Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Break Time!

National Puppy enjoy..


  1. The show was so dull today. I don't see how it survives with such bad writing.

  2. So much negativity. I am looking forward to tomorrow to see what Liz found out.

  3. Dr. Hammerstyne's hotel room: Wow that scream sounded so fake!

    Maid: I am never going in that room again!

    Over a lizard?!!?!?! Come on lady! Do lizards scare you? This was a great scene! Dr. Hammerstyne and Carly scene was great!!! :) He is looking all over for GuGu cus the maid scared GuGu!! And of course the old you look like someone I know! When is that gonna end? The lizard is so cute!!!! :) I love how Dr. Hammerstyne kisses her, talks to her, and pets her. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)Wait the lizard is a service animal? Do you have anxiety Dr. Hammerstyne? And it's illegal to ask him why he needs a service animal? WHAT? Come on! ROFL! He has to be making this up. :) Carly you don't need to go on and on and on and on about Olivia to a stranger.

    Dr. Hammerstyne: So. What do you think Rox? Do you think we are going to like our life here in Port Charles?

    GuGu: Sure daddy! I like it here already! Although that maid scared the crap out of me, but that lady Carly seems like a nice lady.

    Julexis's home: I like the scene where Krissy is writing in her diary and I loved the scene with her and Sonny! :) Come on Krissy tell your dad the truth that you might be gay or bi or whatever and are trying to figure things out! I like that she called Max. :) Someone is at the door. I was thinking is it Parker? YES IT IS! :) What do you want Parker?

    Wyndemere: GreenHaydRach vs Liz. Wow GreenHaydRach is so desperate to not have Liz know anything about her secret, she is turning it around on her and insulting her! And she tried really hard too! GreenHaydRach wins the line of the day.

    GreenHaydRach: I don't know what barn you were raised in, but we try to be civilized in this house. You and your three brats can learn a great deal from Spencer.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Barn! :) And oh yes. Spencer is just a perfect little boy and would NEVER eavesdrop on anybody. Uh huh! ROFL!

    Laptop: Psssst Liz. Come see the truth.. I won't tell anybody that you looked. I promise.

    Liz: Okay.

    Naomi Dreyfus Berlin!!! Who the hell is she?!!? I am trying to wrack my brain but I have no idea! That name sounds familiar to Liz! Does that name sound familiar to anybody? And the look on Liz's face!!!!

    Liz: Oh. My. God!

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!?!! I can't take this!!!!! Spill Liz!!! What is it?!!? The quicker you spill who that Naomi person is, the faster the truth comes out, and the faster Mr. and Mrs. Snails can break up!


    Laura and Nik: Laura is still touching and fondling that key!

    Key: I know what I open and I ain't telling!!!!

    Outside Kelly's:

    Carly and Sonny: Hmmm Sonny isn't going to call Max and tell him to keep going. Oh Sonny you really should! :) Come on Carly! Why didn't you tell Sonny about the new doctor looking like Silas?!

    The hospital:

    Tracy's room: Hmm why does Dr. O hate Dr. Hammerstyne so much. Does she know him?

    Dr. O: I heard he showed up at the hospital carrying a bearded dragon.

    Yeah someone on another soap board said that Nathan Varni said that it was a bearded dragon. Someone else said it was a bearded dragon too. Lizard/iguana/bearded dragon.. Potato potatoe, tomato tomatoe. Let's call the whole thing off hahahaha!

  4. I loved the Carly Finn scenes too but yeh I was like why is she going on about Livs boobgate? I also love how he is with Roxy! :) I seriously seriously hope this info Liz finds out is something HUGE, not something the writers will think is huge and we're left like, "huh?!?!?!" Sonya you seriously need to get your own column like yesterday! You crack us up!

  5. "Michelle Latta said...I loved the Carly Finn scenes too but yeh I was like why is she going on about Livs boobgate?"

    Yeah that part was really strange.

    "Sonya you seriously need to get your own column like yesterday! You crack us up!"

    Hehehe thanks! :) I don't know. Maybe. I really love it here. :)

  6. I got a rerun in Chicago. WTF?

  7. Paul! WHAT?!!?!?! Why?!!?!? Yeah what Michelle said. Which day did they show?

  8. I only watched long enough to realize it was a repeat. Laura was with Dante in Lulu's hospital room ... blah blah blah. I think it was the 'Laura chomps endlessly on the Snickers bar' episode, but I deleted it before that scene. Ha! I think I can watch the new one on YouTube. But really confused as to why that happened.

  9. Paul you can go on here to watch today's GH.

    You can watch it in parts, or in one full episode.

  10. "Paul773 said...Thanks so much, Sonya!!! :-D"

    You're welcome!!!!!! :)

  11. Thanks to Sonya, I got to watch. ITA about Carly sharing TMI to Finn. Not only about Boobgate, but that the health dept. had the place shut down. Jeez - ramble much, Carly?

    LOVED the Liz/Hayden scenes. I'm Team Liz here, but did laugh at the dig Hayden got in about her kids all having different fathers. (Although that's the norm in Port Charles).

    I am NOT a Sonny fan, but he was sweet with Krissy today. But of course he has to later, gloat to Carly about what a good dad he is - ha.

    Laura should just wear that damn key around her neck! I won't complain - I love Genie and Laura, and am glad she has something to do.

  12. I read a spoiler last night of who GreenHaydRach really is! Blah boring. I hope not. I hope it's not true, or that there is more to the story than that.

    1. So is she Paul's daughter then? LOL! Someone from the past? Will we find out today or more putting it off? Can you tell I'm super curious? LOL!

  13. "Michelle Latta said...So is she Paul's daughter then? LOL!"

    Hahahaha no... I wish! :)

    "Someone from the past?"


    "Will we find out today or more putting it off?"

    I hope we find out today!!!!!

    "Can you tell I'm super curious? LOL!"


    1. So there goes that....and she's not Emily or what's her name, so....Oh God, is she Sonny's spawn seed???? That man needs a vasectomy. I am out of guesses. Where did you see this spoiler? (Everyone close your eyes) LOL!!

  14. "Michelle Latta said..Oh God, is she Sonny's spawn seed????"

    Hahahaha. No. :)

    "That man needs a vasectomy."


    "I am out of guesses. Where did you see this spoiler? (Everyone close your eyes) LOL!!"

    Hahahahaha! Shhhh.!

    Shhhhh. :) Nobody else look!!!

  15. "Michelle Latta said...She got a 4 yr contract for that?!?!"

    I know! Right?!!?!


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