on another coast or something. We'll never know with the pace of thos storyline.

  9. To be honest, I was almost bored by todays show.

  10. They write what they think works for the story no matter what. Like Britt would have Sonny's number on her phone and that Avery would answer her father's phone. Ridiculous.

    1. In Sonny's line of business he's not going to let his kids answer his phone. WTF


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