Monday, September 10, 2012

Giant Rubbah Tire Balloons!!

Wow..loved those tire balloons on location! They were GIANT!! LOL...

Sam gets to hold a baby. Awww.

Heather is totally recreating her "nanny" time with Steven Lars and Diana Taylor when he was PJ!!! WOW Holy-History Cartini! Google it. Heather took care of "PJ" who was Steven Lars after Diana adopted him. 

Liz should have been, I don't know, taking care of PATIENTS that are passing out in the lobby?  

The fight scenes.  JOHN whipped his hair like 4 times and tucked and rolled. The whole thing was fun. The thugs had machine guns, they all had handguns and mowed them down!!
Jerry Shoots..JAX!? No...

Jerry Shoots...Carly? No...

That was some bullet tag. Had me going. I hope Johnny doesn't die. You know I even had Johnny was shot in the spoilers and forgot in all the excitement!!  BOMB in the briefcase--a Guza touch? 

And Todd looks like he's going to finish Johnny off. wow. 

Nice Steven Lars and Liz Hug. Nice JaSam hug... 

GREAT SHOW TODAY!! in sequence, all about the same storyline--nice. Is Johnny going to die? Hmmmm, maybe!? 

PS> I got home early because my lady was ill today. Also--- you were all right about Tea's apartment. There are no stairs, it's not the same! 


  1. Did you see McNostril doing somersalts while shooting. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

    I was wondering the same about Liz being with Jason instead of the patients. I don't know, If I thought I was going to die I would fly to go see my children first and foremost.

  2. Oh Karen! I'm so glad you were able to watch the show live today!! Your lady was ill? Your daughter? :) It's so strange that GH is on at 2 now!!!

    The hospital: Jason and Sam scene same ol thing. Jason and Liz, same ol discussion as yesterday about the baby's blood type. I wish the camera work would stay still!!! Steven Lars and Liz had a great scene together awww! :) A mother is so very sick and she is holding her baby, Luckily Sam was there to hold the baby!

    The warehouse: I love the location shoot!! :) Jerry had the line of the day! He says he thinks that the stockholm syndrome will hit Alexis soon ROFL! Jerry, Jax, Carly, and Johnny all fought Jerry's gun! Yeah Karen it was great! :) It had me going too! Oh Jax got shot!!! Oh no wait! Jax didn't get shot! IT'S CARLY! Oh no wait!!! It's not Carly! IT'S JOHNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a great scene. :) Trying to figure out who got shot. :) If Jax had gotten shot, and died, I would have been very upset. Jerry and Alexis leaves, and now the anti serum is inside the case! McBain and Dante try to figure out how to open it. Dante opens it, and it's not the anti serum! IT'S A BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tea's home: Heather wants to be a babysitter for little cheeto! :) (cheeto because Sam was eating cheetos when she was pregnant. People on another board call him cheeto.) Tea finally gives in and agrees, but first she wants references!!!

    Oh and yes Karen. those rubber tire balloons were HUGE! I was trying to figure out what the hell they were ROFL! Thanks for clarifying! :) I love that Dante was climbing them! :)

  3. What I got from today's show...

    So everyone is sweating but men keep their suit jackets on? Dante wearing two shirts?

    So Jason is shot in the leg and his bandage is OUTSIDE his jeans?

    So Dante wears green underwear?

    So Shawn gets post tramatic flashbacks during fireworks in Hawaii but not during a shoot out?

    So Shawn gets to go on a shoot out with the Police while Delores and Anna are still mia? Heck, where are Mac or Felicia even?

    So Jason is looking at medical files, oblivious that everyone might die in a few hours so he won't have time to pursue his suspicions anyways?

    I skipped all scenes with Tea.

    Lots of extras on set!

  4. All I got from today's show is that Dante kicks like Batgirl from the old 1960s series.

    Just saying...

  5. I was a bit surprised by the opening, but then realized that it was done to keep people who had watched the Chew interested in keeping the tv on...I laughed when McBain was out in the open for so long and all those guys with machine guns couldn't hit him! They were all hiding behind barrels and he shot them all while he was hiding behind nothing!

    Did anyone keep the tv on to watch Katie? I was completely bored with her commercials and had no desire to watch...but, with full disclosure, I can't stand her, so I would never have watched anyway!

  6. Yea if they were sweating, why the suit coats?? I noticed that too

  7. The shooting scene reminded me if the movie Harlem Knights with Eddie Murphy. Three guys were shooting at him with machine guns he stood up fired three bullets and killed all three guys! Lol

  8. I thought that instead of having Jason worry about Sam's kid, maybe he should be seeing how Edward and Monica are? He hasn't even mentioned them. Does he know that Michael is out of town?
    It was nice to see Liz and Steve do the brother/sister talk. That is what we need more of. Maxie, Mac and Felicia, who must be hiding in a closet? Patrick and Emma. Sam should be with her sister since Alexis cannot be. And Jason must really be used to being shot since he isn't having any issues with his leg. And Sam has somehow gotten the strength to hold a baby and help out, when she just passed out and hit her head on the side of a desk. She didn't even get a bruise from that.
    Sorry for the nitpicking. THere are just still a lot of holes in these stories that irk me.
    Todd is still cracking me up though. I love him, Carly, Jax, Sonny, and Jerry in a room together.

  9. Strangely in Buffalo Katie is on at 4. Ricki Lake is on at 3. Who knows why?

    I think they explained where Anna is when someone said last week that the airport was closed

  10. Did anyone else notice that little Vic had a monkey on his onsie?

  11. I get that the airport is closed and that is why folks like Spinelli can't return but Anna is the Chief of Police. Certainly they would let the Chief of Police return, hell, they would probably insist they return. And Luke has a private plane and is very resourceful. It is very un Luke like for him to stay away, you know he would of found a way to sneak back into town by now.
    GH has improved drastically but some of these loopholes drive me bonkers. Has Ferncliff not yet realized Heather has escaped? Wouldnt they notify her son?

  12. friscogh said... Has Ferncliff not yet realized Heather has escaped? Wouldnt they notify her son?
    Even if Ferncliff called Steven Larz, he would just say I don't have a mother anymore!!! :)

  13. The tires were floats for the trawlers


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