Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is Vanessa BACK?

Hmmmm, a tweet saying she was "Shooting this week" made people sit up and go: WHA?! Will Brenda be back to GH sooner rather than later? We knew she was probably coming back... here's hoping it's confirmed by someone. She and Maurice were certainly hinting at her comeback way back this summer so maybe this is it! 


  1. I had no idea she was coming back. Sonny & Brenda forever!!

  2. Let's hope it's a much better storyline than last time.

    Personally I'm not a Brenda fan so it really doesn't matter.

    If it's just a brief visit maybe it is a funeral.

  3. According to Daytime Confidential, it's not GH she's referring to.


  4. Maybe she will walk into Sonny and Kate's wedding. That would be great.

    But I don't think she means GH. If she does come back they better do a better story, than the last 2 times times.

  5. She may come back for a stint for Edwards funeral.

    That is about all I could take of her.

  6. Tuesday's episode. Who was the bigger bitch: Carly, Britt, Liz....or Emma?


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