Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Triage!! General Hospital INFO

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wubber Leesy!! :) Hope it's filled with JOY!!!

I am having a LOT of stuff coming in about the end of the summer and fall but right now, I'm sitting on a lot of it because so much can change. Especially with the big BRENDER's back "theme" that will be running. I have to say, what I've seen so far is WAY underwhelming-- I think I've been watching soaps for far too long. Tough to surprise me!! Some spoilers are up that I've gotten for the short-run.

I asked this question on Twitter today:  Out of Matt, Maya, Steve and Brooke whom do you want to stay--or go?? The clear winner on that front is Steven Lars to stay. Most people like Matt too but think poor JC needs to be able to move on. I'd like to have Brooke and Maya live in the Q house (with actual Q's shown a LOT) and being enemies. Steven,  Matt and the newbie surgeon that's coming could all live together too. Then again, I could do without all those characters. The writers are just not trying with them AT ALL.


GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: The new promo where Jason is released into Dante's custody? "48 Hours" if Jason had a sense of humor and Dante had the grit! LOL... that was a fun movie, wasn't it??

Patrick punched Steven Lars-- uh...okay. AND First chance Sonny gets he goes to visit Michael even though it could hurt his parole?? NOT COOL!!! He totally doesn't see it's not about him. They are writing Sonny so stupidly now, it's criminal.

Kristina is SO LAURA Webber-ish right now! Laura was this bratty or more to Leslie back in the day! Heh...Who's David Hamilton!??? Will Ethan be her "Luke"?? Hmmmmmm. I so remember Laura being such a snot to Leslie when I first started watching the show. David Hamilton then Scotty... she was always liked older guys!

Kirsten's real life foot injury is in the show, and she has Pink Crutches!! woot!! Very cute. She goes into see Claire? Whatever.  Many people are not liking KS's hair--too blonde. I like it a lot.

Brooke and Johnny--NO! NO! I do NOT want them near each other..lol. I want Livvy PG with Johnny's kid. I just do. I have an idea for SleezyBrookstir. Have her go sex up depressed Spinelli and make Maxie jealous. Turn the tables. yeah, that's it.

Editing mistake? Huge rainstorm and Olivia and Sonny are out on DRY docks?? Hmmmm.

I have to go-go!! Have a good one.


  1. Jason Cook needs to be set free.

    DOOL needs their Shawn-Douglas Brady to come home!

  2. Happy Birthday Mom!! (Leesy) hehehe

    And a BIG thank you Karen. xoxox

  3. Brooklyn needs to go...quickly!

    Liked the talk between Michael and Dante today.

  4. I started watching GH summer of 1980, past the David Hamilton story, but I still know about it because Laura had flashbacks when she and Luke first came back to PC after having been on the run from Frank Smith and Hutch. Laura saw the mob of reporters and freaked out, and remembered the Hamilton stuff. Don't remember if that was just one episode or a mini-story, but that's how I first heard about that story.

    I was 10. Got hooked young. Then the next summer was the Ice Princess story, and I still remember the tiniest of details of that. On the other hand, the only thing I remember about the toxic balls story from last year was Robin putting her baby in a tree. I kind of doubt that story hooked any kids of today.

  5. I really can't wait until Nikolas discovers that Lucky is the father of Elizabeth's baby. If I hear him say "MY child" one more time I'm gonna scream!

  6. I couldn't believe that Maxie also hurt her foot, right after Spinelli's leg injury--really weird co-inkydink.

    Also, I know this is apropos of nothing, but one of my clients and I were discussing GH today (it's an important part of her life, don't ask), and we both became fixated on why Sonny's last name is Corinthos. I'm sure I must have known the answer once, I'm a HUGE Sonny and Brenda fan, but, if I ever knew the answer, it escapes me now.

    So, do any of you guys know how Sonny got that last name?

  7. AntJoan, I could be wrong, but didn't Mike change his last name after he left the family and before he came to PC looking for Sonny? I think Corinthos is the actual last name and that Mike changed his last name. Again, I could be wrong...

  8. too blond and too short. Can't wait till Kristin's hair grows out! She usually looks adorable, this make her look old and really round-faced.

  9. All I have to say about yesterday's show is that I loved it when Luke walked into Jakes, handed Coleman his keys and ordered a bottle of booze.

  10. Haven't been able to post so I am posting on My hubby's account. I love Maxie's hair. it's summer, summer is supposed to be shorter & blonder. She looks absolutely fab! I love Jolivia so I hope they work things out. I like Kristina with EThan so I would be on board for the Luke/Laura swing of things (minus the rape of course). This Michael has grown on me but I still miss Drew. I don't mind brooklyn, this is good old fahioned soap stuff. I am so tired of my once fav couple, Dante & lulu, that I don't even care if she gets between them now. This show always has the women put their wok/school whatever aside for men. Sam is a joke, and I agree that she is showing her true colors as a prostitute. She hasn't even worked in months. Get a life, waiting around for the jailbird is stale. He kills for a living, you can do so much better.

    Mrs. B

  11. I have not been able to post in months miss commenting.

  12. Tada I finally figured it out ya have to be signed in to wordpress in order to comment.

  13. Pssst Karen...it's Lesley, not Leslie. ;)


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