Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Connie Sexed Up My Book"!!

Alexis thinks Molly wrote all sorts of naughty stuff in the book and that TJ 'taught' her that!! Tee heee.

Shaun is Sonny's Jason now. LOL...and btw, Sonny you lost control.  Many times.And I'm getting tired of the AJ/Sonny hate. Sonny's trying to drive AJ to drink. HE's all threatening.  Michael wants to ask AJ about the "set up".

Connie and TAWD! Gunning for Johnny!! Poor Johnny..hope you read the spoilers!! Connie figured out Todd switched the babies. Giggle-- and she YELLED it in time for Alexis to hear!  Todd says "Connie dresses up like a Jungle Hero" LMAO

Starr is trying to tell Michael she thinks AJ set Sonny up. Michael took ALL SHOW TO GET IT.

Johnny calls Diane to "confess" -- She's stunned he's the one that shot out Anthony's tires. Johnny should have just killed Connie. Even Todd would have backed that ticket. Diane tells Johnny it's Murder One for what he did. Diane is working with both Todd and Johnny. whoops

Johnny shows up at Starr's and ..end scene. 

WHERE'S JOHNNY??????? says TODD just like Jack in The Shining... 


  1. Karen I love the white flag Johnny picture hahahhaa!

    Johnny and Connie's place: Oh boy oh boy!!!! He Confessed to Diane!!!! What's gonna happen to Johnny?!!?! :(

    Michael's place: Starr talks to Michael about big bad AJ who manipulated poor innocent nieve Sonny! UGH! Come on Starr really!!! You don't even have any proof what AJ did, and who cares what AJ did!!! Sonny isn't so innocent! You are acting like AJ shot Sonny! Anyway Michael talks about today it's been a year since Abby died. :( Michael leaves, and Johnny shows up!!!! He wants to confess to her OH OH! She is going to hate you!!!!

    Kelly's: Alexis is so upset over Molly's smut book ROFL! Molly is sticking up for herself. TJ is interested in the smut book hahahaha! Alexis leaves, and Molly wants to know what pull out your pleasure in the book means ROFL! TJ says he will show her sometime ROFL! Uh I don't think so!

    Manning Enterprises: Todd is staring at his bagel ROFL! The look on his face hahaha! Connie shows up freaking out about Johnny wanting to confess. She taunts Todd about switching babies. The way she says it ROFL! The look on Todd's face, makes Connie say oh my God you DID switch babies. The way she said it hahaha!

    The Q's: Sonny and his "Jason replacement goon" Shawn shows up. Oh Sonny stop blaming AJ!!! YOU HAD A FREAKIN CHOICE! You chose to beat the hell out of AJ! That's not his fault! It's yours!!! At the boxing place you started the taunting! So stop acting all innocent!!! And Sonny brings up how he is not sloppy. YES YOU ARE SONNY! Go away and leave AJ alone!!! Sonny leaves, and AJ is thinking about drinking. NO AJ NO!!!!! Please no Frank and Ron don't let AJ drink! :( He drinks water and then Michael shows up asking him if he set Sonny up. *rolls eyes*

    Johnny and Connie's place: Todd: Where's Johnny!!! ROFL! Priceless!! :)

  2. I personally wasn't impressed by AJ's interest in the liquor bottles today. Someone who's supposedly been sober as long as he has wouldn't be ready to start drinking again after that talk with Sonny. He's just a wind bag with a God complex. Ignore him AJ.

    I also hope TPTB don't have him fall off the wagon again. I'm looking forward to an AJ who's in control for a change.

    Not only did it take forever for Michael to "get it" today, but he's running around without his shirt for half the episode again. Do they really think we find that appealing? Not if you're over the age of consent, as they say. Personally I find he looks much more fit with his shirt on.

    I'm also wondering why Johnny doesn't just have someone bump Connie off.

  3. I love GH these days, but ready for some stories to go BYe Bye..Hoping that the Johnny and Connie resolves soon..DOn't know how but I think Johnny might be going 6 feet under..Agree that Johnny is in a corner..Starr will never forgive him..

  4. Sigh, it was good all week then we had to waste a perfectly good show on Sonny/AJ blah blah blah and Michael being as dumb as a post (well look at his genes). Let's get back to Switzerland and Robert shall we?

  5. Karen- you mention Shawn and a noumber of other spoiler sites seem to say that the Shawn as undercover Fed story is starting up- for the umpteenth time.

    Have you heard that? If so it means more insane nonsense over Sonny trying to be busted.

  6. Another blog's spoilers:

    - Anna finds it difficult to reconnect with Duke, since all she can imagine in her head is the Duke mask that Faison used. Luke returns in time to make things even more complicated!

    - Liz and AJ connect in early 2013, sharing their stories of how they each hurt Jason over the years. Is romance brewing?

    - Todd is the one who helps Sam come to terms with the fact that Jason is, indeed, dead, and ends up encouraging her to explore her feelings for McBain.

    - A love triangle for Sonny? Kinda. Look for Sonny to attempt to court both Connie and Kate, as he tries desperately to connect with the real woman inside. What if, however, NEITHER is the real woman, and both are alters?

    - Sabrina Santiago? Well, she may still end up being Leora Hayward, Anna's daughter! How? Well, maybe Juan coming to town and revealing that Sabrina was adopted will lead to the reveal of details about her past. Is Faison involved in this madness? Also, will this shocking reveal bring Dr. David Hayward to Port Charles?

    - The Nurse's Ball, which will take place in March, will bring both Robert and Robin back to Port Charles, and officially mark the end of the Faison story. Look for Faison to resurface around that time, as well.

    - Recast time? Look for both Morgan and Ethan to return to Port Charles in 2013, the former as a SORAS'd recast, and the latter as a simple recast.

    - A recast Jack Manning will come to Port Charles in the first quarter of 2013, as we learn that Blair has basically forced him to move in with Todd while she's off searching for Tomas. She hopes that time together will allow the father and son to bond.

    - Stephen Nicols returns to Port Charles as a resurrected Stefan Cassadine in April 2013. Look for Helena and Nikolas to join him, and this will lead up to a big 50th Anniversary storyline in May, which will likely feature Valentin Cassadine finally making his move against the Spencers.

    - Maxie takes a turn for the worse in May while carrying her baby as a result of her heart condition. She'll need all the love and support she can get, so look for Felicia to pull some strings to get Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) to return to Port Charles!

  7. Poor Shawn, what a thankless job he's inherited. I rather like the actor, but having to follow Sonny around is no way to make a living.


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