Thursday, December 20, 2012

"I KNOW What a Breast Is, Todd"...

Says Cawnie. LOL. Todd says "I'm"  :) I want Cawnie Tawd sex because they are just so dang fun together!! What the heck.
OMG TODD interrupts Starr and Johnny..JUST YOU WAIT!! aahaahhahahaa. Johnny was THISCLOSE to telling Starr too!!  Todd was so fun today.  Starr is so stupid "How DID I MISS you"?!! DUH! 

Brandon Barash was amazing today. He plays "desperation" so well! I saw him sluggin' the Johnny Walker Black!!

Ellie is hatching a PLAAAAAAAAAAN. You can't be handling them zygotes like that, walking around with her hands on the jar in the hall. Good gravy. SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE GLOVES ON!! There's  WAY more to this story that's coming, btw. Hang on.
Alexis and Mac had a cute talk today. Her boobies were out! LOL

Sonny runs to Carly ..w.ah wah AND AJ TELLS Michael the TRUTH!! Michael of course, yells at him. Hello..SONNY COULD  HAVE IGNORED AJ!! ugh..
Carly 'Sonny, you know he's (michael) is your son"... make up your mind, Carly--first he was Jason's now  Sonny's?! If Tony was around he'd be his too. lol

LOVE THE FLOWERS in the Q foyer!! LUCY COE on tomorrow!!


  1. There were a lot of great one liners from people today!!! :)

    The hospital: Oh oh! Olivia sees a dog on a magazine!!! :) Oh come on Maxie!! Sign the document!!! It's the smart thing to do!!! Oh good she does. :)

    Johnny and Connie's place: Connie is scared that Johnny will blab and Connie will no longer exist. Todd calls Carly to ask if Johnny is there. But the phone call started out.

    Todd: What's up?

    Carly: Not a thing what's up with you?

    Todd: Oh this and that.

    ROFL! And then Todd calls Starr, who is talking to Johnny, and Todd fakes a heart attack! ROFL ROFL! Too funny! Even during the commercials I was laughing. Connie asks, are you having a heart attack, or a hair ball? ROFL! Todd rushes to his office cus that is where he told Starr he is. ROFL! Johnny shows up and I had a feeling Connie was going to hit him over the head!!!! Right before that, he called Carly to tell her to meet him here because he wants to talk to her. I have a feeling, Carly won't see him when she shows up!

    Kelly's: Sonny is crying and whining to Carly about AJ! UGH! Carly is stroking his ego.

    Michael's place: Poor Johnny!!! :(

    Manning Enterprises: Starr rushes in and doesn't see her father in his office. Todd gets out of the elevator and doesn't see Starr so he is relaxed, but then he hears Starr calling out his name, and he falls to the ground pretending to have a heart attack! ROFLMAOPMP! He struggles to say her name! ROFL! I was laughing so hard I was crying! Even during the commercials I was still laughing. Oh Todd!!!! ROFL! Todd aren't you in your 40's? Don't you think you are a little young to have a heart attack? ROFL! Starr tries to save him with CPR and he laughs cus it tickles! ROFL! She wants to know why he is faking! So uh Starr, who is the worst manipulator, AJ or your father? ROFL!

    Q home: Wow!!! AJ admits what he did YAY! AJ gives Michael a lot of truths. Come on Michael!!! Listen to him!!!! Michael says Sonny isn't a bully. SAY WHAT?!!?!?!?! YES HE IS MICHAEL!!! Michael forgives AJ and they shake hands awwww! :)

    Sonny yesterday to AJ was all:

    Sonny: Sniff sniff. Cry cry.

    Me: Roll eyes.

    Me to AJ: AJ take off your shirt please? :)

  2. I was actually laughing when Carly started whining that AJ was going to "ruin Michael's life."

    I really think if getting shot in the head and put in a coma for a year, being put in a postion where you had to kill a deranged step mother because Sonny married her, getting sent to prison and getting raped didn't ruin his life; then I think the poor boy can survive working with AJ for a while in a legitimate business.*insert eye roll*

    And I can't believe the ongoing fan club that little pitre dish has. I think something is definitely going to happen. If it doesn't that will be a miracle.

  3. Di says And I can't believe the ongoing fan club that little pitre dish has.
    Hahaha I know! Especially with Olivia! Olivia has been there since Dante pulled down his pants to give a donation ROFL! And Olivia had to see that! :) Go home Olivia! :) You don't need to be there with every little step! :)

  4. True. Talk about overbearing mothers. Poor Lulu. I wonder if she'll even get a chance to raise that child.

  5. To those who use to watch OLTL, did they use flashbacks as much as they now are on GH? Sometimes the flashbacks are only from a few days prior. They also seem to have a fondness for starting each show with a 2 minite "rerun" of the last few minites of the previous show? I wonder if these are cost saving measures - they don't need to shoot as much new footage per episode if they rerun and flash back footage from previous episodes.

    WHERE IS FELICIA? They bring her back then leave her out of one of her daughters biggest storylines.

  6. YEP, Frisco they was my one complaint. It's like they don't expect us to remember. They also are famous for "fake flashbacks" ...showing us stuff that DIDN'T happen on screen

  7. It was not just OLTL but AMC, in its last 2 years, also went OD on flashbacks.

    They are not really fake flashbacks, though, as many times they show 'offstage' action or, in AJ's case, a diff actor recreating a scene- both Sean Kanan and Scott Reeves were not there during the time BW's AJ 'died,' so flashbacking to Billy Warlock would be odd.

  8. They are also trying to 'shorten show lengths by 3-4 minutes each day so that they save on production costs.

  9. I don't mind them showing the flashbacks so much if they're doing it to save production costs, which seems likely. That's less they have to film each ep. The newer faster pace of the show is well worth that sacrifice.

    And I think it certainly beats three or four days of the same dialogue between characters repeated over and over again with only two people in a room and a plot that progressed so slowly that a sloth would complain.

  10. Sonya, ITA, GREAT one-liners, the "heart attack or hairball" comment had me ROFL!!

    Actually, I think they were right about Sonny's not being a bully. Bullies use language and/or physical force to hurt people because they enjoy it, and want others to feel "one down" so they can feel "one up." Sonny intimidates as a tactic, but c'mon, he's a gangster, it goes with the job, he goes toe-to-toe with his enemies, but doesn't walk around trying to scare people, nor would he ever hurt someone he loves. He can be selfish, but he does have empathy--something bullies lack.

  11. Gangsters are PROFESSIONAL bullies- it's what the protection racket is based on.

    And, he bullied the hell out of Connie and AJ recently.


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