Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Olfactory

RIP COOK! We never saw her but she did have a name: Virginia. Watch this hilarious clip from long ago and Monica calls her by name:

Are you ready to scrub on up? I have a new scrub outfit with cupcakes all over it. Hope you like it! 

Of course the saddest news this week is that John Ingle passed away. Can you believe he made it on for one last goodbye? You know that took something special and he did it for the fans. Why  else would he come back? Jane Elliot probably had a hand in it too. 

This week's GH was split up for me because of work. I'd apologize but you know that work has to come first--especially with a kid in a private college. I need to win the lotto and soon! Jason was finding out about the Bay-Bay being alive, and I was glad to see Spinelli helping. That "Alaska" Trip was just plain weird.  

Anna came back, thank goodness. She must have been detained by customs! This week seemed like a bit of a "wrap" week. "Wrap" the Krissy tells her parents she's married "Wrap" the Sam baby issue..."wrap" the Heather gets her paws on Victor..yada yada.  

And there's the Giant Elephant in the room. Nurse Betty. "Sabrina"..Anne Hathaway before she gets Julie Andrew-ed. You name it. There she is...with her giant ass'd glasses on mooning over Patrick who has eyes for the bitchy NuDoc. 
*sigh* I COME ON. REALLY? What. The. Yes, we need some different stuff but this??  Lucy Coe did it...and I'm sure once ol' Betts whips those  glasses off and foofs her hair she'll be glam-jamma. In the meantime, bitch Doc will be found out to be a wench who, although pretty has the soul of burnt toast. One of them is probably working for Duke.

Good Gravy. 

LOVE JoSey as I'm calling them. Great scenes. Jane is doing such a fun job-- and Joe fits her well. She's kind of like the NuDorian.  Not all sexual stuff has to take place with junior mints.  I do have a feeling that Luke's not going to like this guy!

"Wait...the blood types don't match"??? "Wait... mean one has hemophilia"? "Wait... you mean wait... what day is it"?? 
What a complete weenie this character is. LOL... when Anna called him the "hero" of the whole Pathogen thing I was rolling. ahahha.  Yeah, right. We're lucky he didn't kill off the whole town. 

Liason Kisseroonie. Hmmmmmmmm. NOW they have JaSam at the Chinese place with their little ceramic figures. It's just the tease that Cartini is putting you all through!! Do you get that? I know you did. Jason figured out the entire blood trail baby switching plot right down to the shack connection. He's such a hero!! 


I'll be honest. One day I think the whole Connie thing is fun...the next? I'm sick of it. I thought when she saw Olivia and gave her the hairbrush, that was great. But sometimes,  the eyeball stuff..? ugh 

Why did I name this Olfactory? Because I think I figured Olivia out. She sees things not as they will be...but as they are. Smells them if you will.  The water was tained, she saw it.  Ewan was evil... she saw it.  She sees Connie as she is.  Which I have to wonder what it is when she saw Lulu Pregnant. Hmmm. 
Lisa celebrated her 4th year on GH this week as well! She always remembers her "anniversary" and tweets about it.
Yeah for Lisa coming to Port Charles with her beer swiggin' Bensonherst accent. I still say Olivia and Sonny would be a great match. Now that Livvy can "see" through her wild LSD eyes, I can't wait to have her look in all those GH storage closets for our lost cast members! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Tawd and Jax. Really enjoyed the dialog and these two actors together!! To be honest though, there were no stellar stand outs for me. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: I don't have a photo of it--but you know what it's going to be. Nurse BETTY and the FANTASY!! Tah-Dah!! Downton Abbey Dress to boot. 

This week seemed a bit uneven again. I didn't get the big payoff like I did the week before. I guess all weeks can't be smashing lol  I hope my schedule is calmer so I can watch more in real-time. 


  1. Not the best week.

    I'm not a big fan of fantasies. especially since ths nurse met Patrick like 2 days ago. The glasses are such a gimmick and way over done.

    Now 'm just counting down the days until Steve leaves. Lets move on. They seem to be rushing this baby finding thing because of his departure.

    You forgot to mention Sean Kanan coming back to GH. I really hope that he is AJ. I loved him as AJ.

    Steven Larrs is so stupid I can't watch him. And it is especially glaring now because everyone else on the show seems to have grown a brain.

    Connie was the only highlight. I like her much better than Kate. H

    Hopefully GH will get a little better when this Duke story starts.

  2. Karen I never heard of a private college. :) Patrick doesn't have eyes for bitchy nu doc! More like she has the eyes for him!!! And about Olivia seeing Lulu pregnant, Lulu WAS pregnant, but remember it was a chemical pregnancy,which ended in a miscarriage.

  3. I thought this week was boring except for Tuesday. Their was too much Todd and Johnny going around in circles. I did like Connie some what.

  4. Andrea: 'Hopefully GH will get a little better when this Duke story starts.'
    Ye gods, GH IS SO much better right now than at anytime in past years. It now has balance. In the past all we ever saw was Sonny and more Sonny, and his satalites. Criminals passed off as heroes. Women who clung to them, were rescued by them. Stories that had no closings, lots of unexplained loose ends. And were always connected to Sonny because the show was all about SONNY.

    Now we have enough stories that if you don't like one, you can turn to another or several others. They actually build, go an interesting course and then close. The pacing is excellent. We have strong and weak characters and all in-between. This is a real soap now.

    Didn't mean to get on my soap box, as they say, but being all dissatisfied with what we have now is just not quite understandable, given that we had years of Sonny and morbid, violent, dark, uninspiring dangling stories, etc. And still you are waiting for it to get better???

    Sorry. All soaps have highs and lows and since they just wrapped up a batch of highs, it is simply time to take a breath. I feel RC is capable of giving us plenty of good surprises yet!

  5. thanks for setting me straight about Lulu, I didn't really catch the whole reason the test was positive.

  6. kdmask said...thanks for setting me straight about Lulu, I didn't really catch the whole reason the test was positive.
    You're welcome Karen! :)

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but, didn't we have the Trey/ConKate and Trey/Joe Jr. scenes this past Monday? As a person who is not a fan, (although Joe Jr. has been growing on me) I have to give credit where credit is due. I actually felt bad for Trey during the Con/Kate scenes and the emotion in Joe Jr.'s eyes when he was talking to Trey on the docks was very convincing. Overall I do agree, a slow week for the most part and the whole Sabrina/Bitchy Doc came out of left field!

  8. I was watching GH this weekend, and my husband stopped and Sonny and Joe Jr. were one. He was like isn't this General Hospital? How come there is only gangsters and no nurses or doctors ever on this show? Ahh, even to the untrained eye it's blatant. Let's hope it gets better.

  9. Private college?? I am impressed.

    Show is great with the exception of Betty Boo & her silly fantasy over Patty.

    I wish I knew if Sean was replacing Jason or coming as another character. Certainly it can't be AJ??


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