Monday, March 21, 2016

So... Today on GH ....

photo credit: @GHFan1982

AND! There you have it! Boobs and a Chameleon !!! 


  1. lol Thanks for the pictures. Like I attempt at all to make M.E. look like a new character. All 5 seem to be interchangeable.

  2. Maybe the interest in Monica Q's research on carbonic snow could be a clue to his real identity...

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHA! I hope he brings that Iguana with him!!!!! :) Iguana that likes boobs? :)

    Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon
    You come and go
    You come and gooooooo


  4. Loved the judge. It's Alan Rachins, known for LA Law, but my favorite character was dharma' father on dharma and Greg. He'd be a great love interest for Tracy or Monica.

    From the previews looks like the are testing Elizabeth with Hamilton.

  5. Oh, I meant hehehe on your comment, not the name--but, hehehe on that, also!

  6. bigdoodah, good catch on the carbonic snow line. I didn't notice that. I hope it's more than just a wink to the audience. If ME is back I think he should be a Cassidine. He looks like a Cassidine and has the dark brooding thing down pat.

    I hope Tracy's story is more than just a plot point to bring on ME. Maybe she struggles with after-effects and Nikolas uses that against her in her fight to get ELQ back.

  7. "GHfan said...Loved the judge. It's Alan Rachins, my favorite character was dharma' father on dharma and Greg."

    Oh no wonder he looked familiar! I used to watch Dharma and Greg! Love that show! Hated that it ended without and ending. :(

  8. I loved yesterday's show especially the courtroom shenanigans. I thought the judge looked familiar, too. I am really starting to like Nina - go figure. Sorry but I hate Shari B.'s hair - she looks like a sheep. It's the white color. Diane and Alexis are priceless. Despite being character #5, I am glad ME is back. He was so gracious when they fired him for no reason.

    1. A sheep! Thank you...and yes he has always been very much the gentleman when he didn't have to be. ♡

  9. I didn't even notice the judge, I loved him on LA Law. So happy to have ME back


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