Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Short Sheeted

Anyone remember short-sheeting beds? That's what GH felt like this week... you put your legs in for a nice comfy lie-down and...BOOM Stopped short. 
The  "New Year's Eve" episode came the day after the
"Christmas Eve/Christmas" episode. If the show wasn't interrupted,  there would have been the weekend in between so it shouldn't have seen so jarring. 

Time sped ahead with a "thunk". We didn't even see presents opened!!

Speaking of time...put on your miniskirt scrubbies and join me!!

So..we have 3 days to dish about. Three days STILL without anything on Robert,  Robin..Anna..or Duke. It was like they plunged into the black hole. Now, I'm all for suspense, and I loved the story but why the hell drop it like that? It's weird. I guess I'm supposed to take it that they've been gone at least 3 weeks by this timeline, if not more. Poor Emma, no Nana on Christmas. (let alone the PCPD).
This would have been better if it was a joint!
This whole week felt manic..blinking Christmas necklaces, penguin PJ's... visions, Ellie trying to smoke,  Sonny cooking and of course, Johnny tied up with duct tape to a chair and then stuffed into a garbage bin and trunk. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: "You called me sister'!! Even Monica knows they'll have to team up against LUCY!!

 NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Michael tells Starr he was raped in prison, which ends up being a prelude to their first time in the sack. Ummmmm. NO. Creepy. 

 STOP THIS: I get the whole Ha-Ha of Lucy controlling the interest and AJ and Tracy-- but damn it, TRACY DOES NOT GROVEL!! I was wishing she would have thrown the bags on the ground and ran over them with her car! 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Cawnie's song-playing blinking necklace. A bit of tacky goes a long way!! 

YEA!: Two WUBS UP for Sexis co-parenting the way it should be. I like these 2 together and it's perfectly fine to see Alexis trying to make Sonny into a "reasonable" person when it comes to Xtina. 

NAY: Good gravy... I realize "Connie" is GH's  "Tess' from OLTL but come on now. This ConJon thing is just ridiculous. Like we can believe Connie can haul his ass all over PC--in a car, garbage bin...trunk. Not to mention that he A) stopped yelling when Starr showed up and B) Stopped kicking the trunk when Trey came along. I've said it before: Johnny would have just blown this chick away. End of Crazy-Story.

STUPID NAY: Joss is with Jax...which I guess we could accept..but Morgan with "Friends" Skiing? And Sonny didn't really even bitch about it! LOL.. They'd better recast this kid soon or just drop him like Bobby Martin. 

?????: Where was the Christmas Cheer? It was a strange holiday stretch. I mean, the carolers in the hospital were whimsical but hardly any heart was to be had. Just strange. 

Will Patrick mention his anniversary next week? Hmm.. Scrubs was married on the 29th. Too bad he's stuck in the Britt and "Ugly Duckling" triangle.

My new obsession? Doc Martin!! I'm watching the series on Netflix and just love it. If you liked Northern Exposure or Gilmore Girls ..towns with quirk, you should check it out. 
Thank you for all the thoughts and wishes. I'm hoping 2013 is peaceful and fun.  I need some.


  1. Happy New Year to you and all the Wubbers!

    I thought it was a strange week too. Maybe the Friday episode getting pre-empted 2 weeks ago had something to do with it, but I'm afraid one of Cartini's weak points is storyline continuity. We've seen it before on GH as well as OLTL where there is a front burner storyline that suddenly disappears and then reappears 2 weeks later with a rushed explanation of everything that happened with those characters that we never got to see.

    I was hoping for more holiday spirit too. If the Nurse's Ball could be revived, then why not the tradition of reading the Night Before Christmas to the kids in the hospital? Or at least some romance under the mistletoe as a prelude to love making -- not a rape confession. (Yeah, that WAS kinda creepy.) I like the actors that play Michael and Starr, but am I the only one who thinks the chemistry between them is forced? I'm not seeing it.

  2. but I'm afraid one of Cartini's weak points is storyline continuity.


    Bingo. 90% improvement over last year at this time, but continuity and editing are big problems. How and why did Connie go from the boat to the Metrocourt garage, with Johnny in a garbage can? To get him out of the chair and into the car- a 220 lb man would annihilate her even w/o being tied up.

    Also, the conversations that take a whole show to complete 3 sentences....edit and continuity problems abound.

    Otherwise, looking up.

  3. I agree on the continuity.. drives me insane. I am going to be very interested to see how/what they do when the Anna/Robert/Duke/Robin storyline shows up again. I hope it's not Anna's back and she says "Poor Robert's in hospital, in a coma".. ;/

  4. Ellie and the ciggy picture and the words this would have been better if it was a joint! ROFL! I agree! ROFL! And yes Karen I love love LOVE Sexis scenes!!! :)

  5. Um, I still don't understand what "short-sheeting" means, can someone please explain? Thanks


  7. I think losing the holidays and a snowday was enough to scramble the timeline for everything. The show was not taping this past week, everyone was off for the holidays, so when disruptions caused a show to get dropped, it may have been difficult to cobble back together.

    I'm so pleased we have Frank and Ron now that I'm just giving them a pass on most any flaw! And with the audience out shopping and celebrating, they may have felt it would be a waste to move story too much.

    I am anxious to get back to Robert and I long to see Luke who has been my favorite GH character since the 1980's! I want him with Anna, at least for awhile, so I am a bit impatient for his return.

    I wonder if there is any chance at all of Laura returning... She needs to be the heartbeat of this show.

  8. AntJoan, it's a practical joke-- you short sheet someone's bed and when they get in, they can't put their legs out.

  9. my aunt had one of those home makeover shows the other day and they had the thing from Todd's office that everyone jokes about. i'm sitting there going: "it's multiplying! Call the Doctor!" lmao


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