Friday, December 28, 2012

So, Do It Yourself Blog Today!

RIP Uncle Moose, lover of Christmas and Disney World1

I've had a death in the family... another one. I'm off today and not sure when I'll be back on.  I hope to do some Sunday Surgery.  We'll see.

Use this to let me know how the show went! Thanks


  1. I'm sorry for your loss, Karen.

  2. Karen, I'm so sorry to hear this! You have my sincerest condolences.

  3. I'm sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers to your family.

  4. Karen I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

  5. Haunted Star: Starr sees Johnny and Connie lies and says that this is just a sex thing that they do Starr leaves, and I was thinking you are not going to believe her are you Starr? She grabs her phone and tries to call someone, when Connie grabs her hair, and throws Starr back in the room, where Starr hits her head on the table!! Later Michael finds Starr. Man I gotta tell ya, Connie must have had 20 red bulls or something! Cus she was able to put Johnny in a garbage bin, push the garbage bin out, and take Johnny out of the garbage bin, and shove him in the trunk of her car!!!! At first I thought it was Starr in the garbage bin!!

    The gym: Sonny says to his daughter you are leaving over my dead body. Sonny says he is afraid of losing her. Krissy threatens her father one minute and then loving the next Like father like daughter. :) Sonny eventually gives in and lets her go. Great scene I thought. :) Sonny tells Trey to take care of her.

    The parking garage: Lucy is with Tracy and they bought lots of clothes and things. AJ is around too following them it seems. Meanwhile Connie with her garbage bin Johnny, bumps into Lucy, Trey, and Krissy. Trey wants to tell his mommy that he is leaving Port Chuckles. Krissy hears something in the trunk!

    The hospital: Sabrina and Patrick talk. He asks her out for NYE! I was thinking is this a daydream? YUP IT IS!!!! Dr. WestnileBitch is such a negative Nilly today about the nurses ball! She is so phony! She doesn't really want the nurses ball to happen! Lucy shows up and talks about the nurses ball. That either AJ OR Tracy will pay for it! And here comes AJ and Tracy out of the elevator racing in to find Lucy For the previews for the next GH, Patrick kisses Sabrina. I'm wondering if that is one of Sabrina's daydreams.

    Manning Enterprises: Todd walks in his co-office, and sees Sam trying to break into his safe again. He calls for security.

    Todd: Hello security.


    Todd: No she didn't run.

    ROFL! The security actually asked if Sam ran! Carly comes in with the security guys and tells them she can handle it. The only reason why Sam broke in, is because of Molly's stolen manuscript.Carly sticks up for Sam, and Sam trashes Todd! Carly then of course sticks up for Todd! Sam leaves and Todd keeps telling Carly that he isn't a good man. Carly thinks he is a good friend, and they are going to spend NYE together. :)

  6. So sorry to hear about your loss, Karen. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  7. My sympathy to you and your family, Karen.

    Sonya summed it up well. However, this was the Friday Cliffhanger:

    As Connie is pushing Johnnie in a recycling bin into the parking garage, she runs into Lucy going into the elevator. Hilarity ensues as Lucy recognizes her as Kate Howard. "Aren't you the one who ran Crimson that fashion magazine? My company CoeCoe advertised in it. I really liked it. WELL, NOT SO MUCH NOW. It's been kinda bad lately..." Connie manages to convince her it's a case of mistaken identity and the elevator closes.

    Connie pushed the heavy bin to her car where she runs into Tracy and A.J. More hijinks. Connie yells at Tracy who accidentally stumbled and bumped the container. A.J. reached out to keep his aunt from falling as Connie warned Tracy to be careful because "I got valuable cargo in heah!"

    After Tracy and A.J. give her the side eye and leave, Connie shoves Johnny into the trunk of her car. She closes the trunk as is about to get into her car when Trey and Kristina show up. Such slapstick.

    Trey tries to tell his crazed mother in the nicest way possible that he is leaving town, but wants to keep the door open to a future relationship. Connie is exasperated at this point and just wants to get the hell out of dodge. But then there is a banging and muffled cries from the trunk. Kristina yells out, "WHAT WAS THAT????"

    And....fade to black.

    Kelly Sullivan was awesome yesterday as far as chewing up the scenery.

  8. It is no secret that I hate the character of Connie but one thing about the storyline yesterday struck me as particularly odd.

    Connie has Johnny tied up on the Haunted Star. Next thing we see is Connie pulling a recycling bin ( with Johnny inside ) off of an elevator and into a parking garage. First I was thinking, since when does the Haunted Star, a BOAT, have an elevator and parking garage?

    Then we see Connie interrupted by Lucy. Lucy then gets on the elevator Connie just came out of. Lucy emerges from the elevator inside the hospital. Then Connie is interrupted by Tracy and AJ. Tracy and AJ get on the same elevator and emerge in the hospital. Obviously then the parking gagrage and elevator belong to the Hospital. What was Connie doing with dumpster Johnny at the hospital? Why would she take him there? how did she get him off the boat and too the hospital?


    Also, why did Trey and Christina just happen to be in the hospital parking garage?

    Connie is a over the top cartoon like character. The character is bad least try to make the storyline tight.

  9. Not sloppy writing, but likely bad editing. There was likely a continuity problem with a scene edited out that explained why Connie was where she was.

    What got me was how Connie KO'd Starr so easily. In a rumble, I think a young athletic Starr, who's kind'a meaty, kicks serious tail on the Conster, esp. given her hatred for her kid's 'killer.'

    Keep your chin up, Karen.

  10. PM61 says Connie yells at Tracy who accidentally stumbled and bumped the container. A.J. reached out to keep his aunt from falling
    Oops! That's right Connie bumps into Tracy and AJ too! :)

  11. It seems there is one parking garage under the entire town of PC, and it's used for every building. *grin*

    Looking forward to this week.


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