Friday, September 7, 2012

Location Shoot!! Location Shoot!!

Yep, in a big ol' warehouse. People just sweating all over. Dripping. ugh

Molly puts on a blonde wig for TJ. Please no. Then they go over the bucket list. Alexis comes in. Whoops. Wants to see that paper!!

Heather goes To see Tea, Tea's all happy to see her-- and then Heather says "That baby isn't yours"..oh boy.  BUT! Heather saves the day by saying she meant that she saved it's life--so she kinda is responsible.  Heather is holding Victor.

Then Heather holds Victor. (That's the OLTL's Victor's  old house, btw.) Tea tells her he has some blood disorder (the Cassadine thing) and she cant' figure out how he got it.
Meanwhile, Jason is listening to Patrick about how the baby died and is thinking..hmm  Patrick took the time out to read Sam's dead baby's file. While PEOPLE ARE DYING. Good Gravy.  Jason finds the blood types don't match--LMAO! Jason, not any doctor but Jason. 

Jerry is skulking outside Alexis' house. He knows SHAUN!! Oh, from the Balkan days. Forgot all about that. Shaun gets knocked out. Jerry takes Alexis to the location. Shaun finds a paper with Jerry's location on it.

For a cliffhanger day-- it was really not very exciting.


  1. Wasn't Victor's house- different furniture and different set up, as well as a different address.

    Tomorrow, Jerry gets caught or 'killed' again, and then we wait a month till Duke's connection to all this comes thru- and, hopefully, Faison and Helena.

  2. It was great to see Susan Moore again. Doesnt she look great as a blonde?


  3. Totally off topic!!!!!!! But I had this awesome dream last night and, even though I've never met any of you in person, most of you regular posters were in my dream! Karen, Sonya, Carrie, 2Cents, and more...about 8 of us total! We were in this cool, modern-looking house, which was all surrounded by lush, tropical jungle. We were sorting through some beautiful clothing and deciding which ones we were keeping... and we were dishing GH of course! We didn't all agree but we were all laughing and enjoying ourselves. :)

  4. CareyN, what a nice dream, I hope that I was there, too.

  5. OMG!! HOW fun of a dream!! WOW. I've always said if I win the big lottery I'm having a party on an island with everyone that wants to come in.I'd charter a plane for the Wubbers!!

  6. We debated the thing on twitter, I swear that's his house and a lot of people did too! Do you think it was SUPPOSED to be his house? Looked just like the livingroom he was shot in to me?

  7. The new time is Monday right? I thought something big was supposed to happen for the time switch? BTW, I checked my DVR and it changed time on its own, without me adjusting it.

  8. Alexis's home: Molly and TJ are in her room. She wore a blond wig to play around. Doesn't look very good on her. They read their bucket lists. Alexis is with Shawn, and then she goes to see Molly. Alexis wants to see the paper they are holding. Molly says it's their bucket list. Alexis doesn't want Molly to give up! Molly and TJ are alone and talk about sex. TJ is horny (you can tell) and Molly is freaked out about being pregnant! She says what if my mom is right and we are going to live, then I will be a pregnant girl in high school. They don't have sex WHEW! :) They just lie in bed together. She told him not to let her fall asleep, because if she does, what if she doesn't wake up. Meanwhile Shawn and Jerry KNOW EACH OTHER!!! Jerry wants Alexis! :) Jerry knocks Shawn out and Alexis has to go with Jerry!

    Port Chuck one percenters: They are waiting for Jerry to come! Johnny is sweating sooooo much, it looks like he just got out of the gym! :) Jax wants to stay with Carly, and that Johnny can go find Jerry. Johnny wants to stay with Carly. Todd says every one of you have done something bad to Carly, so he should be the one to stay with Carly. ROFL! Carly is laughing, and Sonny makes a comment about her laughing haha! Jax shows up and wants to know what Johnny is lying to Carly about. Johnny won't tell him, so Jax goes to Carly and says that Johnny is lying to her. He walks away, and Carly confronts Johnny!! Jerry shows up with Alexis! He says he wants to go off to the sunset with her cus he loves her awww! :) Damn what a waste of fantastic chemistry!!!

    The hospital: More whining from Sam. Why did I leave the hotel room? Why did I go out in the rain? Why why why?!!?!?! It's ALL my fault! Blah blah blah. Patrick is there and has Sam's file. Again rehashing over why the baby died and how they could have prevented it. Jason looks at the chart, and realizes something is wrong! The baby's blood type is all wrong! It's different from Sam and Franco!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN! :)

    Heather and Tea: Oh boy! Heather are going to kidnap the baby soon?!!?!

    Oh the previews look really good for Monday!!!

  9. Does anyone know when this Jerry story wraps up, it is giving me anxiety. (Also, as I always say, I hate sociopaths, and don't find them entertaining. However, I now must qualify this, as I find Heather tremendously entertaining, she is an amazing actress.)

  10. I thought the front door/foyer looked a lot like the old OLTL set but the living room was completely off. However, if your husband was shot dead in your living room wouldn't you move? lol

    Anyone find it interesting that Jason's doctor knowledge came popping out when he noticed the baby's blood type was wrong? Made me laugh :)

    I wish I had known they needed someone to spritz all these guys down with water over and over. I would have happily applied for the job hehehehe

  11. Did not watch today.Saw spoilers and it seems all of september will be about reuniting jasam( revisit the Chinese restaurant). I will not be watching them but if Todd, Anna,Duke lavery are on then I will watch epi.

  12. At first I thought it was the same house, based on the front door, but then once they were inside it was totally different. Tea could've redecorated, but the windows were completely different and in the wrong places!

    I also thought today was supposed to be this huge cliffhanger to get people to watch at the new time Monday...they could have completed skipped the MOlly and TJ crap and then would have had more time to move the story along...

  13. Too much of that fat, steroid abusing robot Jason (STEVE BURTON). Can't wait until he is gone!

  14. Just out of curiosity, did SB kick your puppy or do some other heinous act to you?

  15. I have watched GH since 1980 and I have to agree with Renegade. I am counting the days until Steve Burton leaves. Good riddance.

  16. Not the same Tea/Victor abode. When Victor was shot and "killed" that home had an anteroom, foyer, and hallway where Todd stood and plotted to shoot him. This is not the same home.

    BTW- why does the PC Media act like it's the 1950s? A terror attack like this would be as big as Oklahoma City. It'd be int'l news, yet Tea has no idea of it? It's like Cronkite getting an update: 'This just in from the sticks....'

  17. After Jason's brain injury... The only thing he could remember was what he learned studying for med school... Remember him slicing Nik's throat open to give him air after he was shot @ Luke's club.

    I like that Cartini knows the history. It's weird to us b/c the hack Guza never bothered with the history of the show.

    Btw, my very 1st post ever but I love your blog. I read it daily!

  18. I can't believe they did two brain surgesries on Jason and it didn't change the characater much. I liked yesterdays show.


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