Monday, September 17, 2012

Today's Show.. Hugely Huge

1. Connie basically tells Trey she wanted  to abort him.

2. Tracy thinks Joe raped Connnie

3. Sam signs the divorce papers

4. Tea's clueless to Heather's Sheeze

5. Spinelli finds out the baby they buried wasn't Sam's...and Heather may be involved

6. Steven  Larzzzz finds out his Mama escaped from Ferncliff. 

I only saw the last 30 minutes, sorry! 


  1. Yeah Karen, I forgot GH was on at 2, and didn't realize I was missing it, until 2:30! So ran upstairs to watch it, But I just watched the first part of it on youtube so I'm good. :)

    Jason's home: Liz kisses Jason and he kisses her back! Sam sees them! Jason and Liz can't be in a relationship! Same old reason! Because Jason wants to keep Liz and her kids safe!!! Oh boy! Liz, Jason is just not that into you! I want Lucky and Liz back together!!! Spinny and Jason talk about Sam's baby! Spinny tells Jason, THE BABY THAT DIED ISN'T SAM'S BABY!!!!

    Alexis's home: Sonny has to leave to talk to Tracy about the missing money. Sonny says bye sweetheart, and then Alexis says to Sonny bye sweetheart. ROFL! Sam wants to sign the divorce papers, but Alexis won't give her a pen! Sam grabs the pen and signs it! Come on Krissy and Alexis! Their marriage is OVER!

    Sonny's home: Joe Jr Jr Jr and Kate talk! Kate realizes that Joe Jr Jr Jr is her SON!!!!! Joe Jr Jr Jr won't listen to his mommy, but Connie comes out, and he listens to her!!!! :)

    Q home: Tracy wants to know what Joseph's last name is! :) He is quiet. She tells him her middle name. :) She finds out that the money she put up for Jerry, is GONE! Sonny shows up cus he is upset the money is gone, and tells Tracy all about Joe Jr! She is upset and kicks Joe Jr out!! He won't give up on her! :) YAY! :)

    The hospital: Spinny bumps into Todd, and all of Spinny's papers are on the floor haha. Todd has his feet on them. :) Todd calls him spicolli ROFL! Todd talks to Tea cus she called him. She wants to tell him who here nanny is. First he says Mrs Doubtfire, and then he says Fran Dresher? ROFL!

    Tea and Heather: Heather got the job as nanny!!!! :) Heather faked her references. :)

  2. Did anyone else notice today that Liz said the boys were "at school" when she came back to the hospital after her liason with Jason? I wonder if they're going to SORA her youngest again. If so they'd better SORA Cam too. It's getting ridiculous.

    Maybe it was just poor editing but it screamed at me.

    They're moving the storylines along really quickly these days. I love it.

  3. It always cracked me up when Jason said he wants to keep Liz and the Boys safe. So, you want Sam to die then? Is that why you married her? Or because Liz is supposed to be the helpless type...eyeroll.

  4. Jason clearly isn't looking for another Mrs Morgan.
    I felt bad for Liz. She was all but begging him.
    Little does she know....SB is leaving the show and she gets a new love interest!

  5. Di

    A lot of people I know, who have their kids in day care call it "school".

    In re: to the editing. There are a lot of mistakes and I bet to save on money they do not re do a scene unless it is major. There was a scene with Liz and Jason in Kelly's when Aiden was choking Jason calls the baby Lucky.

    I see the show in pieces I have to pick up my kids at 2:30 so I always miss the middle.

    You know what, I like Connie better I hope she stays.

    I get Tracy falling for Joe and all that, kid of cute, but don't you think that asking him to move in is a LITTLE premature, considering she doesn't know his last name.

    John Ingle - So sad. It was great that he was on last week.

    Ah Jason you being a mobster has NOTHING to do with Franco raping Sam, he would still be your psychotic brother if you were Jason Quartermain.

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  7. Hey! That flashback that Kate had of Joe Jr today, that did not look like a teenage Joe Jr! ROFL!


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