Thursday, September 27, 2012

Steve Burton's Last Day

Kris Alderson tweeted this photo of the cast/crew wearing Jason's iconic black tshirt  and jeans to the set. 

Steve himself tweeted this:

To you:the fans,thank u for enriching my life.I am humbled by your love and support.I appreciate all that u do for me.

I had to get one more hug from OUR favorite mob enforcer - who’s got one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever met


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  2. Mo Benard was just on Ustream chatting about today. Said it was obviously "very emotional" and when asked if there was any chance the role was being re-cast he answered with an emphatic "NO!".

  3. I was going to put in the blog Sunday that I am about 100% SK is playing AJ

  4. Nothing against Steve Burton, but I personally got bored with the character like 10 years ago. Honestly, they should have had him get his memory back at some point and had him return to ELQ as a cutthroat businessman or corporate raider type. That said, SB put in like 20 years on the show and has my respect for that! That's an incredible run.
    Glad that SK is returning and I'l take him as a recast Jason or as AJ.

  5. Right on Old School!

    Burton had so much potential, as shown in the recent 4 Jasons fantasy show. That he was stuck in such a cliched role was terrible. The actor must have wanted more and after a year or so away I bet he goes to Y&R for a 'real' acting challenge. Guza, esp., killed off the 'real' Jason.

  6. I wish Steve and his family all the best as they start their new journey. I do look forward to the day he returns to Port Charles and I am going to give him about a year and he will be back, if even just for a short run.

  7. Great post....I doubt he will ever be back other than for a short term stint.

    You are correct about AJ

  8. The show won't be the same with out Jason, just because he was on soooooo much.

    But I agree that the character was stagnant. The hitman with a heart of gold and the hero of GH for many years. But I can't help but think that when Jason lost his memories there was a plan to have him go back to the Q's eventually. But Guza took charge and Jason stayed Sonny's lapdog for over a decade. There has been no growth or change in Jason's character since Robin and him broke up.

    It is sad to loose a character that was the face of GH for a decade. But I think that it is a good thing and will force GH to shake things up.


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