Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Build it Yourself Crimson

Sonny wants Carlos alive so he can roll on Julian. He tells Max to make it happen. Kristina comes in to have coffee. She thanks him for saving her life. Sonny grills her about her project and Parker. 

Jason is in a garage fixing his bike and Sam comes by with his "death plaque". He's moving into what looks like a garage, but I guess it's an apartment?  

Piph is on today. She kids Liz about her Franco "Relationship". Nina is mad because Franco went to Philly and didn't tell her about it.. Later, Liz and Epiphany listen at the door while Franco tells Nina he and Liz are ONLY FRIENDS and he saw Jake as a kid that needed help,t that's it!
Guess they have to use that shower/locke room set they built! geesh

Oh, Liz left Helena's book in the LOCKER ROOM so Franco finds it. He tells her she should find out what the secret is. 

Molly brings her Mama flowers -- for good luck on the breast feeding hearing. 

Maxie and Dillon. Sorry..not sure, I fell asleep. Oh, the magazine came and only had the COVERS insides.  Maxie thinks it's sabotage. 

END: Sonny goes to Alexis' tells Kristina to fess up because he knows she didn't cash the check. 
Sam tells Jason the photos he got for his new apartment were ones that first were in his PH. He found them at an old thrift store. 


  1. Did anybody notice that the sets were brightly lit? WOW! :)

    The hospital:

    Piffy and Liz: Liz just HAD to bring up BobTodd! :)

    Piffy: Exactly what is happening between you and Franco?

    A hug hug here, a banter banter there, And a couple of tra la las
    That's how we laugh the day away, In the Merry Old Land of BobTodd!!!!:)

    The lockers:

    Nina and BobTodd: Wow BobTodd is SO not into Nina anymore!!! He doesn't notice that she is giving him the silent treatment, and he doesn't get it when she tells him that he didn't call her to tell her that he is going to Philadelphia!!! And why it was wrong to not tell her!!!!! Liz denying there is anything going on, and BobTodd denying it as well, so much hard denial means, FRIZ IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nina: Do I have to worry about Elizabeth Webber?

    Me: Yes.

    BobTodd. No.

    Me: Yes!!

    BobTodd No.

    Me: YES!!!!!!

    Liz and BobTodd:

    Liz: For God sakes you are not dressed yet? What is taking so long?

    Hahaha. Awwww Liz! :) Does it affect you that he is shirtless? :) Man someone on another soap board said that Liz and BobTodd share a brother. Which is Steven Webber. I didn't even think about that! Well, nobody is bringing it up! Not Nina, not Piffy! Nobody! And Steven is not even there anymore!!! Sooooo, Lalalalala denial.. Lalalalala turn a blind eye.. Lalalalalallalala!


    Jason's apartment: At first I thought it was the garage.. It looks like the garage than an apartment!!!! Jason has an awful apartment! Oh look Paint and Wall are talking and about to have sex. Oh they didn't. Whew.

    Carson home: MAX!!!!!!!!!!! Oh hi Krissy! Max is even calling her Krissy now hahaha. Come on Krissy tell your father what is going on!!!!!

    Julexis's home: Molly wins the line of the day!

    Molly: Were you two just having morning sex?

    ROFL! Ewwwww! Don't ask Molly!!! Or your mother is going to want to know about you and TJ!!! HAHAHAHHAHA! Love the Krissy and Molly scene! Oh hi Sonny! Sonny and Alexis scene YAY! Oh hi Krissy! Come on Krissy! SPILL!!!!

    Crimson: Maxie and her cape flittering around.

    Maxie: Today is March 15th!

    Me: No it's not! It's the 16th!

    Maxie: You know what the bible says about March 15th.

    Me: Wow I didn't know you read the bible Maxie!!! :0

    OH OH! One page Crimson! Well don't worry Nina! You can fix this!!! Use your imagination!!!

    "Karen says Build it Yourself Crimson"

    YEAHHHH! That's a great idea!!!! Come on Nina! Think about that!!! Build yourself a Crimson!!!! And Maxie the person who is sabotaging Crimson, is none other than Julian!!!!! :)

  2. Sonya, great job as always. (You too, Karen!) YES, the bright sets have bothered for a while.

  3. Remember when Guza and Co were on and you saw NOTHING in the background? It's either feast or know.

    Sonya you did it better than me today I was falling asleep!

  4. sonya said...Nina: Do I have to worry about Elizabeth Webber?

    Me: Yes.

    BobTodd. No.

    Me: Yes!!

    BobTodd No.

    Me: YES!!!!!!

    Di NOOOOO! *gags Sonya and steps on her throat for emphasis* muy haha

    sonya says...Chant: FRIZ FRIZ FRIZ FRIZ!

    Me: STOMP!!!!!!!

    *strange gurgling sound is heard*

    Great job, Sonya.

  5. "Paul773 said...Sonya, great job as always."

    Thanks! :)

    "YES, the bright sets have bothered for a while."

    Oh? I thought it started today! I haven't noticed it before. Well, it's better than darkness. :)

    "kdmask said...Sonya you did it better than me today I was falling asleep!"

    Yeah Wall and paint are so boring!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    "Di said...Di NOOOOO! *gags Sonya and steps on her throat for emphasis* muy haha Me: STOMP!!!!!!! *strange gurgling sound is heard*"


    "Great job, Sonya."

    Hahaha thanks! :)

  6. Check it out!!!

    Is he back!!? Is he is he is he?!!?!?! :) Or is he just visiting? And look he is wearing glasses!

  7. Sick of this Crimson sabotage storyline. Love BobTodd and Liz as friends, hope Franco and Nina don't break up.

  8. "Michelle Latta said...You are hilarious! You need your own column."

    Hehehe thanks. :)


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