Monday, December 10, 2012

An UnKnown Week..

I feel like Tony Geary...having to bow for "personal reasons"...I am going to try to keep up but have to attend a funeral in VA later in the week and am finishing up quite a bit of things here. On Sunday, we'll have a little treat so stop by to participate, ok? 

I feel more guilty about this end of my life than the "real work" I do! LOL... scary. 

I can stay for the first half, as GUS needs his stitches out today!

Betty and Liz..Liz gave her the background on Lucy Coe. 

Nancy Lee Grahn was adorable today!! WOOT! Val from DWTS was on in all his ab glory. AJ walks into the gym... taunts Sonny. Sonny taunts AJ

Alexis and  how they are mixing the cast up! 

ANNA WAS FANTASTIC ON her Faison reaction. And Duke coming in...nice. Such a great actress. What a scene. WOW. I wish that was the whole show.  Just those three, in a room!


  1. I hope GUS is feeling better -- he's a handsome guy! :)

  2. Loved the show!!Poor Anna!! I Thought at one point that Faison really had shot Duke. I cried through the commercials..Oh Frank and Ron..Why do you have me needing to watch the show live? A year ago I would have just zipped past the commercials..But, now I watch live and so suffer more highs and lows..Really though I am thankful for experiencing the highs and lows. Anna was so great..Duke's eyes wer so expressive..Faison was well just creepy..Think I might miss him a bit when this storyline concludes...
    Cannot wait to see Miss Lucy Coe..I wonder if ABC will try to have a CoCo cosmetic line come out..

  3. That scene with Faison, Duke and Anna was great. I was glad to see that they had her see both of them. As I said the other day, that's the only way I could see Anna believing it.

    Now I wonder what Robert will think when Anna says she saw both? maybe he should hire someone to grab his or we could just send him to the gym to see Sonny. lol

    I really thought Faison had shot Duke today too, and I was so mad. I want the real Duke to still be here when Faison is gone.

    And AJ is a clever Way to make Sonny look like the thug he is. Back to ELQ, Michael!!

    I also can't wait for Lucy to come back.

  4. Even with the plot holes, GH is worlds better than it has been in at least a decade! Fin and Fiason scene was GREAT! And I love Scorpio working with the PCPD again...He and McBain are a good team up.

  5. Switzerland: Great scenes!!!!! Love Anna screaming!!! Oh look it's the REAL Duke!!!! YAY! Oh oh Anna goes night night. Oh no Anna!!! You were set up!!!! Faison points the gun to Duke and shoots him! Oh no wait! It's not Duke it's one of Faison's men! Whew. :) Anna wakes up, and sees Duke, who is really Faison, but Anna doesn't know!!!!

    Police station: Robert is FREE! :) Dante tells him that Anna is at Switzerland! Go to Switzerland Robert!!!

    The hospital: Liz and Sabrina gossip about Lucy ROFL! They talk about the nurses ball and how to get Lucy to help. Felix shows up and he can help!! Lucy is his boss!!! :) Lucy has her own cosmetics business. Called Coe Coe Cosmetics! ROFL! CoeCoe!!! ROFL! Felix will help, but he wants wants artistic control..he wants top billing, private dressing room, and other stuff. Hahaha Oh Felix you are such a Diva hahahahahha! Sabrina says she will change his bed pans for a month. Felix says 2 months. She agrees! :) She thinks it's worth it hahaha!

    Michael and Star: They talk about his daddy Sonny and daddy AJ! Star is very smart!!! :) Very adult. :)

    Gym: Alexis is there watching Sonny and Shawn spar. She wants Sonny to be careful. Alexis bumps into Val from Dancing with the stars! :) She is attracted to him and so are her ta ta's! :) He wants to take her out, and at first she says yes but then says no cus she is seeing someone hahaha! Later, AJ shows up, and Sonny taunts AJ and then AJ taunts Sonny. They are going to spar in the ring. AJ notices Michael has texted Sonny and Michael is on his way. Sonny beats the crap out of AJ and Michael and Starr show up. Michael is NOT happy!!!! Bad Sonny! Bad!!!!

  6. lol Sonya, did you notice when Alexis ssuggested Val might like to 'partner up' with her daughter?

  7. So, another website is reporting that Tony Geary may be out after this Spring. Sticking around for the 50th anniversary and then retiring. Anyone else heard this rumor?
    If so, I wouldn't mind Tristan Rogers put on contract to fill the void. He has been great on there this time around as the writers seem to have found the character's voice again.
    I would miss Geary though - he has been consistently great as Luke and possibly the greatest overall Daytime actor, we've ever seen when you consider his entire body of work.

  8. I'm confused, isn't Lucy's daughter named Sabrina?

  9. Something's going on with Tony..haven't found out what. if it is personal, I wouldn't say anyway lol. Hopefully he and his family are ok.
    Great great show. Wore me out.

  10. Di Sonya, did you notice when Alexis ssuggested Val might like to 'partner up' with her daughter?
    Hahaha yeah I did!!! :) Too funny! That's all we are going to see of Val? :(

  11. Love how the SK AJ is smarter than Sonny. He goes to the gym, extends his hand to the man who stole his son, asks to put all aside, is spat on, then lets Sonny beat him up so Michael will see what Sonny always hides from PC residents: he's scum.


  12. Finola was just outstanding yesterday - she is so Emmy-worthy. The whole stuff with Anna, Faison and Duke was great. AJ and Sonny - perfect. Sonny makes me sick. Robert and Alexis scenes together - actually just having Robert around this time has been like the old days. Sabrina needs to cut that awful looking hair and we need more Liz. Looking forward to Lucy Coe!!!

  13. Karen, sorry to hear you have a funeral to attend. Where in VA will you be - I live in Northern VA?


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